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Introducing the Void Vault and Void Bag

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. Feutor

    Feutor Official Terrarian

  2. Epic
  3. ThatRandomBuilderGuy

    ThatRandomBuilderGuy Eye of Cthulhu

    Also da heck that thing on Spider-Man’s hand
    And where the void vault is placed down it’s a NEW BACKGROUND
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  4. tastyguava

    tastyguava Terrarian

    This is amazing!
  5. IndigoRage

    IndigoRage Terrarian

    I don't think something being useful at one certain point in the game over other points in the game have ever stopped them before. The part in the game where my inventory is the most trashed is when I go back to the jungle the second time around/when I do the pillars. So. Many. Banners.

    What I'm interested in are the boots. They have the colors of rocket boots, but that isn't what the graphic for wearing rocket boots look like. Either the graphic is updated, or those are a new kind of boots.
  6. Dragrath

    Dragrath Skeletron Prime

    Given the above quotes the most obvious source would be crafting it from Luminite bars/ore given that all "void" based items so far are crafted from Luminite.
    I hope it is available sooner but knowing our luck it perhaps it will be from the boss perhaps with a rare crafting ingredient with your aforementioned drop chance.
    At least it is a new inventory extension as you can never have enough of those. :D
  7. ASG_102

    ASG_102 The Destroyer

    I really hope it isn't Post-Moon Lord, I could use this item much earlier in the game.
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  8. Cjjedik

    Cjjedik Steampunker

    If the items and armor shown in the spoiler are anything to go by, I would guess it is an early hardmode item.
    After all, why else would the only visible tier-based items (i.e. the gold furniture and the spider set) be of that point in progression? (I think someone else said something similar, but I couldn’t find them in the thread)

    Then again, it might just be coincidence. Then again again the devs are awesome and I’m sure they carefully weighed where in the progression to put this.
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  9. There are new clouds in the background (I think)
  10. ASG_102

    ASG_102 The Destroyer

    They are adding a lot of new backgrounds to this update so I assume that is one of them.
  11. ThatRandomBuilderGuy

    ThatRandomBuilderGuy Eye of Cthulhu

    Also uh
    Spider boots spider boots do whatever a spider loots
    Web boots.
  12. ItzPeyton3

    ItzPeyton3 Terrarian

    Will they update the ocean in terraria? because i wanna see some coral reefs and new ocean biomes and more ocean loot instead of the ocean being empty.
  13. Please keep the conversation to the thread itself. If you have something you want in the game, go to Player Suggestions
  14. ItzPeyton3

    ItzPeyton3 Terrarian

    oh im new to forums thank u for telling me
  15. Your welcome!
  16. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian


    I mean, by the time you get to the Moon Lord, you really don't need more storage THEN.

    When you NEEDED the extra storage was during your first trip to the Jungle, your first trips to the Dungeon, maybe when you're going to the Lihzarhd Temple in Hardmode, etc.

    But if they really made this requiring the Pillars or worse, Moon Lord then that's... a shame.

    This is an amazing QoL change, but at the Moon Lord stage, there's just... not really that much use for it. That's like adding a new kind of running shoe craftable out of Luminite Bars that's 10% faster than the Hermes Boots. It's like ..... "yay.... I guess? Too bad I almost always use the UFO mount to go anywhere..."
  17. Lord Donovan

    Lord Donovan Official Terrarian

    It's true, I do loathe inventory management. Not so much at first, but in any game that has loot collecting that I play long enough, I get sick of dealing with inventory management way before I get tired of the rest of the game, and Terraria is no exception. In fact, having played it so much, my hatred of inventory management only had time to grow deeper and deeper, to the point of being the biggest single reason I don't want to jump back into the game. So yeah, this is definitely a worthwhile improvement. Exploring a virtual world and collecting stuff is tons of fun. Managing it once you have it is none at all.

    With that said though, the void vault isn't quite my ideal solution. Since overflow is just going to another container, there's still going to be inventory management needed when you go back to base and have to sort the void vault contents into other containers. Otherwise, the void vault will just fill up and be useless. So while less trips back to base are nice, and stuff automatically going to an extra container is certainly a good deal more convenient than having to manually place a safe or the like to free up space, there's still a lot of inventory management to be done in the end.

    So ultimately, again, the void vault is certainly a good thing. But even better would be simplifying inventory management even more by adding more storage slots to the players themselves, (the absolutely most simple and convenient inventory management improvement I can hope for,) adding more slots to chests, and making maximum item stack sizes bigger. Beyond that I have some more elaborate ideas, but I've already strayed too far into suggestions material as it is.
  18. Guineabot.

    Guineabot. Terrarian

    Anyone else notice that evil seagull roaming in the background? I bet it has something devious planned for 1.3.6.:eek:
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  19. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    That's what the "Stack to Nearby Containers" button is for.

    With a proper base setup, you can just stand in a certain spot, click one button, and dump all of your crafting materials into nearby chests, and then vendor the extra accessories that you don't need. Doesn't take very long at all to do, like.. what, 10 seconds?

    Though the question then becomes... does the "stack to nearby containers" button work on the Void Vault? Or do we have to manually get everything out of the Void Vault and THEN click the button again?
  20. Lord Donovan

    Lord Donovan Official Terrarian

    It helps with putting stuff away, sure, but inventory management is still much more of a pain than it really needs to be. Quick stacking iself isn't perfect to begin with, it does nothing for the ease of retrieving stuff after it's stored, you still need an annoyingly huge amount of storage chests eating up prime base real estate, there's still just as much back and forth from inventory to hotbar, and I could go on.

    And besides that, can you really argue that simply having more character storage slots wouldn't be an even better solution all around? Maybe there's some technical engine limitation that's really hard to change in the way, but still, that's what I'd want most. (And if limited player/container storage slots are an engine thing, then that's all the more reason we need a real ground-up sequel already rather than more updates.)