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Explain your avatar

Frenzy Moon

The Destroyer
I'm probably gonna be switching between Persona 5 avatars, and the characters will usually be one of the following:
Black-haired dude: Main Character
The blond girl: Anne ( currently in use )
Blond guy: Ryuji
EDIT: current one is Raidou from SMT: Devil Summoner.
I'll keep that stuff up there up for relevance sake.
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I took Gabriel the angel from Binding Of Isaac Rebirth, changed the colours from white to black. Found the background while playing the game, screenshot it, set it as the background, resized to steam profile pic size and used it.
It's *pretty much* OC


Skeletron Prime
I recently found out about FEZ and I thought the character was amazing so I kept drawing him. But I found out there was controversy about Phil Fish the creator of FEZ. I didn't want to start any by having FEZ as my avatar so I just drew a scarf so people wont care. People probably wouldn't have cared anyway though.

Also because I'm into drawing fezzes and scarves now.
Nothing at all.
Changed it, didn't like the new one enough to keep it, was too lazy at the time to get back my older one, didn't have anything new to use.


A Gespenst from the Super Robot Wars series.

I played the GBA Original Generation game(s) that came to the US, and was immediately ensnared by the mech's design.
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