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This is mostly for my own organizational purposes, but I suppose if you were wondering what other suggestions I might've put up, here y'go.

1. Worldgen Options - Suggestion to grant the user more control over what kind of world is generated, if desired.
2. The Explorer - An NPC that will allow the player to trade for materials they can't obtain in their current world.
3. Alchemist Class - A new player-class with it's own specialized armor and weapons: Tactical Potions!
4. Command Scrolls - A new summoning weapon to give Summoners a "primary" attack, the command scroll!
5. Enchanted Mug - A magic weapon that can both attack and buff the player! A whole new meaning to the phrase "Tasting Victory".
6. More Pillar Weapons! - Just what it says on the tin!
7. Biome Affiliation - Suggestion to give the player an option to "affiliate" themselves with a particular biome, allowing them to be considered friendly by that biome's mobs.
8. Mechanisms - Some additional mechanisms for playing with wires in the game, including a new trap!
9. New Bullets - Ideas for some new bullets, including a suggested change to Luminite Bullets.
10. Respawn Timer - Suggested minor change to the Respawn Timer tweaks introduced in 1.3.
11. Rod of Discord - Suggested finally un-doing completely un-necessary nerf to Rod of Discord so I can have fun pretending to be Wizrobe again.
12. Anti-Gravity Hook - Suggested fix to the Anti-Gravity hook so that people don't immediately throw it away.
13. Death Sickle - Suggested change from melee to magic based weapon so Spectre mages can literally reap souls.
14. Walls Cover Precipitation - Suggested that precipitation (snow/rain) appear on a layer BEHIND the wall layer. For aesthetic value. - Achieved!
15. Universal Class Bonus - Bonuses that you get upon utilizing a specific class armor set.
16. Moon Lord Headcanon - Just something I wanted to put here. Not actually a suggestion.
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