Favorite Element?

oh that kind of element i thought it was gonna be like earth fire water etc so uhhh something explosive?
Cesium, since it's symbol is the same as my initials.
Plus, it bursts into flame when making contact with air and water, is golden in color, and is used in atomic clocks.
Americium, any other element just doesn't even match its glory, especially Europium. (But in all seriousness it is my favorite element, c'mon, who doesn't like a more badass version of uranium/plutonium?)
Tungsten because SUCH A HORRIBLE NAME.
Fictional: Elements of Harmony :red:
Derp: Element of Surprise.
My favorite element is number 62. it's symbol is Sm. It's Samarium! (guess what my name is) here's a pic for y'all:

My favorite fake element is the Kaiburr crystal (Read more here)
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