Wii U Digital Launch and Console Update

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Hello Terrarians!

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The Terraria Wii U digital version is available starting today in EU, with the US version to launch digitally on June 16th.

Europe Store Page (UK)
US Wii U Store Page

As you may have seen previously, we expect the retail copies to be available on June 24th in Europe and June 28th in North America (if you are interested in picking up a physical copy).

We hope that everyone really enjoys the Terraria experience on Wii U - we think it is pretty awesome ourselves!


In addition to the Wii U news, we are also pleased to announce that the long-awaited latest console update is live today for Playstation devices (PS3, PS4, and Vita)! You should be seeing it soon, if you haven't already. Below you will find the new content and a list of bugs that were fixed. Some of the bugs are specific to Xbox One and 360, those will take affect within the next couple of weeks.

The Xbox One and 360 updates (with the same content and fixes) are still in submission with Microsoft and we will update you here, as soon as we are made aware of an approval/launch date.

Remember, you can report bugs here.


*Note* This list contains bugs that have been addressed, not the fix/change. For example, "Acorns will not grow on sand when planted" is the bug, so Acorns will now grow on sand, since it has been fixed.

  • The 'Arctic Diving Gear' is not visible
  • Rich presence information is not localized for all supported languages.
  • The sorting order of the entries in the leaderboard for all categories is improper
  • Silk stacks max out at 99.
  • Jellyfish Jars appear to cycle too quickly and in sync with each other.
  • Waterleaf not blooming in rain.
  • Sticky Grenade description is not localized.
  • Molotov Cocktail description is not localized.
  • The Staves descriptions of summons is not localized.
  • Placed 'Crimson Axe Banner' graphics appear incorrect.
  • Activating the "Slimy Saddle" generates an incorrect SFX.
  • Activating the certain Staves generates an incorrect SFX
  • Slimy Saddle summon sinks in water
  • Cape graphics appear with wings when standing and flying
  • Weapon Racks do not drop their held item when destroyed.
  • The Pirate NPC appears to not sell the 'Sail' item.
  • The firefly in the 'Firefly in a Bottle' item appears green and cycles too quickly.
  • The 'Lightning Bug in a Bottle' item appears to cycle too quickly.
  • The hand of 'Ancient Shadow Scalemail' appears on user's character after equipping 'Spider Breastplate' in the 'Equip' section.
  • The paintings appear to be floating in the air and fail to fall on the ground if the user destroys the background walls.
  • Uninvited players joining world
  • Vita - Shop does not work correctly with touchscreen
  • Different walls types do not blend at the seams
  • Duke Fishron's eyes appear red instead of yellow when in his 2nd form
  • Players can pass through the locked Jungle/Lihzahrd Temple door without the key
  • Boreal trees color appears too light
  • Gemspark Blocks are not as bright as they should be
  • Tiles do not have priority over Walls when torches are placed
  • Acorns will not grow on sand when planted
  • Rapid Fire Projectile Weapons audio is too slow for the fire rate
  • The wire cutters only cut the wires in front of the character when in smart cursor.
  • The projectiles from the Chlorophyte armor do not spawn from the Leaf Crystal when in PVP.
  • PS3 - The message displayed upon receiving an invitation appears cutoff in French.
  • The Dye Trader does not sell team Dye in a multiplayer game.
  • PS3 - The title asks for 17 MB when there is not enough space for a new save data even though its maximum size is 20 MB on the Fishing update.
  • 360 - The title displays a connection error message when a profile without Xbox Live Gold attempts to upload data
  • 360 - The title crashes when the user signs in at the title screen after signing out during an upload.
  • PS3 - The system crashes when quitting the game while downloading or uploading a world from the cloud.
  • 360 - The title crashes when the host of a local multiplayer game signs out after failing to join an online multiplayer game.
  • The Nurse fails to spawn if the client meets the requirements for the NPC to appear.
  • PS4 - The 1.84 version of the publishing tools is used instead of version 2.11
  • Vita - The version 2.21 of the publishing tools is used instead of using version 2.25.
  • Vita - The inventory prompts are overlapping with the Quick Stack option.
  • Players from different teams remain visible on the map when activating PVP.
  • When shopping with merch. you are unable to see your currency.
  • The music randomly stops.
  • Other players' health do not show the proper amount of health in PVP.
  • The Golem can be spawned before killing Plantera.
  • The Spelunker potion fails to show the ores in a gold color and still emits light.
  • The mini minotaur from the tartar sauce does not de-spawn when cancelling the buff.
