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Endgame Gods

Discussion in 'Released' started by KingKirmit, Feb 18, 2015.


Should I Remove, Keep, or Resprite the Claw of the Spirit Dragon?

Poll closed Apr 8, 2015.
  1. Remove

    1 vote(s)
  2. Keep

    15 vote(s)
  3. Resprite

    4 vote(s)
  1. KingKirmit

    KingKirmit Golem

    Have you done everything you can do in Terraria? Have you even gone as far as creating multiple worlds and getting them all to hardmode and gathering every possible resource? Are you now so powerful and deadly that nothing is a challenge? Well your in luck, because that's where I'm at in Terraria so I figured why not go back to my modding days and give it a go. Sadly I'm quite new to Tapi, I never even used Tconfig. Nope this is my first attempt at codding and pixel art, so in order to get this mod, which I'm hoping to be HUGE, off the ground, I need some help. If anyone is interested in helping me take this mod to the next level please let me know! Upon request I will post exactly what I don't have enough coding/spriting skills in to do, and upon further request I can go into detail of exactly what I want this or that do to so that somebody who wishes to take on the responsibility can do so with knowledge of what is expected.


    First I would like to apologize for this mod being so outdated. I do not have the time nor the skill set to port this over to tmodloader. I hope some people can still find this mod fun in the older versions of Terraria.​
    Your Modding Newcomer,
    [​IMG] King Kirmit​


    [​IMG] Creator - KingKirmit
    [​IMG] Co-Spriter - TerrorPenguin

    Now, lets not make you suffer through scrolling aaalllll the way to the end of all this.
    Mod will show as "SwordsofGods", This is because of the name change I made mid development.​
    I am also accepting donations, But PLEASE do NOT feel obligated. Seriously, this mod is free, and donating will not guarantee further nor faster development of this mod.
    Want to donate to a slow and lazy bum? Still love me even though I took FOREVER to release this mod and pretty much abandoned it after a whole lot of work?
    GREAT! Then feel free to donate HERE

    • The biggest and HARDEST addition that Might not be implemented into the mod, The Leviathan[Credit to Herrgingie for idea](Creates a sky dungeon shaped like the leviathan with its mouth open and the insides as the cave its self leaving the back end as the exit).
    • 4 more ores each with their own armor, tools, and weapons sets.
    • Sunlight armor, tools, and weapons set.
    • Drinium armor, and weapons set.
    • More new weapons not set specific.
    • ALOT more enemy npcs, and a few more town npcs.
    • A new biome OR 2.
    • New buffs and debuffs.
    • 5, 4, 3, 2 new bosses.
    • 2 new events.
    • 2 OR more mounts(if I can find a source code and have a little help with).
    Drinium [​IMG] [​IMG] (Tier 1)​
    [​IMG] Drinium Set(Set bonus - Life Regeneration up, Max Minions: 3, Invisibility, Shadow Orb, Lava Immunity, +75 Max Life, +30% Magic Damage).
    [​IMG] Drinium Knight's Helmet (Melee) - Defense: 30.
    [​IMG] Drinium Mask (Ranged).
    [​IMG] Drinium Caster's Hood (Magic).​
    [​IMG] Drinium Breastplate - Defense: 32.
    [​IMG] Drinium Leggings - Defense: 22, Effects: Movement Speed up, No fall damage.
    [​IMG] Drinium Staff(Shoots a Drinium Orb) [Credit to Sin Costan for the codding of the amazing projectile] - Damage: 80.
    [​IMG] Drinium Gladiator - Damage: 120, Knockback: 4.
    [​IMG] Drinium Bow - Damage: 80, Knockback: 4, Shoots 2 Arrows at a time.
    [​IMG] Drinium Arrow - Damage: 28.
    [​IMG] Drinium Pickaxe(Required to mine Sunlight ore) - Pick Power: 230, Recipe: 24 Drinium Bars.
    [​IMG] Drinium Axe - Recipe: 28 Drinium Bar.
    [​IMG] Drinium Hammer - Recipe: 28 Drinium Bar.

