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Making a Few Decorative Statues Actually Do Something


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I was thinking about some of the decorative statues that currently exist in the game, and I thought it was sad that they didn't do anything. Really, you would think a statue of a sword would have something to do with combat. And a statue of a shield would have something to do with defense. But no, they just sit around and do nothing. I kinda want to change that.

Now, before all you people come and spam me with alerts saying "They're supposed to be for decoration, not function!" I would like to suggest something else: the actual statues don't do anything on their own, but they can be modified to have function. I'm thinking it would be done in the same way mob statues work: with wire and mechanisms.

Basically, when certain statues are triggered by an electric current, they release an Area of Effect buff just like campfires. However, these buffs give things other than regen. When triggered, the statues get a glowing bluish aura around them and emit low light. When triggered again, the aura effect goes away and the buff stops.

Example: here is what the sword statue will look like while active. (For some reason I couldn't get that top corner to show the glowing aura, but the blue outline still works. Huh...)

Here is a list of statues and the buffs they give off while active.
Sword: +5% melee damage
Bow: +5% ranged damage
Shield: +5 defense
Cross: small regen bonus
Boots: +10% movement speed
Pickaxe: +10% mining speed
Hammer: +15% hammer speed
Axe: +15% axe speed
Mushroom: generates mushrooms (Idea by @SzGamer227)
Potion: generates lesser healing potions (idea by SZ)
Sunflower: generates sunflowers (idea by SZ)
Angel Statue: gets a glowing blue aura. Does nothing.
Also, I have a couple more statues to add, to balance out the types of effects. (Sorry for my bad spriting skills)

Gem Statue
Buff: +5% Magic Damage

Tiki Statue
Buff: +5% Summon Damage

Any new ideas on other statues/effects are appreciated! What do you think?
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Seems to work well. It makes the other statues actually special and not just 'trophies'. For me it's not Ohmegerd yay, it's more of a cool thing. Would like this if it was In-Game.

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Should it be a temporary buff for people around it when it's activated through wire or constant buff like campfire?


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I have to admit, I'm kind of undecided. On the one hand, I think amassing statue collections would make me feel rather silly, and be a little impractical. On the other, though - it's evidently do-able as demonstrated by the Crystal Ball. And how can I truly disagree with something which delivers a direct buff to my very favourite weapon type: Axes?!
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