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Suggestion for 200 angler quest

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  1. Accesory or something equipable that gives permanent vanilla buffs

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  2. an other thing (leave your suggestion) [Not Weapons/Armor/Mount]

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  1. Roxxz

    Roxxz Golem

    This mod that adds to the current fishing in vanilla Terraria it was designed mainly to aid those doing the fisherman run/challenge but this mod adds new items weapons mounts and alternative ways to get rare stuff that might not have been generated in your world too; so anyone can check it out.


    ( Updated for tmodloader 10 )

    Most Sprites are placeholders at the moment.

    upload_2016-11-26_21-21-32.png Soul Bait: 60% Fishing power makes it able to fish "Possessed" Crates. Craftable with Master Bait and Souls from the mechanical bosses. (Sprite Made by @Fezular )
    Biome crates: For the ice biome, the desert, the underworld and the the ocean. They Include content from pyramids, the new desert items, ice chests, water chests, and extra items like enchanted sword etc.
    upload_2016-11-28_14-36-53.png upload_2016-12-1_1-2-9.png upload_2016-12-1_1-2-26.png upload_2016-12-28_19-38-42.png upload_2016-12-28_19-38-53.png upload_2016-12-1_1-2-44.png (First sprite made by @❤Putin❤ and last sprite made by @Fezular )

    Possessed crates are Hardmode versions of the Biome creates that require the Soul Bait to be fished and they give vanilla hardmode items like mimic drops and Chlorophyte ore.
    upload_2016-12-14_3-25-44.png upload_2016-12-14_3-25-49.png upload_2016-12-14_3-25-53.png upload_2016-12-14_3-25-56.png upload_2016-12-14_23-1-3.png (Sprites made by @Anubscorpiak )
    All crates drop coins and potions. They drop more coins and better potions in hardmode. All the hardmode items will only be obtainable in hardmode.

    Ice Crate:
    Ice Boomerang, Ice Blade, Ice Skates, Snowball Cannon, Blizzard in a Bottle, Flurry Boots, Ice Mirror Frostbrand, Ice Bow, Flower of Frost, Toy Sled.

    Obsidian Crate (Needs Shadow Key in your inventory):
    Dark Lance, Flamelash, Flower of Fire, Sunfury, Hellwing Bow, Lava Charm, Magic Quiver.

    Ocean Crate:
    Moon Charm, Tabi, Shark Fin, Coral, Flipper, Water Walking Boots, Breathing Reed, Jellyfish Necklace, Diving Helmet, Trident.

    Desert Crate:
    Sky Fracture, Onyx Blaster, Desert Spirit Lamp, Forbidden Fragment, Mandible Blade, Sandstorm in a Bottle, Flying Carpet, Enchanted Sword, Pharaoh's Clothes.

    Forest Crate
    Slime Staff, Code 1 yoyo (After EOC has been defeated), Spear, Wooden Boomerang, Blowpipe, Wand of Sparking. After defeating any mech boss: Pirate Staff, Code 2 yoyo.

    Cave Crate
    Rally yoyo, Band of Regen, Magic Mirror, Cloud in a Bottle, Hermes Boots, Enchanted Boomerang, Shoe Spikes, Web Slinger. On Hardmode: Spider Fang(s)

    Possessed Corruption Crate:
    Dart Rifle, Worm Hook, Chain Guillotines, Clinger Staff, Putrid Scent, Soul Of Night

    Possessed Crimson Crate:
    Dart Pistol, Fetid Baghnakhs, Flesh Knuckles, Tendon Hook, Life Drain, Soul Of Night

    Possessed Hallow Crate:

    Daedalus Stormbow, Crystal Vile Shard, Illuminant Hook, Flying Knife, Blessed Apple, Soul Of Light

    Possessed Jungle Crate:
    Chlorophyte Ore, Turtle Shell, Flower Boots

    Possessed Dungeon Crate:
    Magic Dagger, Titan Glove, Philosophers Stone, Cross Necklace, Star Cloak, Dual Hook

    After you defeat Planterra it has a very low chance to give one of the locked biome chest items of the dungeon.

    upload_2017-1-2_5-44-29.png Fishingtron: A fishing rod dropped by the martian saucer that allows you to fish scrap upload_2017-1-2_5-44-44.png from the invasion and pieces of technology that remained from the destruction of the UFO (special scrap).
    upload_2016-12-2_22-56-40.png Close Combat System upload_2016-12-2_22-57-0.png Dark Matter Engine upload_2016-12-2_22-57-18.png Magic Core upload_2016-12-2_22-57-28.png Missiles System upload_2016-12-2_22-58-26.png Defense System