    Sunlight Ore [​IMG] [​IMG] (Tier 2)​
    [​IMG] Sunlight Set(Set bonus - Life Regeneration up, Max Minions: 4, Warmth, Inferno, Fairy, Lava Immunity, +100 Max Life).
    [​IMG] Sunlight Knight's Helmet(Melee) - Defense: 35.
    [​IMG] Sunlight Mask (Ranged).
    [​IMG] Sunlight Caster's Hood (Magic).​
    [​IMG] Sunlight Breastplate - Defense: 37.
    [​IMG] Sunlight Leggings - Defense: 27, Effects: Movement Speed up, No fall damage.
    [​IMG][Credit to Riarus for idea] Sunlight Staff(Shoots a beam of sunlight) - Damage: 90.
    [​IMG] Sunlight Blazer - Damage: 190, Knockback: 4.
    [​IMG] Sunlight Bow - Damage: 90, Knockback: 4.
    [​IMG] Sunlight Arrow - Damage: 30.
    [​IMG] Sunlight Pickaxe(Required to mine Radium ore) - Pick Power: 250, Recipe: 24 Sunlight Bars.
    [​IMG] Sunlight Axe - Recipe: 28 Sunlight Bar.
    [​IMG] Sunlight Hammer - Recipe: 28 Sunlight Bar.

    Radium [​IMG] [​IMG] (Tier 3)​
    [​IMG] Radium Set(Set bonus - Life Regeneration up, Max Minions: 5, Stinky, Weapon Imbue: Venom, Lava Immunity, +200 Max Life).
    [​IMG] Radium Bio Knight's Helmet(Melee) - Defense: 50.
    [​IMG] Radium Mask (Ranged).
    [​IMG] Radium Caster's Hood (Magic).​
    [​IMG] Radium Breastplate - Defense: 52.
    [​IMG] Radium Quad Legs - Defense: 42, Effects: Movement Speed up, No fall damage.
    [​IMG] Radium Staff(Shoots a Beam of Radiation) [Credit to Sin Costan for the codding of the amazing projectile] - Damage: 100.
    [​IMG] Radium Excalibur - Damage: 230, Knockback: 6.
    [​IMG] Radium Bow - Damage: 100, Knockback: 5.
    [​IMG] Radium Arrow - Damage: 32.
    [​IMG] Radium Pickaxe(Required to mine Bridomite ore) - Pick Power: 270, Recipe: 24 Radium Bar.

    Bridomite [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] (Tier 4)
    [​IMG] Bridomite Set(Set bonus - Life Regeneration up, Max Minions: 6, Endurance, Weapon Imbue: Gold, Lava Immunity, +300 Max Life).
    [​IMG] Bridomite Jeweled Knight's Helmet - Defense: 65.
    [​IMG] Bridomite Mask (Ranged).
    [​IMG] Bridomite Caster's Hood (Magic).​
    [​IMG] Bridomite Jeweled Breastplate - Defense: 67.
    [​IMG] Bridomite Jeweled Greaves - Defense: 57, Effects: Movement Speed up, No fall damage.
    [​IMG] Bridomite Staff(Shoots a Bridomite Beam that bounces off walls) [Credit to Sin Costan for the codding of the amazing projectile] - Damage: 115.
    [​IMG] Bridomite Skull Splitter - Damage: 275, Knockback: 7.
    [​IMG] Bridomite Bow - Damage: 110, Knockback: 6.
    [​IMG] Bridomite Arrow - Damage: 34.
    [​IMG] Bridomite Pickaxe(Required to mine Dragon's Ice) - Pick Power: 280, Recipe: 24 Bridomite Bar.

