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PC Looking for some building tips w/ my house.

So, me being absolutely obsessed with aesthetics, I attempted to make A house that wasn't just a huge box... Me not being an experienced builder, i'm not quite sure how I did, and would like some tips for future builds.

(Also, please just ignore the missing paint in areas, I just bought a companion cube from the traveling merchant and am completely out of cash)



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Ah, Thank you! That's exactly why I made this thread, to get tips like that. One of my biggest worries with this house was the shape, is it alright? @PixelPete
It definetly has an interesting layout which is what you want to make the build unique. But I'd make the rooms in the 'Library' different shapes and perhaps combine some of them into bigger rooms
I just realized what he meant by dressers and feel stupid.
the dressers were storage XD
I thought he had a mistake and called the bookshelves dressers d=


If you're trying to get a "library" look, I'd recommend following Frostiikin's advice.

Here are some visual representations to consider:

Capture.jpg Capture.jpg


Wait, so your telling me to follow my own advice... what
[doublepost=1530070856,1530070822][/doublepost]also it doesn't even matter anymore, the world-file this house was in got corrupted
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