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PC News Flash!

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Good day Terrarian's!

As some of you may have seen we will be splitting 1.3.2 into 2 smaller updates. 1.3.2 will focus some small quality of life changes as well as a silly new Birthday event! 1.3.3 will touch on more quality of life as well as Underground Desert!

We intend to release 1.3.2 in less than one months time. We will be losing one week of development time because the team is coming to the states! Yoraiz0r and Crowno will be traveling from Israel and Brazil to meet our Indiana based team for the first time this Monday and Arkhalis will be traveling from Colorado. We will be talking about the future of Terraria and other projects while blowing up the sky on celebration of the 4th!

With that please enjoy this lovely gif of things to come:
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I wish you all a well deserved ton of fun!
Really excited about the future of Terraria, Re-Logic and beyond!


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Sounds like a fun week incoming for you guys! Try not to lose too many fingers on Monday!

Also is that a bouncy castle? Because I really want a bouncy castle now.
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