    Dragon's Ice [​IMG] [​IMG] (Frozen Turtle Set [​IMG])(Tier 5)​
    [​IMG] Frozen Turtle Set(Setbonus - Life Regeneration up, Max Minions: 7, Ice Barrier, Calm, Lava Immunity, +400 Max Life).
    [​IMG] Frozen Turtle Helmet - Defense: 90.
    [​IMG] Frozen Turtle Mask (Ranged).
    [​IMG] Frozen Turtle Caster's Hood (Magic).​
    [​IMG] Frozen Turtle Scale Mail - Defense: 92.
    [​IMG] Frozen Turtle Greaves - Defense: 82, Effects: Movement Speed up, No Fall Damage.
    [​IMG] Dragon's Ice Great Sword - Damage: 310, Knockback: 9.
    [​IMG] Dragon's Ice Bow - Damage: 125, Knockback: 7.
    [​IMG] Dragon's Ice Arrow - Damage: 36.
    [​IMG] Dragon's Ice Pickaxe(Required to mine Chroebnium) - Pick Power: 290, Recipe: 24 Bar of Dragon's Ice.

    Chroebnium [​IMG] [​IMG] (Tier 6)​
    [​IMG] Chroebnium Set(Set bonus - Life Regeneration up(significantly), Max Minions: 9, Thorns, Whisp, Lava Immunity, +500 Max Life).
    [​IMG] Chroebnium Dragon Helmet - Defense: 100.
    [​IMG] Chroebnium Ranger's Mask (Ranged).
    [​IMG] Chroebnium Caster's Mask (Magic).​
    [​IMG] Chroebnium Breastplate - Defense: 107.
    [​IMG] Chroebnium Leggings - Defense: 97, Effects: Movement Speed up, No Fall Damage, Better Water Movement, Better Ice walking.

    [​IMG] Blade of Eater(Credit to TerrorPenguin for 2x2 resprite of handle) - Damage: 290, Knockback: 10, Shoots:
    [​IMG] Eater Shot.
    [​IMG] True Blade of Eater - Damage: 350, Knockback: 10, Shoots:
    [​IMG] TBE Shot.
    [​IMG] Chroebnium Bow - Damage: 135, Knockback: 8, Shoots: [​IMG] Chroebnium Arrow - Damage: 39.

    Ice Dragon's Set [​IMG] (Tier 7)​
    [​IMG] Ice Dragon's Set(Grants Dragon's Ice Buff as set bonus and max minions: 10).
    [​IMG] Ice Dragon's Helmet - Defense: 150.
    [​IMG] Ice Dragon's Ranger's Mask (Ranged).
    [​IMG] Ice Dragon's Caster's Mask (Magic).​
    [​IMG] Ice Dragon's Breastplate - Defense: 157.
    [​IMG] Ice Dragon's Greaves - Defense: 147.
    [​IMG] Ice Dragon's Staff(Shoots a thick beam of dragon's breath inflicting DeBuff Frozen) [Credit to Sin Costan for the codding of the amazing projectile] - Damage: 130.
    [​IMG] Ice Dragon's Frost Bite - Damage: 330, Knockback: 9, Shoots:
    [​IMG] Frost Bite.
    [​IMG] True Frost Bite - Damage: 350, Knockback: 9, Shoots: Frost Bite.
    [​IMG] Ice Dragon's Bow - Damage: 140, Knockback: 9.
    [​IMG] Ice Dragon's Arrow - Damage: 42.

    The Claw of the Spirit Dragon (Tier 8)​
    [​IMG] Claw of the Spirit Dragon - Damage: 420, Knockback 6, Shoots:
    [​IMG] The Claw.
    Spooky Shadow Set [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] (Tier 2.5)​
    [​IMG] Spooky Shadow Set(Set bonus - Life Regeneration up, Max Minions: 4, Night Owl, Thorns, Shadow Orb, Lava Immunity, +125 Max Life).
    [​IMG] Spooky Shadow Helmet - Defense: 43.
    [​IMG] Spooky Shadow Breastplate - Defense: 45.
    [​IMG] Spooky Shadow Leggings - Defense: 35, Effects: Movement Speed up, No fall damage.

