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LOTS of Pre-Hardmode weapons tested against the Wall of Flesh

J Bame

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Weapon/Gear Use
Inspired by this thread this is going to become a trend isn't it I decided to test a lot of Pre-Hardmode weapons against the Wall of Flesh, in order to compare them and possibly find out the best possible build to use against the boss.

The results? Well, here is what the left side of my Underworld looks like right now:


  • The white square is where the Wall was summoned and thus where the fight began. Due to how the Wall of Flesh works measuring kill times is pretty simple; just place a sign where the box with loot appeared when it died; the further away from the white square the longer the fight takes.
  • The fights were done with an endgame character that had already consumed 20 Life Fruits. This gave me slightly more health than a Pre-Hardmode character with a Lifeforce Potion (480 vs 500 health), however I don't think this ever made a difference, even in the most extreme DPS races. This character also consumed a Demon Heart but the extra slot was never used.
  • All weapons had their best reforged, and all accessories were on Menacing.
  • Every fight was done with the Regeneration, Iron Skin, Rage, Endurance, Heartreach, Exquisitely Stuffed and, based on class, Tipsy & Sharpened (Melee) / Magic Power & Mana Regeneration (Mage) / Summoning & Bewitched (summoner or any build with minions) / Archery potions (Bows).
  • Titan potion was sometimes used to knock Hungries away in the most aggressive fights though I'm not really sure how valuable it is.
  • Every Fight was done in Expert Mode unless specified otherwise.
  • Every weapon in the list will have a color on its list. These colors represent the difficulty of the fight:
    • Green means the fight is pretty simple; just shoot at the Wall from a safe distance.
    • Yellow means the weapon has range issues that will force you to split your attention between the Wall and the Hungries. These setups require more skill than just dodging weak lasers.
    • Red consists of a DPS race against the wall. Sit just outside of contact range from the Wall and kill it before the Hungries kill you. These setups require heavy min-maxing with Reforges and Buffs and should not be attempted by beginners.
  • Due to damage variance, you should take the order of these weapons with a grain of salt.
And now the builds used:


If a different accessory/armor is used in one of these it will be specified.

Without further ado, let's see the results in more detail. Bolded are tests that were done after I finished the Chart, i'm too lazy to update it don't kill me

