Favorite Element?

My favorite fictional element is unobtanium, the mythical element that's every engineer's worst nightmare.
Many of the well-known practical difficulties with engineering aircraft parts from this material may be avoided in part by substituting unobtainium-reinforced wishalloy. Ratios as low as 1:24 are expected to perform nearly as well as the pure elemental metal.

Of course, you can't get any at all. But if you could, it would go a lot further this way. Isn't nature wonderful?
I like osmium, since it's the densest element- a chunk of it the size of a fist is much, much heavier than a rock the same size.
Either one of the alkali metals (The ones that explode with water) or one of the Noble Gases( The ones that light up with electricity)
I dunno.
I have to say hydrogen. It's the proto-element that becomes all the other elements when a star collapses/explodes. The word also reminds me of the beast called the Hydra.

My favorite fictional substance would have to be melange from the Frank Herbert books. I suppose it's more of a molecular compound than an element, but whatever.
I love silver. I like more silver than gold. She used to wear jewelry only from silver. I think he has some kind of very positive energy.
Probably Americium, due to the fact that it is a highly radioactive element used extensively in fire detectors (they rely in it being radioactive, look up how it works for your self), or Cobalt, because of the deep blue color.
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