    Yeti Set (Tier 3.5)​
    [​IMG] Yeti Set(Set bonus - Life Regeneration up, Max Minions: 4, Titan, Endurance, Fairy, Lava immunity, +150 Life).
    [​IMG] Yeti Helmet - Defense: 46.
    [​IMG] Yeti Breastplate: 48.
    [​IMG] Yeti Leggings: 37, Effects: Movement Speed up, No fall damage.
    [​IMG] The Yeti's Edge - Damage: 210, Knockback: 5.
    [​IMG][Credit to Riarus for idea] Sunlight Wings - Very long flight time. [​IMG] (Translucent Beams)
    [​IMG] Hellfire Wings - Very long flight time. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Ice Dragon's Wings - Longest flight time. [​IMG]
    Rarity Level (1)
    [​IMG] Black Hat
    [​IMG] White Hat

    Rarity Level (2)
    [​IMG] Red Hat
    [​IMG] Pink Hat
    [​IMG] Iced Out Green Hat

    Rarity Level (3)
    [​IMG] Iced Out Red Hat
    [​IMG] Iced Out Pink Hat
    [​IMG] Iced Out Cyan Hat

    Rarity Level (4)
    [​IMG] Shiny Hat
    [​IMG] Silver and Blue Hat
    [​IMG] Green and Yellow Hat
    [​IMG] Black and Yellow Hat​
    [​IMG] Blue Football Helmet - Defense: 50.
    [​IMG] Red Football Helmet - Defense: 50.​
    [​IMG] Nightmare Mask - Dropped by the Nightmare.
    [​IMG] Spirit Dragon's Boots - Faster Movement Speed, Water Walking, Lava Walking, Fire Walking, Lava Immunity, Swimming, and Ice Skates effect.
    [​IMG] (Credit to TerrorPenguin for resprite)Cloud in an Eye [​IMG]
    [​IMG](Credit to TerrorPenguin for resprite)Cloud in Flesh [​IMG]
    [​IMG] (Credit to TerrorPenguin for resprite)Cloud in a Skull [​IMG]
    [​IMG](Credit to TerrorPenguin for resprite)String Full of Heads [​IMG]
    [​IMG] (Credit to TerrorPenguin for resprite)Cloud in a Metal Eye [​IMG]
    [​IMG] (Credit to TerrorPenguin for resprite)Cloud in a Metal Worm [​IMG]
    [​IMG] (Credit to TerrorPenguin for resprite)Cloud in a Metal Skull [​IMG]
    [​IMG] (Credit to TerrorPenguin for resprite)String Full of Sparks [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Cooked Gel - Recipe: 1 Gel @ Furnace.
    [​IMG] Web String(used to make Balloons) - Recipe: 5 Cobweb, 1 Cooked Gel @ Loom.
    [​IMG] Soul of Sunlight - Dropped from Sun Spot with a 10% chance.
    [​IMG] Soul of Radiation - Dropped from Nightmare.
    [​IMG] Soul of Dark Energy - Recipe: 10 Soul of Fright, 10 Sight, 10 Might, and 1 Philosopher's Stone(Also dropped from Nightmare).
    [​IMG] Soul of The Ice Dragon - Dropped by Ice Dragon.
    [​IMG] Energy Cell - Recipe: 2 Glass, 1 Hallowed Bar, 2 Nanites.
    [​IMG] Sunlight Energy Cell - Recipe: 1 Energy Cell, 1 Soul of Sunlight.
    [​IMG] Dark Energy Cell - Recipe: 1 Energy Cell, 1 Soul of Dark Energy.
    [​IMG] Frozen Dragon Scale - Dropped by Ice Dragon.
    [​IMG] Blank Mask - Dropped by Mask Spirit.
    [​IMG] Spirit's Cloth - Dropped by Mask Spirit.
    [​IMG] The Hat Box - Summons the Box Full of Hats.
    [​IMG] Staff Mold - Recipe: 4 Turtle Shell, 2 Leather, 1 Unicorn Horn.
    [​IMG] Big Red Nose - Summons Nightmare.
    [​IMG] Mass Eye - Summons Eye of Chemical Mass.
    [​IMG] Powered Ice Dragon Scale - Summons Ice Dragon.
    [​IMG] Boss Altar(Used to make most of the Armor and Weapons) - Recipe: 20 Tissue Sample, 15 Demonite Bar, 15 Meteorite Bar, 15 Hellstone Bar, 15 Shroomite Bar, 25 Bee Wax, 1 Honey Comb, 35 Shadow Scale, 50 Soul of Sight, Might, Fright, 1 Seedling, 10 Beetle Husk.
    [​IMG] Potion Mixing Station(Used to make potions like Hefty Spelunker Potion)
    [​IMG] Hefty Spelunker Potion - Recipe: 5 Spelunker Potion, Effect: Spelunker for 25mins.
    [​IMG] Scrolls are much like potions only all, but the Scroll of Life, last for 30 minutes and you can stack up to 60. All but the Scroll of Life, and Scroll of Mana, are created by combining 1 leather, 1 crystal shard, and 4 of the desired potion.
    NOTE: custom use sound for scrolls(Sounds like flipping a page in a book).