0: Hyper Aggressive Star Cannon. These kills are done by positioning yourself right next to the lower eye and shooting upwards, making every projectile every segment and thus tripling the weapon's DPS. These methods are far faster but also the hardest to pull off.
1: Hyper Aggressive Hellwing Bow + Hornet Staff, using Necro Armor. Hornet Staff is used because its projectiles dont interfere with the bats' iframes.
1.5: Star Cannon.
1.75: Hyper Aggressive Demon Scythe, Magnet Flower, Meteor Armor, Imps/Frogs. Both minions seem to equal in efficiency here.
1.9: Hyper Aggressive Demon Scythe, Magnet Flower, Meteor Armor, Hornets/No minions. Yeah, the hornet doesnt do much here.
2-4: Hyper Aggressive Hellwing Bow (Solo, with Imps, and with Frogs). The fire bats cause so many iframes that these minions barely add any DPS.
4.5: Hyper Aggressive Sandgun
5: Snapthorn and Spinal Tap used together (A combination that from now on will be referred to as SnapTap) with Imps. Obsidian armor makes your whips so massive that hungries can barely get through them.
6: SnapTap + Vampire Frogs + Obsidian Armor
7: Night's Edge + Vampire Frogs + Molten Armor.
8: Bee's Knees + Hive Pack + Vamp Frogs.
9: Same as above, but with Imps.
10: Sunfury with Vamp Frogs.
11: Night's Edge.
11.5: Demon Scythe, Imps, Meteor Armor, Magnet Flower.
12: Bee's Knees with Hive Pack
13: Quad Barrel Shotgun with Meteor Shots and Vampire Frogs.
14: Phoenix Blaster with Meteor Shots.
15: SnapTap (Bee Armor) + Imps. Not so safe without Obsidian's Range buff.
16: SnapTap (Obsidian Armor) + Frogs on Master Mode.
17: Bee's Knees + Frogs, no Hive Pack, two Shark Tooth Necklaces. Without the Hive Pack the Bee's Knees has a much harder time getting the Hungries out of the way.
18: SnapTap (Bee armor) + Vampire Frogs
19: (Master Mode) Night's Edge + Vampire Frogs
20: (Master Mode) Spinal Tap (Obsidian Armor) + Vampire Frogs. Note the lack of Snapthorn
21: Starfury
21.5: Demon Scythe, Imps, Hornets/Demon Scythe, Meteor Armor, Magnet Flower. These all killed it at around the same time.
22: Hyper Aggressive Quad Barrel Shotgun with Meteor Shots
23: Phoenix Blaster with Meteor Shots
23.5: Demon Scythe, Frogs
24: Bee's Knees, No Hive Pack and Second Shark Tooth Necklace
24.5: Sandgun, Ebonsand
25: Night's Edge; Magma Stone over Bone Glove. Bone Glove is indispensable when doing the fight as true melee, and this is shown here. When aimed up so that it hits all three eyes it's effectively +75 DPS.
26: Bee's Knees, Vampire Frogs
26.5: Demon Scythe, Imps, Mana Flower
27: Demon Scythe
28: Molten Fury (Jester's Arrows), Necro Armor, Frogs.
29: Book of Skulls
29.5: Combat Wrench + Frogs
30: Bee's Knees, average setup
31: Bee armor, Imps, Hellwing Bow with Hellfire Arrows
32: Starfury with Bone Glove. To hit all three segments, Bone Glove wants you to aim up and Starfury wants you to aim down. Combine the two and you get this abysmal anti-synergy.
33: Beekeeper, Hive Pack
34: Handgun, Meteor Shots
34.5: Beenades with Hive Pack
35: (Master Mode) Sunfury and Frogs.
36: Quad Barrel Shotgun with Meteor Shots, keeping your distance.
37: Hellwing Bow with Wooden Arrows.
38: Demon Scythe. (OLD TEST, what the hell went wrong here)
39: Bee armor, Frogs, Hellwing Bow with Hellfire Arrows/Molten Fury (Jester's Arrows). In contrast to other tests, both weapons seem to be equal here...
40: Sunfury. This is the weapon where not having minions makes the biggest difference. Without Frogs it's a lot harder to deal with the Hungries while simultaneously dealing damage to the Wall
41: Bee armor, Frogs, Hellwing Bow (Jester's Arrows)
42: (Master Mode) Bee Armor + SnapTap + Frogs.
43: Necro Armor, Molten Fury (Jester's Arrows), Frogs
44: Minishark, Meteor Shots
45: Bee Armor, Imps, Molten Fury (Jester's Arrows)
46: Hellwing Bow with Wooden Arrows (To be honest, I don't remember what I did here that was different from 37)
47: Hellwing Bow (Hellfire Arrows)
48: Bee Gun, Hive Pack
49: Sunfury. (Compared to 40 this is either damage variance or a poorly played test)
50: (Master Mode) Bee armor, Frogs, Hellwing Bow with Hellfire Arrows
51: Water Bolt.
52: Demon Scythe (Meteor Armor)
53: Demon Scythe/Space Gun (Meteor Armor). Using Space Gun while recharging mana seems to be worse than just waiting?
54: Boomstick (Meteor Shots)
55: (Master Mode) Bee armor, Frogs, Molten Fury (Jester's Arrows)
56: Hyper Agressive Aqua Scepter
57: Fire Flower. Very limited vertical range, and you need very accurate aim to make the fireballs get through the Hungries and hit the Wall.
58: Space Gun (Meteor Armor)
59: (Master Mode) Necro Armor, Molten Fury (Jester's Arrows), Frogs.
60: (Master Mode) Necro Armor, Molten Fury (Hellfire Arrows), Frogs.
61: Diamond Staff
62: Flamelash, manually targetting the Wall
63: Bee Gun, No Hive Pack
64: Aqua Scepter
65: Flamelash, letting homing do the work. This goes off to kill Hungries half the time.
66: (Master Mode) Sunfury
67: (Master Mode) Necro Armor, Molten Fury (Jester's Arrows)
68: Flamelash against Hungries, Fire Flower against the Wall. Thought these two would cover each other's weaknesses and get a faster time than either individually... guess not.
69: Bee Armor, Vampire Frogs solo. NOTE: This is only an estimation; the Frogs don't run fast enough to hit the wall at its last 1000 HP, so it's impossible to tell exactly how fast they can kill it.
70: Bee Armor, Imp Staff solo.
71: Flamelash? What the hell happened here?
72: Hornet Staff Solo.

