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Mobile Mobile Terraria Easter Content & Bugfixes Galore!

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What's the point of getting this update to Amazon now?
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Bummer. Try it again after an hour or two, and at intervals after if that doesn't do it. I've no idea what the cause is but I'm pretty sure once you get the download you'll have smooth sailing after. Keep the faith!

Well, you were right. Last week, I tried again in the late evening. Got the kids to sleep, did the dishes, then thought "I'll give Terraria one more try." Download url successful, and worked as if nothing was ever wrong. Unfortunately, I cleared all my data before in an attempt to get it to work. No big tho. It's kind of fun to start over.

I would have replied earlier, but I was too busy playing Terraria.
i notice something BLUE PYRO CHANGED HIS OR HER NAME TO QUEEN JOHANNA :0 and oh yea sorry for caps i had to do it
Someone said it comes out tomorrow(Wednesday)
maybe it was meh cuz i said it somewhere and im pretty sure
[DOUBLEPOST=1428449034][/DOUBLEPOST]yup i did
i really need to get my ipad back (my dad took it away) so i could start working on some projects on terraria ios i have a bunch of stuff to do -_- My list: Pumpkin moon farm, key mold farm, truffle house, and a castle (man i need a bunch of supplies)
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