Console Dual Threat: Terraria is Coming to Wii U and 3DS

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I already know about all the negativity floating around Comic Sans. I'm not the only person here using it, you know.
I wasn't pointing it out for the negativity. I was explaining why, instead of complaining about the font, I just shouted about it.
since Undertale, Comic Sans got a "bit" of a Positive Boost.
Yeah, people are a bit happier about the existence of the font. Nobody seems to care about Sans Serif, though.


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Because this Thread is about old news, and the discussion has mainly been moved over to newer Threads, this Thread has been locked.

Why isn't this thread locked? -_-


Please do not post on a Thread just to ask about why a Thread hasn't been locked. To clarify, we do allow Necro posting on these Forums, but if you have nothing new to contribute to the Thread aside from pointing out that a Thread should be locked/ a Thread being dead from being old news, then it is better not to post on the Thread.

In the future please Report if you feel a Thread needs to be locked or not, and we will decide if it needs to be locked from there.

Discussion of the 3DS version can continue here:

And discussion of the Wii U version can continue here:

In addition, any general discussion of topics related to the 3DS or Wii U version of the game can continue in this Forum Section:
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