And as an extra, some weapons that were tried but that couldn't finish the fight:
  • Flamarang: actually extremely good at knocking the Hungries away but its DPS against the wall is laughable. It may take you the entirety of the Underworld to kill the Wall with this on Master.
  • Combat Wrench Solo: Not enough range nor DPS to kill the Wall reliably; ultimately outclassed by Sunfury
  • Dark Lance: Similar if not higher DPS to Night's Edge, but its attack style is MUCH worse since you have to aim specifically at each Hungry instead of the Broadsword's swing hitting both them and the wall. Stick to Night's Edge.
  • Magic Missile: Same as Flamarang.
  • Cascade: Much like Dark Lance you will just get overwhelmed by Hungries before the Wall dies.
  • Fiery Greatsword/Muramasa: UseTurn kills any hope these swords have of being good.
  • Enchanted Sword: I honestly don't know what I thought was gonna happen here.
What's most interesting to me here is that some of the fastest builds were primarily melee or summoner, which is ironic considering their history against this boss, and seeing Beenades, generally agreed to be the best weapon to use here having a relatively average performance
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This is probably one of the best trends I've seen on this forum; I truly hope it catches on! 👏😊

Edit: I considered Star Cannon to be the highest performing set-up, did you get to test that one out yet?
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Fantastic work! These tests always fascinate me.

Although to me these tests are the mark of something that saddens me: people don't really care about the bosses and just want to get through the game as fast as possible. I'm sure it would be enjoyable to do these tests and all, but the only people who could truly make use of the results are people that want the fights to be over quick, rather than enjoy their time fighting the boss. Maybe that has something to do with the bosses in this game being poorly-designed, making nobody want to fight them. I know I'm the same way with Destroyer, wanting to get it over quick or sometimes just skipping it with T-Edit.

Still, great work. I'm not a huge fan of WoF myself, and the results can actually show these weapons would perform in other situations as well.
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Although to me these tests are the mark of something that saddens me: people don't really care about the bosses and just want to get through the game as fast as possible. I'm sure it would be enjoyable to do these tests and all, but the only people who could truly make use of the results are people that want the fights to be over quick, rather than enjoy their time fighting the boss.
I wouldn't worry so much about that part; speedrunners are always gonna find better, more efficient, game-breaking ways to plow through Terraria, without "our" help. That's how they enjoy the game, and it's nothing wrong with that IMHO, this is a sandbox after all... 😏🤷‍♂️

For me at least, this chart is a great way to get an honest perspective about the State of the Game. For example:
  • Exactly how much has changed from 1.3.5 to 1.4+ as far as Classes are concerned?
  • When someone claims a Weapon or Item is "bad", is it the truth, or a common misconception that needs to go away?
  • Which Character Class is truly the strongest of them all, objectively?
  • Do we really need more Weapons & Items like Terrarians often claim, or are we still discovering what we actually have?
Questions such as these getting answered, set a precedence of where the game truly stands, not where people assume it does.

Maybe that has something to do with the bosses in this game being poorly-designed, making nobody want to fight them. I know I'm the same way with Destroyer, wanting to get it over quick or sometimes just skipping it with T-Edit.
Poorly designed is a stretch IMHO, because unlike other games, the Player gets to choose the Arena. What a Boss fight feels like, is usually entirely up to the person fighting it & considering all of the newer movement options added... that onus on the individual doubles.

J Bame

Unsurprisingly the Star Cannon COMPLETELY crushed its competition; used normally it's practically the same as the current N°1 spot, and playing super aggressively it's more than twice as fast.

Picture shows the previous N°1 spot where my cursor is, normal Star Cannon time to the left of it and hyper-aggressive time where my character is standing.


Eater of Worlds
Pretty much confirms that Spinal Tap + Vampire Frogs + Obsidian is one of the best combinations for wall of flesh. If only people actually listened to that suggestion.

I’m sort of surprised at how fast Night’s Edge killed the boss, but I also don’t see myself using that in the future considering how difficult it is to juggle Hungries and the Wall in Night’s Edge range without hitting the Wall itself. At least it’s viable now though.

It’s interesting to see Hellwing Bow and Beenades did considering their reputation for the Wall. Not that any did *bad*, just not as well as I would have expected. Also I’m wondering how the hell Diamond Staff got a similar time to Space Gun.

I think using Space Gun while Demon Scythe recharged got low because it counts as using a magic weapon for the sake of filling mana, slowing it down substantially, and Demon Scythe is considerably stronger than Space Gun.

I’d love to see more tests with Magic toys. I may not be looking well enough, but I don’t see mage weapons being comboed with minions nearly as much as the other classes. I’d also like to see how they do with Mana Flower as opposed to natural regeneration. Lastly, I’d also like to see the Terragrim’s preformance, if you can be bothered to get it.

