Casual Explain your avatar

It's just a drawing i did of my terraria character... as a wolf... i can't draw humans to save my life.
I assume people in Guess what the person above you is thinking based on their avatar,
If the above user's profile pic was an NPC, what would he/she sell/do? and
If the above user's profile pic was a NPC, what would one of their quotes be? threads are already tired of my energetic fox profile pic. So I try something different.

The file was originally in webP format but this forum doesn't allow me to upload that kind of file. So I turned it into .gif and it look buggy like that. There is nothing I can do about it.
Just in case people want to see to clean version of it.
Mine is some fan art of an elsen from OFF. I feel like I am summed up perfectly as an elsen. A bland, quiet and somewhat boring person. People would say I am mostly a pessimist through my pfp. Which is true, I'm not very positive about myself and the world around me. And that doesn't get to me. I still try my best everyday to keep on going even when nothing will be achieved that day. And I thought an elsen is probably the perfect idea for a pfp since it would sum me up well!
Screenshot taken from in game called Girl's Frontline
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