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Got a cool vanity character? See it used in the State of the Game Banner!

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Hello Terrarians! As you know, each month we have a State of the Game, which is a community update on development progress across all active platforms. In these State of the Game threads a banner is included at the top to start it off, and that’s where you can get involved.

Want to see your character used in the State of the Game banner?
We’re hoping to get our talented community participating by opening up the opportunity for your Terraria character to be featured in the banner.

    • You are not creating the banner, you’re submitting a vanity character that may be used in the banner
    • Post an image of the character
    • Then, post all the vanity and dyes used to create the character (either post an image of the equipment, or list out everything used)
    • Please use items from vanilla Terraria only (using a mod or inventory editor to acquire the vanilla items is fine though). The character will need to be able to be created in vanilla.

    • Submissions will be open until February 15th
    • For the February banner, a character that blends in well with Valentine colors of red/pink/purple/white would be nice, or fits a theme of friendship and love

    • How will I know if I won? When the new State of the Game announcement is posted, this thread will be updated to congratulate the winner
    • What do I win? The satisfaction of seeing your vanity creation used in an official banner :)
    • Please realize that the chosen vanity character may be covered up quite a bit in the banner, as the background and player are not the focus of the banner

That’s it Terrarians! We hope you have fun with this little project and look forward to seeing your creations.
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So I’ve got my OC here, Ismene Scarlett, thought I’d submit her cause she’s a redhead with a red theme. Though I know you said a screenshot is enough I’d like to describe her to make this whole thing easier, hopefully, if it counts.
Jungle rose in short ponytail hair, with void dye.
Leinfors’ Excessive Style and Leinfors’ Fancypants, both with grim dye.
Diamond ring with stardust dye.
Balloon animal with nebula dye.
Angel halo with hades dye.
Solar wings with solar dye.
Leinfors’ Luxury Shampoo.
Baby skeletron head with solar dye.
Stardust cells.

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Some of my vanity’s i use the wizard one the most! Love ya terraria community
Those are great @Vrile64, but remember if you want your character to have a chance to be featured, make it easier to replicate them by including a screenshot of the equipment or a list of all the items used. You can use the Edit button under your post to add those details to your post. :)



During Character creation set everything to black except for eye color which would be white and use the robe style on your clothing, then just add a rose :)
simple but in my opinion less is more and this looks really nice.

Edit: Adding mirage dye to the rose makes it pretty hot aswell


Hoping for the best with my bootleg Sailor Moon.
Should also note that the Shiny Stone and Hoverboard are not needed for the vanity obviously, I just have the Shiny Stone there for healing and the hoverboard was to cover up wings when I use them.

I should also note that I use a texture pack that sort of rounds out the textures, but it should look predominantly the same without the texture pack.

Lord Washington

Oh, man it's on!

btw if I don't include a dye next to an item then I didn't use one for that slot!

Entry 1.png

Entry 1
Skin Color: Lighter than Default
Eye Color: Red
Hairstyle: 72
Lazure's Valkyrie Circlet (Bright Purple dye)
Lenfours' Excessive Style
Lenfours' Fancypants
Apprentice Scarf (Bright Violet Dye)
Lenfours' Luxury Shampoo
Crowno Wings

Entry 2.png

Entry 2
Skin Color: Paler than Default
Eye Color: Bright Pink
Hairstyle: 107
Jungle Rose
Jim's Brestplate (Red Dye)
Jim's Leggings (Red Dye)
Jim's Wings (Yellow Dye)
Obsidian Shield (Red Dye)

Entry 3.png

Entry 3
Skin Color: Default
Eye Color: Default
Hairstyle: 1 (hidden by hat)
Lenphors' Hat Protector (Violet Dye)
Monk Shirt (Violet and Silver Dye)
Djinn's Curse (Bright Pink Dye)
Winter Cape (Violet Dye)

Good luck to the rest of you all! May the most fashionable win `;)

Bread Snek

Dear lovely Community,

I’ve had Terraria for such a long time now. And I still haven’t played on Pedguin’s server. After seeing this, I kinda need to.

My vanity set contains of the following items:
  1. Yoraiz0r's Recolored Goggles with silver dye
  2. Sailor shirt with bright blue dye
  3. Dryad Loincloth with silver dye
  4. Jim's Wings with silver dye
  5. Leinfors' Luxury Shampoo
You can also find my vanity and the view of my character in the attachments.

Thank you!


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