    ~~Scrolls are being listed according to color~~

    [​IMG] Endurance Scroll
    [​IMG] Ironskin Scroll
    [​IMG] Mining Scroll
    [​IMG] Battle Scroll
    [​IMG] Inferno Scroll
    [​IMG] Rage Scroll
    [​IMG] Calming Scroll
    [​IMG] Hunter Scroll
    [​IMG] Flipper Scroll
    [​IMG] Gills Scroll
    [​IMG] Magic Power Scroll
    [​IMG] Lifeforce Scroll
    [​IMG] Scroll of Life[Credit to Sin Costan for coding] - This scroll will increase your max life by 100 until you reach 3000, Recipe: 1 Leather, 5 Crystal Shard, 20 Life Fruit.
    [​IMG] Scroll of Mana - This scroll will increase your max mana by 10 until you reach 400, Recipe: 1 Leather, 5 Crystal Shard, 20 Mana Crystal.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
  2. KingKirmit

    KingKirmit Golem

    [​IMG] Dragon's Ice - Grants increased stats in; Melee Crit, Damage, Ranged Crit, Damage, Magic Crit, Damage. also gives faster Life and Mana Regeneration, and Immunity to all Vanilla Debuffs.
    [​IMG] Frozen [Credit to Sin Costan for coding] - Greatly slows your enemy, freaks out slimes, and is inflicted by using the Ice Dragon's Staff.
    [​IMG][Credit to Nike Leon for Sales idea] Mr.Fin - Occupation: Walking, Talking...Dolphin, Sells: Lime Kelp, Beach Balls, Sea Shells, Coral, Starfish, Chaos Fish, Double Cod, Hemopiranha, and Shrimp.
    [​IMG] Mr. Shiny Hat - Sells the Box Full of Hats summon.
    [​IMG][Credit to Riarus for idea] Land Shark - Life: 350, Defense: 5, Knockback Resistance: 30%, Damage: 80.
    [​IMG] Land Sharkron - Life: 550, Defense: 10, Knockback Resistance: 60%, Damage: 160.
    [​IMG] SunSpot - Life: 220, Defense: 8, Knockback Resistance: 100%, Damage: 120, Drops - Soul of Sunlight.
    [​IMG] Mutated Bunny - Life 350, Knockback Resistance: 0%, Damage: 205, Drops - Battle Scroll, and Big Red Nose.
    [​IMG] Mask Spirit - Life: 700, Damage: 345, Defense: 120, Drops - Blank Mask, and Spirit's Cloth.
    [​IMG] Box Full of Hats - Has chance to drop Rare Hats.
    [​IMG] Fleshy Helmet Slime - Life: 300, Damage: 65, Defense: 20, Drops - Gel, Blue Football Helmet.
    [​IMG] Hellish Helmet Slime - Life: 450, Damage: 75, Defense: 25, Drops - Cooked Gel, Red Football Helmet.
    [​IMG] Grey Football Slime - Life: 135, Damage: 35, Defense: 10, Drops - Gel, Football.
    [​IMG] Hellish Football Slime - Life 250, Damage: 50, Defense 10, Drops - Cooked Gel, Football.
    [​IMG] Icy Football Slime - Life: 175, Damage: 46, Defense: 10, Drops - Gel, Football.
    [​IMG] Football Zombie Player - Life: 480, Damage: 300, Defense: 52, Drops - Blue Football Helmet, Football.
    [​IMG] Hellish Football Zombie Player - Life: 480, Damage: 300, Defense: 52, Drops - Red Football Helmet, Football.
    [​IMG] Skeletal Football Player - Life: 450, Damage: 350, Defense: 65.
    [​IMG] Hellish Skeletal Football Player - Life: 450, Damage: 350, Defense: 65.
    [​IMG] Nightmare - Life: 120000, Defense: 8, Knockback Resistance: 100%, Damage: 376, Drops: Soul of Dark Energy(2-6) and Mass Eye(1).
    - Life: 300000, Defense: 52, Knockback Resistance: 100%, Damage: 286, Drops: Scroll of Life(1-2).
    - Life 550000, Defense: 105, Knockback Resistance: 100%, Damage: 850, Drops: Soul of The Ice Dragon(2-6), Frozen Dragon Scale(5-8).
    [​IMG] Scorp Wing - (A Bird with a Scorpion's tail [​IMG] ) Is not harmful.