J Bame

Also I’m wondering how the hell Diamond Staff got a similar time to Space Gun.

Diamond Staff only has slightly less DPS than the Space Gun, and since its projectile is so slow sometimes a single shot hits the wall twice.

I’d love to see more tests with Magic toys. I may not be looking well enough, but I don’t see mage weapons being comboed with minions nearly as much as the other classes. I’d also like to see how they do with Mana Flower as opposed to natural regeneration. Lastly, I’d also like to see the Terragrim’s preformance, if you can be bothered to get it.

Mana Flower was incredibly dissappointing, since Mana potions are so weak you have Mana Sickness that it made the Demon Scythe worse than with just Mana Regen.

Magnet Flower, on the other hand, is where things get really fun. There are so many Hungries and Leeches here that the Celestial Magnet's effect practically gives you infinite mana. This new discovery combined with meteor armor (which is now better than Jungle since Mana became a non-issue) and Minions let Demon Scythe builds enter the Top 5. Nice.

Yet another case of Celestial Magnet being underrated as hell.


I think this list would be incomplete without what I consider one of the most powerful pre-hardmode bossing weapons - Sandgun. By the time of fighting the WoF Sandgun is not the best option but surely a viable one.
I did few quick tests in a drunk world with ranged build from OP. Here are the results:
Start is a point after which the Wall of Flesh can be damaged.

Ammo: Ebonsand/Crimsand
1-2. Aggressive approach without dps race. Trying to hit 2-3 WoF hitboxes while at high enough health. 348 and 410 blocks away from the start respectively.
3. Safe approach. Attacking one eye from safe distance. 488 bl.

Ammo: Sand
4. Safe approach. 673 bl.

J Bame

Sandgun wasn't very impressive, it was about Bee's Knees speed without the Hive Pack.

Hyper Aggressive approach was slightly faster than Obisdian Armor and SnapTap... but it's so bad at knocking back hungries that it was extremely hard to get the kill.


I saw a video of someone using the Blowgun in Expert Mode and it seemed fairly easy:

Have you tried that as an option?

J Bame

I saw a video of someone using the Blowgun in Expert Mode and it seemed fairly easy:

Have you tried that as an option?
At 7:25 you can see that it's 11:00 PM in game, with the Wall at half HP. Then the video cuts, and the next clock he goes near shows 2:00 AM. That means the fight was about 8 minutes long... meanwhile, Hellwing Bow with Frogs kills it in about a minute.

Nope, that thing is not viable.
This is really interesting, and made me want to test this out myself. So I tested out a lot of weapons against the Wall of Flesh (WoF) in a similar manner to the TC. I recorded the distance that the WoF moved before dying with each weapon, by taking the position I summoned the WoF from and then subtracting the position that the box appeared at, using a Radar to measure the distance. I used similar accessories as TC, but switched some around a little bit for some weapons. I also used mostly the same potions, with the main difference there being that I used Wrath instead of Rage because I was in a Corruption world. All of these tests were done on Master Mode.

Keep in mind a few things. There is variance with each weapon. I didn't get the same result each try even with the same weapon. I fought the WoF multiple times with most weapons and recorded the best time. Some weapons seem to have more variance than others. Bee weapons seem to have a particularly noticeable amount of variance, probably due to the Hive Pack upgrading a random number of bees. Also, depending on the specifics of the arena, some set ups benefit some weapons while hurting others. I used the same arena set up for every weapon which was basically just the underworld how it generated naturally with a bridge made of platforms going across it. Here are my results. Unless other wise specified; all Magic weapons were used with Jungle Armour, Whips were used with Obsidian Armour, Guns with Meteor Shot. Each weapon's best performances will not be indented, and then the rows that are indented are for weaker performances of that weapon. I will use the same color system that the TC used, Green means the fight was easy. Red means the fight was hard, I either almost died or did die and needed to retry. Yellow is somewhere in between. Usually the farther away you can stay away from the WoF the easier the fight will be.