    upload_2016-11-17_4-29-43.png Analyzer: Special crafting station that allows you to understand alien technology. Allows you to craft the items below with the Special Scrap. It's crafted with normal Scrap.
    upload_2016-11-29_22-32-16.png Metalic Truffle: Mechanic Fishron mount upload_2016-11-29_22-32-38.jpeg crafted with Dark Matter Engine upload_2016-11-29_22-31-0.png (Special Scrap) and Shrimpy Truffle. Unlimited flight at 95 mph and it's able to swim.
    upload_2016-12-2_23-1-4.png Pupperfish Pistol: It shoots it's spikes like Missiles. Crafted with Seashells and Missiles System. (Does not requiere Ammo. Does not damage tiles. It does hurt the user.)
    upload_2016-12-2_23-2-36.png Book of Sharknados: Magic book that shoots magic homing sharks. Crafted with Shark Fins and Magic Core.
    upload_2016-12-14_23-1-24.png Armored Nautylus: Yoyo that shoots powerfull bubbles. Crafted with Seashells and the Defense System. (Sprite made by @Anubscorpiak )
    upload_2016-12-14_23-1-38.png Mechanical Starfish: Weapon that does throw damage and shoot 3 shuriken starfish. Crafted with Starfish and Close Combat System. (Sprite made by @Anubscorpiak )

    New Recipes: Golden Crate + biome specific items like jungle spores, ebonstone, crystals etc will get you the biome crate for that biome if you sacrifice those items in a demon altar.

    Special items will be fishable during Blood Moon and Solar Eclipse

    Blood Moon

    • Bananarang
    • Moon Stone
    • Death Sickle


    • Nail gun
    • Deadly Sphere Staff
    • The Eye of Cthulhu Yo-Yo

    Special Rewards from Angler Quests:
    • Quests Finished = 7 Angler Earring

    • Quests Finished = 12 Tackle Box

    • Quests Finished = 18 High Test Fishing Line

    • Quests Finished = 21 Golden Bug Net

    • Quests Finished = 23 Fish Hook

    • Quests Finished = 25 Hotline Fishing Hook

    • Quests Finished = 27 Fish Finder

    • Quests Finished = 35 Bottomless Water Bucket

    • Quests Finished = 40 Super Absorbant Sponge

    • Quests Finished = 45 Fin Wings (Must be on Hardmode)

    • Quests Finished = 100 Bottomless Fishing Elixir (Usable but non consumable item that gives 8mins of Sonar, Fishing and Crate Buffs) (Must be on Hardmode)

    • Quests Finished = 120 Ankh Shield (Must be on Hardmode)

    • Quests Finished = 200 Bottomless Battle Elixir (Usable but non consumable item that gives 8mins of Iron Skin, Swiftness, Shine, Regen and Wrath or Rage Buffs) (Must be on Hardmode)

    Rules for the fisherman run:

    • You can't mine ores.
    • You can craft with ores or other items that you get directly or indirectly from fishing.
    • You can use the extractinator that you get from fishing and mine slit slush etc.
    • You can get and use things like wood, obsidian, cobweb, stone, sand, clay and similar utility materials.
    • You can only take from chests: coins, potions, boss summon items, keys, and torch like items.
    • You can't use items dropped from killing mobs besides crafting materials for creating boss summoning items or pots and coins.
    • You can buy and sell stuff from/to the npcs.
    • You can only increase you hp/mp after doing an Angler quest.
    • You can keep things dropped by bosses but you can't use the weapons they drop.

    • Get a water bucket and carry it with you to create ponds or increase their size.
    • You can fish inside the dungeon to get drops from the locked golden chests.
    • Save some crates to open in hardmode so you can get some armor/weapons early hardmode and don't get reckt as soon as you enter it.
    • Make the summon item for the slime king so you can get an early hook.
    • You can make small biomes near your home so that you don't have to travel all the way across the map just make sure to use blocks like stone bricks to isolate them so they doesn't expand.

    Thanks to: @jopojelly, @GabeHasWon, @thegamemaster1234 @Iriazul @ArcheRion720 and the guys that helped me with the mod on discord.

    BIG THANKS to @leqesai for the gifted terraria steam version which allows to keep the mods updated.

    How to install:

    Download from mod browser or if you have downloaded it from the attachment below unzip the tmod file

    put it inside the Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mods

    open tmodloader terraria and enable the mod on the mods menu.

    Remember to press the reload mods button and enjoy.

    Other Fishing Related Mods you might wanna check out:

    Suggested by HallowKingJerrold

    Multi-Lure Accessories
    -This mod adds more lures for any kind of fishing rod you have-


    -Has multiple fishing items in both early and late game, as well as give throwers/summoners a shot


    -Allows the Excavator to use more minerals when making fishing spots. Note: Only use Auto-fishers when leaving so you can get stuff when coming across...-

    Class Based RPG Mod

    Adds a playable Angler Class

    -Info for the Angler Class is as follows:-
    Starting Items: Angler hat, Reinforced fishing pole, Bug net.
    Choosing this class will grant: +10 fishing skill, -10% all damage.
    Upon killing a boss for the first time, you will generally get a bonus of: +5 fishing skill.
    Active: Throw a piece of magic shark bait. The enemy hit by the bait will attract a shark, regardless of any nearby water (don't ask how). The shark leaps up, chomping on the enemy (and anything nearby), knocking it up into the air and dealing damage scaling with level and fishing power. This includes current bait and fishing rod in the calculation. The shark deals half damage on the way down.


