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Garak's Suggestion Hub

Lord Garak


This localized hub allows anyone to easily browse through my various ideas. Any colored text may be used as a link to a suggestion thread. Offering support or dispensing criticism is encouraged. This thread may be accessed from my signature and will continue to be updated.

Please enjoy your stay, and thank you for visiting.

Enforced Droprates and Dynamic Lootpools
Overhauled lootpool system to improve player experience

Dynamic Parallax
Improved, player interactive backgrounds and parallax
that create a more immersive experience

Integrated Novelty Shaders
Optional color correction and effects to alter tone​

Precipitation Monoliths
Toggleable statues to control the weather

Mossy Boulder Staff
Early-game Summoning weapon from the Jungle

Transport Buffer
Mechanical device that nullifies wire signals

Buffing the Wand of Sparking
Increase the potency of early-game Mage

I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees
Appeal for acorns to grow larger trees
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Lord Garak

Didnt you have one about teleporters and death sounds?
I don't feel the idea was of a high enough quality for inclusion. Anything here is something I would genuinely love to see in the game; that idea was ultimately inconsequential and not worth developer time.
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Eye of Cthulhu
It is. I probably didn't read the damage values before posting that, 28 dmg is fine. The only problem is, would it do contact damage like the slime? because it would have an insane DPS then!


But it could attack slower. What I meant with "Slime Staff Attack" is the way it attacks (jumping on the monsters) and just it, not dps, knockback, etc
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