Star Cannon + Imp: 409
Star Cannon: 445
Star Cannon + Hornet: 449
Star Cannon + Frog: 466
Star Cannon + Finch: 471
Star Cannon + Flinx: 482

SnapTap + Frog: 568
SnapTap + Imp: 605
SnapTap + Finch: 609
SnapTap + Hornet 675

Demon Scythe + Imp (aggressive): 716
SnapTap + Flinx: 729
Spinal Tap + Imp: 741
Spinal Tap + Frog: 751
Beenades + Hornet: 754
Demon Scythe (aggressive): 768
Spinal Tap + Finch: 783
Demon Scythe + Flinx: 805
Beenades: 825
Spinal Tap + Hornet: 839

Phoenix Blaster + Imp: 845
Spinal Tap + Flinx: 847
Hellwing Bow (Unholy Arrows) + Imp: 848
Beenades + Imp: 855
Demon Scythe + Finch: 873
Demon Scythe + Frog: 871

SnapTap (No Minions): 895
Night's Edge + Imp: 895
Demon Scythe + Hornet: 911
Hellwing Bow (Unholy Arrows) + Hornet: 913
Hellwing Bow (Unholy Arrows) + Finch: 913

Spinal Tap (No Minions): 913
Sandgun (Crimsand) + Imp: 917
Hellwing Bow (unholy Arrows) (aggressive): 918
SnapTap + Imp (Bee Armour): 921

Phoenix Blaster + Finch: 925
Beenades + Flinx: 935
Hellwing Bow (Wooden Arrows) + Finch: 938
Hellwing Bow (Wooden Arrows) + Imp: 939

Beenades + Frog: 946
Beenades + Finch: 949

Bee Gun + Hornet: 961
Phoenix Blaster + Frog: 962
Phoenix Blaster + Hornet: 969
Demon Scythe + Imp (non-aggressive): 975

Handgun + Frog: 976
Bee's Knees + Imp: 999

Hellwing Bow (Unholy Arrows) + Flinx: 999
Hellwig Bow (Wooden Arrows) + Hornet: 1010
Hellwing Bow (Unholy Arrows): 1014
Handgun + Finch: 1014
Hellwing Bow (Wooden Arrows) (aggressive): 1022
Hellwing Bow (Unholy Arrows) + Frog: 1026
Demon Scythe: 1027
Hellwing Bow (Wooden Arrows) + Flinx: 1027
Bee Gun + Frog: 1028
Hellwing Bow (Wooden Arrows) + Frog: 1029

Snapthorn + Imp: 1044
Phoenix Blaster + Flinx: 1047
Handgun + Imp: 1063

Quad-Barrel Shotgun + Imp: 1067
Handgun + Flinx: 1076
Bee's Knees + Hornet: 1077
Bee Gun: 1081
Phoenix Blaster: 1091
Bee Gun + Imp: 1093
Handgun + Hornet: 1094
Bee's Knees + Finch: 1101
Hellwing Bow (Wooden Arrows): 1105
Hellwing Bow (Hellfire Arrows): 1119
Bee Gun + Finch: 1120
Molten Fury (Unholy Arrows) + Imp: 1123
Bee's Knees + Flinx: 1126
Molten Fury (Unholy Arrows) + Frog: 1133
Molten Fury (Unholy Arrows) + Hornet: 1134
Handgun: 1138
Bee Gun + Flinx: 1153
Molten Fury (Unholy Arrows) + Flinx: 1157
Bee Gun (Meteor Armour): 1161

Quad-Barrel Shotgun + Hornet: 1199
Sandgun (Crimsand): 1201
Molten Fury (Unholy Arrows) + Finch: 1210
Bee's Knees: 1255

Quad-Barrel Shotgun: 1271
Hellwing Bow (Jester Arrows): 1280
Molten Fury (Unholy Arrows): 1297

Boomstick + Imp: 1318
Minishark + Imp: 1383
Flower of Fire + Flinx: 1386

Demon Scythe (Meteor Armour): 1408
Molten Fury (Jester Arrows): 1428
Minishark + Finch: 1431
Minishark + Flinx: 1459
Minishark + Frog: 1498
Sandgun + Imp: 1505
Molten Fury (Hellfire Arrows): 1529
Flower of Fire + Imp: 1532

Water Bolt (fluke?): 1533
Minishark + Hornet: 1544
Water Bolt + Frog: 1582

Musket + Imp: 1683
Minishark: 1705
Flower of Fire + Hornet: 1712
Musket + Finch: 1741
Water Bolt + Imp: 1743
Flower of Fire + Finch: 1745
Musket + Frog: 1762
Water Bolt + Hornet: 1787
Flower of Fire + Frog: 1788

Space Gun + Imp: 1788
Space Gun + Imp (Meteor Armour): 1816
Agua Scepter + Hornet: 1882
Space Gun + Finch: 1921
Agua Scepter + Imp: 1924