    -You can get the Fishing Soul, which outright cranks up your fishing skills to 11 million, and even get a sweet new Fishing Rod for your troubles-


    v1.2.3 Removed the ability to fish Bee Wax from honey because as a side effect it significantly reduced the chances of fishing honeyfin.

    v1.2.2 Changed sprite for the fishingtron projectile

    1.2.1 Added new sprites for the Fishingtron rod and scrap.

    1.2 See This Post

    1.1.5 Fixed drop chances for the ice crate and adjusted drop chances for other crates to be similar to vanilla. (Little less drop chance per crate but more crates compared to vanilla)

    1.1.4 Added new sprites made by Anubscorpiak made the obsidian crate give the crate back if you don't have shadow key


    (Version 1.2.6 is for tmod 9)

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  2. Specterz

    Specterz Spazmatism

    Amazing I can't wait to try it because I need the tmodloader to update to I am looking forward to this :D
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  3. ❤Putin❤

    ❤Putin❤ Terrarian

    I have a few sprites you can use if you want.
    [​IMG] Ice Crate
    [​IMG] Desert Crate
    [​IMG] Ocean Crate
  4. Roxxz

    Roxxz Golem

    Thanks a lot I really liked them specially the ice crate.
  5. Ultimate King

    Ultimate King Skeletron Prime

    Nice mod. Really wished ChippyGaming used this mod when he did his fishing playthrough.
    Will there be a post-Duke Fishron boss?
    And put it so that you could only mine Chlorophyte, since you can't get it from crates.
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  6. Roxxz

    Roxxz Golem

    You CAN get it from crates using this mod.

    I'm not that good at programing so I dont think I can make a proper boss. But if you can get the attention of a mod dev that wants to help we might be able to do it.
  7. Roxxz

    Roxxz Golem

    upload_2016-11-28_22-1-11.png Mecha Fishron Mount. Lil Spoiler. Sprite was made by Yuki Arch and I modified it a bit. I wasnt able to make it function like I wanted to (like the ufo but without the hovering and faster) but It ended up being a nice mount that (works underwater and it's pretty fast with infinite flight) so I decided to keep it.
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  8. Ultimate King

    Ultimate King Skeletron Prime

    Nice idea, but Sprite needs 2x2 pixels.
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  9. Roxxz

    Roxxz Golem

    The sprite works ingame. What do you mean?
  10. Ultimate King

    Ultimate King Skeletron Prime

    I meant make it more pixelated.
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  11. Ultimate King

    Ultimate King Skeletron Prime

    Little suggestion make the Mecha Fishron mount a resprite of the Cute Fishron. That would fit Terraria more.
  12. Fezular

    Fezular Steampunker

    i want to try and sprite as much as i can for this mod.... also can you add who sprited which sprites
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  13. Ultimate King

    Ultimate King Skeletron Prime

    I mean I'm kind of good at spriting but I'm already working on Decimation mod. :/
  14. Fezular

    Fezular Steampunker

    I know that someone else made a desert crate sprite but i still made my own version. Use whichever sprite you think works better for you

    i will be making more sprites soon, i will prob send all together instead of everytime i make one

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  15. lightbowser1

    lightbowser1 Skeletron Prime

    is this mod on the browser?
  16. ❤Putin❤

    ❤Putin❤ Terrarian

    holy sheet, that is good man.
  17. Roxxz

    Roxxz Golem

    ***Version 0.8.5 for download***

    It includes the new sprites and the Mecha Fishron mount

    If you guys want make a suggestion for post moonlord item that you can get if you do 200 fishing quests. (Have in mind that I'm not a very skilled dev)

    Thanks a lot. I'll be looking forward to it. I'll add the credits to the main post now.

    Is not. I had trouble uploading it there and I didn't look further into it. I may put it there later if you guys want me to.

    All the sprites that wasn't made by contributors are considered placeholders. The idea initially was to make it an upgrade of the pigron mount so that you have to fish for the truffle instead of farming a boss but I saw this sprite that looked badass and went with it. If anyone wants to make a resprite of a pigron or cute fishron that looks badass and mechanical is more than welcome to do it. It will be very appreciated.
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  18. Burst

    Burst Golem

    I love that Mecha Fishron mount. It just looks like riding on the actual duke xD
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  19. lightbowser1

    lightbowser1 Skeletron Prime

    a Reward for 200 quests unless the players have the (forgot the name of the mod but exists) to craft the angler amnesia potion to override the stupid 1 quest per day a (terraria day) sorry not buddy no ideas but are you leaving the mandatory 50 quest reward to be the golden fishing pole? because thats supposed be.
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 30, 2016, Original Post Date: Nov 30, 2016 ---
    wait how about a summoning item to have the duke fishron for and only summon 1 if is his original size or smaller fishrons minions that have has an attack his dash attack? NOTE:i know they exist the vainilla summon weapon so suggestion.
  20. Roxxz

    Roxxz Golem

    The angler amnesia potion is part of an other mod and it would be kinda late to give it as a reward.

    This mod adds special rewards it doesn't replace or take off any of the existing angler rewards.
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