3DS Gear use against Duke Fishron

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Ok, just a note here that most weapons that will be used are post-Plantera and pre-Duke Fishron so if you are using pre-Plantera weapons please look for other guides on how to beat Duke pre-mech or Plantera ok thanks!

The weapons you will use are

(Any prefix) Vamp. knives (Optional if you are a ranger) (Required if you are melee)

Godly Chain gun (Optional for melee) (Optional for ranger)
Rapid/Demonic Clockwork assault rifle (Optional for melee) (Required for ranger)
Godly/Demonic North pole (OPtional for ranger) (Required for melee)
Godly/Demonic Paladin's hammer/Possessed hachet (Optional for ranger) (Required for melee)
Bananarang (atleast 5) (Optional for both classes)
Godly/Demonic Scourge of the corruptor (Optional for both classes)

Potions/Buffs/Flasks *Note Ranger potions are nono here but you could use Ammo reservation potion*
For both class
Life force potion
Endurance potions
Wrath potions
Iron skin potions
Well fed buffs
Water walking potions (Optional!)
Greater healing potions(atleast 15 Required)
Ammunition ( have atleast 3k of them)
Ichor bullets
Crystal bullets(recomended)
Chloro bullets are useless as we 3ds people have lock on
High velocity bullets


Titan armor for the rangers
Dragon armour or beetle armour


Wings (STay away from angel and demon wings!)
Warrior/Ranger emblem
Fire gauntlet/Magic quiver
Frostspark boots/Lightning boots
Destroyer/Avenger emblem

Reforge them with menacing
Ranger:Your defense is so low anyways so use menacing
Melee: you have so much defense do you literally need more?
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