    Am accepting membership to the team for both spriting and coding, Just note I am a beginner in both spriting and coding. But im doing my best.

    Any ideas and community contributions are welcome but not guaranteed to make it into the mod.

    !Faction Banners!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] King Kirmit Banner.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] Sun Gazer's Banner.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] Brotherhood of Blood Banner.​
    !Football Themed Items!
    [​IMG] Football(needs coding help).​
    God Masks!! Yes that means God Bosses!!

    [​IMG] Ra's Mask.
    [​IMG] Seth's Mask.
    [​IMG] Xuèxīng Jiéshù's Mask.​
    [​IMG] Raw Flesh Dirt.
    [​IMG] Raw Flesh Dust.
    [​IMG] Tooth.
    [​IMG] Raw Flesh Tree.
    [​IMG] Raw Flesh Toilet.
    [​IMG] Tooth Bookshelf.
    [​IMG] Raw Flesh Lantern.
    [​IMG] Raw Flesh Candle.
    [​IMG] Raw Flesh Chandelier.
    [​IMG] Raw Flesh Bed.
    [​IMG] Tooth Tub.
    [​IMG] Raw Flesh Lamp.
    [​IMG] Tooth Candelabra.
    [​IMG] Raw Flesh Chest.
    [​IMG] Tooth Table.
    [​IMG] Raw Flesh Door.
    [​IMG] Raw Flesh Dresser.
    [​IMG] Raw Flesh Clock.

    The Banners are out!
    Show your support by adding a banner to your signature!

    [URL='http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/endgame-gods.12429/'][IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/303a49z.jpg[/IMG] [/URL]


    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    #Added Sunlight Tools, also changed the name of the Sun Ore and Sun Bar to Sunlight Ore and Sunlight Bar.
    #Adjusted Pickaxe mining powers to fit the tiers.
    #Added Sunlight Blazer(sword), Soul of Sunlight, and Sunlight Energy Cell.
    #Added Sunlight Armor Set.

    #Added NPC "Sun Spot".
    #Changed name Sunling to Sun Spot.

    #Added NPC "Scorp Wing".
    #Added Drinium Armor Set.
    #Added Radium Ore, Bar, And Armor Set.
    #Updated Soul of Sunlight sprite to the voted style!
    #Added Boss "Nightmare".
    #Added Big Red Nose.
    #Added Radium Pickaxe.
    #Added Scrolls(12)
    #Added Potion Mixing Station
    #Added Boss "Eye of Chemical Mass".
    #Added Mass Eye.

    #Tweaked Eye of Chemical Mass sprite to fit together better.
    #Added Scroll of Life.
    #Added Radium Excalibur.
    #Added Soul of Radiation.

