Console Dual Threat: Terraria is Coming to Wii U and 3DS

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This line was cut, yeah. The 3DS audience is likely to skew quite young, so we didn't want to take any chances there.
Noooo you're further supporting the mindset that the 3DS is a child-only system! Oh it's fine, it's just that the 3DS is mainly running on kids and the nostalgia of adults. I dream of the day in which the 3DS is like television. Something for everyone.


For this game do you need Pro Controllers to play Multiplayer with your friends on split screen or can you use regular remotes as well as the Pro Controllers


Wall of Flesh
Hey, now that I have had time to get every item in the game I think it is time to start talking about consol exclusive items.
If we could re-introduce then n-zapper with a higher dps and a new crafting recipe (possibly twelve hallow bars and four rubies).
Also, can the plumber's clothes have a total of 15defence while having a set bonus of x3 jump and increased jump/falling speed.
The hero's clothes can also be revamped to have a total of 20 defense and a set bonus of +15% increase movement and weapon speed and +20% melee damage.
And if we could get the Master Sword as an alternative to the enchanted sword, that would be awesome.
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