Easy bait farm! [Need hardmode stuff]

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Hello guys, i'm nachomc1473 and i'm going to show to you an easy bait farm!

Herer's the link to the video :

1 Hour afk =
EDIT: I have upgraded the farm!
Capture 2015-07-07 13_43_10.png

This is the wiring:

How does it works? The same as before, but usually, big jungle bushes will grow, and the golden bug net doesn't break them, so, if you activate the 5 second timer, a bird will spawn every 5 seconds, and will be (de)actuating a block of mud. And, with the switch, you can make a goldenfish farm too, just activate it for 2 birds (no more otherwise the bird for the actuator wont spawn) and goldfish will spawn!

6 hours loot:

^^Edit, i sold all the goldfish and got 5 platinum and 47 gold coins :D
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