  • The wobbling trees appear in the background.
  • The Flower of Frost does not give the Frostburn debuff in PVP.
  • Spectre Mask is missing from the game.
  • Activating the King's statue teleports the Party Girl.
  • Activating the King's statue does not teleport the Traveling Merchant.
  • Items such as 'Flare Gun' and 'Umbrella' appear as floating textures when held in a minecart.
  • The flames from the Flame Trap extend 46 blocks instead of 23 blocks.
  • The "Wall Of Flesh" will be invisible to the client if the host summons the boss while the client is at a moderate distance.
  • Actuators leave areas deactivated after the actuator is removed and the blocks are replaced.
  • 'Switches, Levers, etc' power the spaces surrounding them.
  • The "bomb", the "dynamite" and the "land mine" deal almost twice the damage to players.
  • Platforms do not consider spaces diagonal to valid surfaces to be legal locations for placement.
  • Trees do not act as a surface for placing platforms
  • The Ocean Biome is mixed with the Desert.
  • Auto Aim does not function with any form of minecart tracks.
  • The mining potion does not apply the buff like on the PC version.
  • Lamps cannot be turned on/off with levers.
  • Wings will not prevent fall damage if the user is in a minecart.
  • The water falling SFX only starts playing after 2 minutes.
  • The dresser cannot be used to change the player's clothes.
  • On the Host's screen, 'Blocks' and 'Doors' placed by Host at default spawn point follow the Client's character if Client joins the Host's game.
  • The love potion and stink potion does not apply the buff or the visual effect on the client when thrown.
  • Upside down slopes are not restored properly after loading
  • All bushes appear neon pink or purple on the map.
  • Players are unable to see other users on the map if they are situated in unrevealed parts of the map.
  • The Host is unable to see the explosion of the fireworks launched by the client.
  • PS - The activity feed post doesn't have an icon.
  • The client remains in an online game where the host crashed leading to various issues and potential exploits
  • The invitation button is not present in game when the a profile has chat/messaging restriction turned on.
  • The player can get an infinite loading screen if they suspend the game while creating an online session.
  • 360 - The title crashes if a guest profile with the same name as a previously added guest tries to join the game session.
  • PS3 - The application does not terminate correctly when quitting the game immediately after boot.
  • Necro Armor item descriptions state they enhance ranged damage by 4% instead of 5%
  • 'Up' and 'Down' switch functionality with featherfall while the world is flipped.
  • Wires dropped into the world won't stack themselves
  • In some conditions, levers only power one of multiple wires.
  • Depressing the use button causes seeds to be planted twice.
  • The cursor becomes detached from the user when flipping gravity from falling into the sky.
  • Auto-aim does not function while upside down.
  • Cogs may not be placed as blocks.
  • Many equipped accessories are invisible on the user's avatar.
  • PS - TUS size needs to be increased to allow cross save to work for all worlds
  • Vita - switch category button prompt missing in crafting (in tutorial)
  • The "Beetle Endurance" buff requires idle play to activate in multiplayer.
  • Auto placing walls should not overshoot solid tiles. Hard to make a wall inside a house without making a mess.
  • Tiles should save hits.
  • The user continues into an Online world when a disconnection occurs in the loading, leading to a freeze when sending an invite.
  • Subsequent waves after the first one are not localized when summoning the Frost Moon Event.
  • Suspending the title during an online enabled world while having a splitscreen user results in an error.
  • When two teams of 4 users are in-game simultaneously, the client's team will lose connection to the game after a while.
  • PS4 - When idling in the world selection screen, the Web API calls exceed the rate limit, are infinitely retried, and prevent the user from joining online sessions.
  • Misspelled tooltip when user kills The Twins.
  • XOne - The title does not display the user's Display Name when leaving a game.
  • XOne - The title enters an infinite loading upon suspending the title during the loading of an online session.
  • The honey appears pink on the map during day time.
  • XOne - When a host quits an online game, a message stating "has left." appears at the bottom-left of the screen.
  • Summoning the maximum amount of one type of minion when another type is active will dismiss all the minions at once.
  • Debuffs in PVP do not affect other players
  • Some mobs/bosses may be invisible or partially invisible for client players
  • Specific combinations of walls, blocks and objects cause corrupt or missing textures for client users
  • Demon Altar shows in crafting menu instead of Crimson Altar while highlighting on the Demon altar item.