Musket + Hornet: 1925
Water Bolt: 1938

Space Gun + Flinx: 1968
Water Bolt (Meteor Armour): 2018
Agua Scepter + Frog: 2019
Flower of Fire: 2085
Water Bolt + Flinx: 2105

Boomstick: 2107 (Killed the WoF but died at the same time)
Flamarang/Thorn Chakram combo + Imp: 2119
Musket + Flinx: 2164
Musket: 2185
Magic Missile + Imp: 2275
Flamelash + Hornet: 2305

Flamelash + Imp: 2471
Flamelash + Finch: 2485
Water Bolt + Finch: 2497
Flamelash + Frog: 2723

Flower of Fire (Meteor Armour): 2751
Magic Missile + Finch: 2882
Magic Missile + Flinx: 2962
Magic Missile + Hornet: 2968 (won, but also died)
Flamelash: 3207
Flamelash + Flinx: 3246
Magic Missile + Frog: 3564

A few of our results were a bit different.

I really don't know how to do the hyper aggressive strategies. I died when I tried those.

The Star Cannon remains the uncontested best weapon from both of our tests. The SnapTap came close though. Minions don't do much for the Star Cannon since it does so much damage on its own.

Speaking of Minions, Imps generally seem to be the best, but with some weapons a different minion performed better, and for some weapons, minions strangely seemed to weaken its performance. I'm a bit surprised at how small the difference between minions is. Even the Finch is sometimes quite effective with some weapons. I don't have the Slime Staff so I couldn't test that.

I was really impressed by the SnapTap combo. I never knew about that before, and it came close to the performance of the Star Cannon. Even if you find it annoying to keep switching between the Spinal Tap and Snap Thorn, you can see that the Spinal Tap on its own was still very effective.

Beenades worked fine for me. I don't know why they didn't for TC. Beenades definitely can be effective but maybe they are less consistent than some other weapons.

The Phoenix Blaster, Hellwing Bow and Demon Scythe are among the best weapons to use against the WoF. Unholy Arrows were the best Arrow for the Hellwing Bow.

The Night's Edge actually is able to kill the WoF pretty quickly, but I had to try a few times before I killed the WoF before dying. I couldn't do it at all without Imp support.

You might notice that the Sunfury is not on here even though it was one of the better weapons from TCs tests. That's because I was unable to beat the WoF with it without dying. If I hadn't died, I estimate that I could have killed the WoF at around 1000 blocks.

The Sandgun with Crimsand is actually quite good, but it makes a mess of the bridge.

The Handgun was a fun weapon to use. Obviously it's just a weaker version of the Phoenix Blaster but still quite effective.

The Bee Gun and Bee's Knees were both quite good as well but I did notice a lot of variance on these bee weapons.

And that's it for sub 1000 block weapons. Everything else took longer to kill but still got the job done to varying degrees of effectiveness.

The Quad-Barrel Shot gun fires very slowly and is less effective at range compared to most other Ranged weapons. Even though it was able to kill the WoF faster than the Molten Fury, I had an easier time with the Molten Fury.

The Minishark and Flower of Fire are far from the best options but they get the job done well enough. The fire balls from the Flower of Fire bounce on platforms so you can bounce them towards the WoF while running away making it pretty easy to use, and of course with the Minishark you can just hold the mouse button down while running away.

I don't know what was going on with the Water Bolt. That weapon had a weird amount of variance to it.

Night's Edge and Sunfury are indeed capable of killing the WoF fairly quickly, but it's not an easy fight. They demand that you get very close to the WoF and make dodging more difficult than when using longer ranged weapons. I tried several times with the Sunfury and failed every time and was able to beat the WoF once with the Night's Edge but even then I almost died. Ranged and the best Magic weapons make the WoF much easier than Melee. I can't imagine how hard it would have been before the Night's Edge and Sunfury got buffed. I actually think alternating between the Flamarang and Thorn Chakram might be the easiest way to beat the WoF with Melee weapons, but it does take longer.

A few people mentioned that they were surprised that Beenades didn't perform as well as expected given their reputation, but they were one of the best performing weapons for me. They have a reputation for a reason. They definitely can be very effective, but maybe it depends on the arena or something, or maybe they're just inconsistent.

The Book of Skulls is another strange difference between our testing. For me, the skulls just chased hungries and barely damaged the WoF, but for TC it was actually pretty effective.

Anyway, I hope you guys find this useful. It's interesting to compare our results and see what's similar and what's different.
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