    #Added Bridomite Ore, Bar, And Bridomite Pickaxe.
    #Added Brido Gem.
    #Added Bridomite Armor Set.
    #Added Dragon's Ice, Bar, And Armor Set(Frozen Turtle).
    #Added Drinium Gladiator(sword).
    #Updated Chroebnium Armor Set Stats.
    #Added Dragon's Ice Great Sword.
    #Added Dragon's Ice Pickaxe.

    #Updated Bridomite Helmet sprite to fix animation placement.
    #Added Scroll of Mana.
    #Updated Dragon's Ice Great Sword sprite(to fix over-sizing).
    #Added NPC "Mutated Bunny".
    #Added Bridomite Skull Splitter(sword).
    #Added Ice Dragon's Armor Set.
    #Added Frozen Dragon Scale.
    #Added Ice Dragon's Wings.
    #Added Boss "Ice Dragon".
    #Added Powered Ice Dragon Scale.
    #Added Soul of The Ice Dragon.

    #Updated Dragon's Ice Staff sprite.
    #Added Buff "Dragon's Ice".
    #Announced Spoiler for Alternative Set Helmets(Tier 1).
    #Added Nightmare Boss Mask.
    #Updated Sunlight Wings Sprite.
    #Updated Alternative Set Helmets(Tiers 2 & 3).
    #Added NPC "Mask Spirit".
    #Added Blank Mask.
    #Added Spirit's Cloth.

    #Updated Alternative Set Helmets(Tier 4).
    #Added Ice Dragon's Frost Bite.
    #Added Projectile "Frost Bite".
    #Added Claw of the Spirit Dragon.
    #Added The Claw.

    #Added Hats (14).
    #Added NPC "Box Full of Hats".
    #Added NPC "Mr. Shiny Hat".
    #Added Hat Box.

    #Updated Ice Dragon's Helmet sprite.
    #Updated Alternative Set Helmets(Tier 5-7).
    #Officially Added Alternative Set Helmets(Tier 1-7).
    #Melee Helmets Balancing.
    #Announced Spoiler for God Helmets(3).
    #Added Spirit Dragon's Boots.
    #Nerfed Max Minions in Set Bonuses.
    #Updated Box Full of Hats sprite.
    #Balanced Alternative Set Helmets(Melee Tier 1-7).
    #Nerfed The Hat Box price.
    #Updated The Hat Box sprite.
    #Officially Added Tier Staffs.
    #Added DeBuff "Frozen".
    #Added Item "Staff Mold".
    #Balanced Alternative Set Helmets(Magic Tier 1-7).
    #Announced Spoiler for Tier Bows(Tier 1-7).
    #Officially Added Tier Bows(Tier 1-7).
    #Balanced Alternative Set Helmets(Ranger Tier 1-7).
    #Tightened and Patched up some Codding.
    #Nerfed Enemy NPC Spawn Rate by half(spawn rate was annoying).
    #Updated Sprites(Chroebnium Leggings, Dragon's Ice Arrow, Dragon's Ice Bow, Ice Dragon's Frost Bite, True Frost Bite).
    #Announced Spoiler for Football themed NPCs.
    #Released 75% of the King Kirmit Emoticons!
    #Announced Spoiler for Football themed Items.
    #Updated Drinium Armot Set Sprite.
    #Added Spooky Shadow Armor Set.
    Announced Spoiler for Banners.
    Officially Added Football Zombie Player, Hellish Football Zombie Player, Fleshy Helmet Slime, Hellish Helmet Slime, Grey Football Slime, Hellish Football Slime, Icy Football Slime, and Yeti Armor Set and The Yeti's Edge(sword).
    Officially Added Skeletal Football Player, Hellish Skeletal Football Player, Blue Football Helmet, and Red Football Helmet.
    Released new Animated Banner!
    Added the start of Expansions : Raw Flesh Biome.
    Added Raw Flesh Biome Furniture Sneak Peaks.
    RELEASED V.1.0 for tAPI R14
    RELEASED V.1.0 for tAPI R14a
    RELEASED V.1.0 for tAPI R16
    Moved to Released Section
    [​IMG] Smile.
    [​IMG] Laughing.
    [​IMG] Confused
    [​IMG] Cool.
    [​IMG] Cry.
    [​IMG] Eek.
    [​IMG] Happy.
    [​IMG] Indifferent.
    [​IMG] Mad.
    [​IMG] Sad.
    [​IMG] Straight Face.
    [​IMG] Tongue.
    [​IMG] Wink.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2019
  3. AlexTerrarian

