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tAPI NeoMods

Discussion in 'Released' started by Neojin, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Esreadel

    Esreadel Pumpking

    Well it could be that but is it normal for them to happen even without doing anything? With neodraw open but wothout moving anything, it still occurs . I have 4 gb ram and terraria isnt very spec hungry.
    So what do you recommend me to do for now?
    Also i used to use thorium just fine with neodraw before...
  2. *Viper*

    *Viper* Terrarian

    NeoDevices seems to be disabling fall damage. I would guess it has something to do with the bouncing rubber, but could be wrong.
  3. Jewsus

    Jewsus Official Terrarian

    I like the tesseract in your logo!
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  4. Neojin

    Neojin Terrarian

    I probably made a change that wasn't very memory efficient it a recent update. I'm still going to go through my code to try and clean that up. I'm also going to implement a mod option to change the max undo/redo steps. Those steps can be the largest memory users since it stores the previous state of every altered tile. Hopefully these changes will improve the performance of the mod.

    The best fix for now would be to fully exit tAPI, then restart when you start to notice freezes. If the freezes are happening when tAPI is first loaded, I can't think of any fix at the moment.

    Terraria isn't very spec hungry, but tAPI can be. And the limiting memory factor isn't total RAM of the system, it's the RAM used by tAPI. I have 8gb of RAM and still get the freezing errors once tAPI reaches the 1.5gb of memory being used. It is possible for the game to freeze even while not doing anything. If you watch the memory being used by tAPI it's constantly going up, then dropping after each garbage collection occurs. So just having tAPI on without doing anything could make your game reach that memory limit.

    You're correct that the issue didn't happen before. I've just added so many new functions to the mod, sometimes I lose track of how they interact with one another. It's several thousand lines of code now. I will make my best effort to fix it though. :)
    I thought I had disabled that in the version I released, but I may have forgotten to in the version you downloaded. It's supposed to add fall damage to NPCs to make piston traps more useful. And alters the way tAPI calculates where fallStart is calculated for the player. It will be disabled by default with a mod option to turn it on. I'll try to upload a corrected version this evening.
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  5. Neojin

    Neojin Terrarian

    The update for Neo Devices is now available!

    Here's the new stuff.
    • 2 / 3 Way Random Gate
    • Big Red Button
    • Cable Splice
    • Crossover
    • Drain
    • Flip-Flop
    • IF Gate
    • Item Collector
    • On / Off Switch
    • Relay
    • Turquise Pressure Plate
    • Sign Reader
    • Water / Lava / Honey Spigot
    • Spotlight
    Check the OP for a description of each item.

    I'd love to hear your comments on the new items.
  6. TheBilateralGamer

    TheBilateralGamer Spazmatism

    The Big Red Button... Yes please!
  7. Red Devil

    Red Devil Plantera

    why is the neo recipe book standalone version only showing question marks?!?!?!?1?
  8. Mihn

    Mihn Golem

    In tAPI, go to Mods, then select NeoRecipeBook and click on Mod Option. Click on Find ingredients and stop when it's none.
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  9. Elder Sign

    Elder Sign Terrarian

    Check your mod options for it, it should help.
  10. Poiuy2010_2011

    Poiuy2010_2011 Terrarian

    Your mods are so good that when I was reading about them and got to the end of post I was sad that it ended.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2017
  11. Neojin

    Neojin Terrarian

    I uploaded two small updates:

    Neo Draw
    • Integrated Preview Tiles from Neo Utilites
    • Vanilla Directional Tiles can now be placed in the other direction by holding ALT while placing

    Neo Master Crafter
    • Added Silica
      • 5% chance drop when mining sand
      • Need 5 to make Silicon
    • Added Silicate Minerals
      • Silicate minerals added upon world generation
      • Use an inventory editor to get the item Silicate Generator, and use to add Silicate Minerals to an existing world
      • Need 3 to make Silicon
    • Added Silicon
      • Used to make Integrated Circuits
    • Added Integrated Circuit
      • Used to make complex machinery
    • Added Boss Summon Tiles similar to Plantera's Bulb for Slime King and Eater of Worlds
    • Option to disable creation of Boss Summon Tiles
    • Recipes added for everything. (I think)

    Last update for a bit. Can't wait for 1.3 to come out!
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2015
  12. Esreadel

    Esreadel Pumpking

    so... with 1.3 and tAPI appearantly not updating , im guessing you wont update them anymore right? :/ i really miss neodraw.
  13. ShadowTiger

    ShadowTiger Plantera

    ^ The mark of a highly successful mod. Yes.
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  14. Neojin

    Neojin Terrarian

    If tAPI is continued, I will update them and continue working on them.

    If another mod program is developed, I'd probably port mine over and might continue working on them.

    If official modding support is added to Terraria, I'd definitely port them over and probably continue working on them.

    I also uploaded new versions of all my mods rebuilt for tAPI r16.
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  15. domiduf

    domiduf Terrarian

    how do i install these? i dont think tAPI will work with 1.3 installed
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  16. Esreadel

    Esreadel Pumpking

    I look forward to it , hope one of these is done.
  17. Lied71

    Lied71 Terrarian

    Please add interesting traps in this mod.
  18. Stereox

    Stereox Plantera

    I found when i want to craft something that reveals ore and treasure, the recipe is weird.
    1 something
    1 tier 1 ore
    10 tier 2 ore
    1 tier 3 ore
    1 tier 4 ore
  19. Esreadel

    Esreadel Pumpking

    Might want to check this out , seems promising.
  20. Chocosta

    Chocosta Paladin

    No one has posted stuff since some time.
    I suppose Neo is updating his mods but we haven't got any news on the progress.