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Mobile News Update - Online Multiplayer Revealed!

Discussion in 'Mobile - 505 Games' started by Loki, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. YS

    YS Terrarian

    Nice work Loki! I'm really hope the mobile coming very soon! But i wonder something. Is there my mobile 1.2 data after 1.3 update??
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  2. XXxelitestabxXx

    XXxelitestabxXx Terrarian

    Cool now all mobile needs is granite cave everything in the journeys end a chat system a marble cave and we will be good to go thx for he celestial update...when it comes
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  3. TheLaw#8310

    TheLaw#8310 Terrarian

    Hi, I thought this would be a better place to ask instead of discord, I accidentally put the wrong discord tag in the application for beta, but I gave the right g-mail, do I still have a shot?
  4. The Real Bryan

    The Real Bryan Skeletron

    If you were asking if your progress from 1.2 will be transferred, then yes it will! ~:)
  5. YS

    YS Terrarian

  6. Thetopmage

    Thetopmage Terrarian

    After the update is Ocram still gonna be fightable?

    P.S I’m so hyped for the update! Good job devs:)
  7. YS

    YS Terrarian

  8. hope it comes out soon or else......I will commit jump in lava.:lslime:

    ASHIDA Terrarian

    Will we be able to see what servers or rooms are available when looking on multiplayer internet instantly, or do we have to put in specific data first to join a room (kinda exclusive like). You also mentioned that similiar to minecraft, official servers will be hosted, so does that mean we can just tap on one and join a world or do you also have to search it up. I know you mentioned youd have to input ip addresses and what not but im just curious as to how accesible servers are to just jump into a random game. Which from the looks of it, it seems like a player has to know what to look for. Im already banned from the discord so i might be out of the loop for future servers
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  10. DenisFed

    DenisFed Terrarian

    Terraria mobile 1.3 will it be in Russian?
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  11. Severus

    Severus Terrarian


    FROSTBYTE7PH Terrarian

    Are they gonna pick or select a person from the discord or terraria forums comunity?
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  13. Will terraria be supported in my phone? I hope so ;-; (it's an OPPO F1S)
  14. DenisFed

    DenisFed Terrarian

    Киньте ссылку где победители бета-теста пожалуйста!
  15. God Bless the new Online Multiplayer mode for 1.3, now people can play online :D.
  16. Gabu-kun

    Gabu-kun Terrarian

    Hype !
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    Is very good, hype
  17. Zyrdex

    Zyrdex Terrarian

    não demorará muito tempo e todo poderam jogar num futuro próximo
  18. xXNovax46Xx

    xXNovax46Xx Terrarian

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    Can't wait for the update, one thing though, it's gonna come out this year right?
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  19. DenisFed

    DenisFed Terrarian

    Throw a link where the beta test winners please!
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  20. Cardocece

    Cardocece Terrarian

    This is so good, i'm hypped