    AlexTerrarian Eye of Cthulhu

    A bit OP ? Nice spriting btw , also I see no god in there
  4. KingKirmit

    KingKirmit Golem

    the gods are the players ;)
    And it is a little OP right now but thats only until i have the OP monsters and bosses, trust me the OP items will be needed.
  5. AlexTerrarian

    AlexTerrarian Eye of Cthulhu

    Also I can provide you further ideas. I'll let you a PM
  6. KingKirmit

    KingKirmit Golem

    Sounds good I'm always in need of more ideas!
  7. Krasunir

    Krasunir Terrarian

    Oh my god. Those Hellfire Wings look BADASS.
  8. AlexTerrarian

    AlexTerrarian Eye of Cthulhu

    I sended you my first idea . Hope youlike it :D
  9. AlexTerrarian

    AlexTerrarian Eye of Cthulhu

    Also , I want a banner with this in my sig. , where do I get one ?
  10. KingKirmit

    KingKirmit Golem

    Well I can get to work on a banner for you and anyone else who wants to support :)

    But I am going to make food and eat right now so ill get right to it when im done eating.
  11. Sin Costan

    Sin Costan Eye of Cthulhu

    Wow, this looks pretty good! Can't wait to see what other things you make.
  12. You really should move this to the released section. When a mod has this much content, more than some released mods, it should be there. It will be checked more often. Great spriting BTW.
  13. Gex004

    Gex004 Skeletron

    Saw this : [​IMG] i guess they look OK
    Then saw this : [​IMG] HOLY :red: WHY HASNT RELOGIC HIRED THIS GUY
    Aslo i cant find the download link
  14. KingKirmit

    KingKirmit Golem

    Lol well I agree on the sunlight wings, i do need to redraw those, im not happy with them or their animation :p

    But thank you :) lol and this is actually my first thread and first mod for terraria. I started maybe a month ago and this is how far ive gotten so far :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 19, 2015 ---
    I see where your coming from but Id rather wait until its bigger and better before I release it :)
    BUT I accept the complement :D
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 19, 2015 ---
    Thank you kind sir :)
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2015
  15. Meowelody

    Meowelody Plantera

    I think you should redesign Mr. Fin and make him look like a humanoid NPC which looks like a dolphin. The current one is too big in my opinion.
    The Gentleman Narwhal likes this.
  16. KingKirmit

    KingKirmit Golem

    I do agree, it does look bugged when npc spawns in his room as his head goes through the ceiling :/
    I might just make him smaller 'cause I do want to keep him looking like an actual dolphin walking on land.

    Thanks for the feedback :)
  17. Meowelody

    Meowelody Plantera

    Whatever works - maybe add a option to make Mr. Fin either a dolphin or a more-NPC/human-shaped dolphin?
  18. Nike Leon

    Nike Leon Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Here's some ideas for what Mr. Fin could sell:
    Lime Kelp (maybe only a limited supply each day?)
    Beach balls (Not really rare but more convenient than farming worlds)
    Sea Shells
    Shark Fins (dolphins kill sharks Xp)
    Random Ocean fish (changes each day, limited supply?)
  19. KingKirmit

    KingKirmit Golem

    Loved the suggestions, was allot better than what I had him selling(Random Crap water related) so updated his shop and credited you :)

    As for the shark fins, the land sharks drop them ;)

    Thanks for the help :D
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2015
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  20. Nike Leon

    Nike Leon Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Ahhh ok :) and I think PC has shark statues now anyway Xp