New NPC:
  • Stylist
New Mechanics:
  • Wearable Accessories
  • Chest Naming
  • Infinite Wiring
  • Ability to change Hair Style in-game
  • Ability to change your default clothing at a dresser
  • Vanity Wings (dyable)
  • Dyeable accesories
  • Ability to place Switches and levers on a wall
  • Quick Stack
  • Restock
  • Wall Auto-Fill
Mechanics changes:
  • Reintroduce Re-Spawn timer
  • Reintroduce Coin Gun (loot – pirate invasion)
  • Overwrite console auto-dig code with PC auto-dig code
Balance changes:
  • Reduce ore sparkles brightness
  • Don't show enemies names when they are in darkness.
  • Only autoplace 1 torch per press
  • Heart crystal plays shatter sounds every hit, instead of when it breaks
  • Remember hits for tiles
Art changes:

  • Update splash screen
  • Fix minion sacrificing code (bug: The Tempest Staff fails to summon Sharknado if another minion is already present.)
Additional new items:
  • Firefly in a Bottle
  • Lightning Bug in a Bottle
  • Mallard Duck Cage
  • Monarch Butterfly Jar
  • Purple Emperor Butterfly Jar
  • Red Admiral Butterfly Jar
  • Ulysses Butterfly Jar
  • Sulphur Butterfly Jar
  • Tree Nymph Butterfly Jar
  • Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly Jar
  • Julia Butterfly Jar
  • Spectre Mask
  • Diamond Ring
  • Crimson Cloak
  • Mysterious Cape
  • Red Cape
  • Winter Cape
  • Bee Headgear
  • Bee Breastplate
  • Bee Greaves
  • Hornet Staff
  • Imp Staff
  • Queen Spider Staff
  • Spider Mask
  • Spider Breastplate
  • Spider Greaves
  • Slimy Saddle
  • Bee Wax
  • Sail
  • Honeyed Goggles
  • Optic Staff
  • Spider Staff
  • Pirate Staff
  • Slime Hook
  • Sticky Grenade
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Spider Fang
  • Slime Gun
  • Seashell
  • Starfish
  • Weapon Rack
  • Fireworks Box
  • Firework Fountain
  • Music Box Pumpkin Moon
  • Music Box Alt Underground
  • Music Box Frost Moon
  • Life Hair Dye
  • Mana Hair Dye
  • Depth Hair Dye
  • Money Hair Dye
  • Time Hair Dye
  • Team Hair Dye
  • Biome Hair Dye
  • Party Hair Dye
  • Rainbow Hair Dye
  • Speed Hair Dye
  • Hair Dye Remover
  • Ducky Wallpaper
  • Confetti Block
  • Confetti Wall
  • Confetti Block Black
  • Confetti Wall Black
  • Living Fire Block
  • Music Box Underground Crimson
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I experienced the "music stopping" bug once, early on while I was seeking out the Stylist.

Also, some of my wiring connecting acuators to switches vanished, and had to be replaced.

Other than that (and the savage Nerfing of the Spectre Hood), I'm enjoying myself.


well i had a feeling that the update would come earlier because of the WiiU digital release & im glad it did thanks guys :D Now to sit & wait patiently for 1.3.


Yay! no more Specific combinations of walls, blocks and objects causing corruption to spread in the world for client users!

Seriously though, awesome new changes, can't wait 'till I get a chance to try them out (this weekend hopefully)!

Nike Leon

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Woohoo!! Sony players sure are lucky! Don't forget to back up your saves before updating ^_^ Microsoft systems will follow shortly I'm sure :)

what do you mean by updating Splash screen? Idk what the splash screen is.
Pretty sure they mean the screen before the title screen. Where you press start to get to the title screen. :)
Is 1.3 on console it doesn't say?
  • Is 1.3 on console it doesn't say?:pumpking::rslime::pumpking::rslime:
Not yet, no. This is the update to bring consoles fully up to PC version :) I'm sure there will be news about 1.3 in the near-ish future though :)
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