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Important Non-Terraria Topics: Rules & Guidelines

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Welcome to the Non-Terraria Topics Category! This forum category contains four sections, and is the place to discuss all non-Terraria related subjects. These sections are fairly casual and exist as a place to relax - away from the serious Terrarian business on the rest of the forum. Civilized conversation, debate, and even the occasional passionate disagreement are welcome; but that does not mean that anything goes and one should read these rules before posting in this category.

Non-Terraria Topics Summary
  • Off Topic Section: Talk about anything and everything that doesn't belong somewhere else.
  • Other Media Section: Conversations on media topics, such as books, music, radio, movies, television, and videos.

Non-Terraria Topics Rules
  • The sections in this category are NOT for Terraria-related topics. Terraria related threads created in the Non-Terraria sections will be locked or moved.
  • Certain topics almost invariably lead to some level of drama, and yet, due to their intrinsic value as objects of discussion, these topics are not forbidden. However, they are restricted to the Terraria Mature Discussions section and are strictly moderated, with much less leeway being given when the rules are violated. All members should read the Terraria Mature Discussions Rules & Guidelines before posting in the Mature Discussions section.
  • Do not create a thread with an opening post that merely contains the equivalent of "title says it all", "discuss", or "tell me your opinions". If you create a thread, then start the discussion by posting your opinion, perspective, or take on the topic. Don't create a thread and expect others to do all the work.
  • Do not post links to any form of pirated media or discuss how to pirate or otherwise gain an illegitimate copy of any media. Such media includes, but is not limited to, torrent links, "free" streaming movies/music, unofficial/unauthorized patches or mods, etc. Linking to legitimate, legal ways of obtaining or consuming a piece of media is allowed.
  • Do not post asking for free stuff: software, rent money, avatars, signature images, sandwiches, etc. Member-Run contests are a good place to possibly win free stuff and some members may have request threads for things such as avatars and signature banners, but begging is strictly disallowed.
  • Do not post asking to trade software, game codes, or any other commodity or object. There are many internet sites that allow such activity, this however is not one of them.
  • Do not create any thread or forum game for the purposes of farming likes. Threads created around the purpose of requesting likes or liking posts will be locked.
  • Do not instigate or participate in flamewars. Threads about topics known to bring about nothing other than drama, for example Terraria vs Minecraft, will be locked.
  • Do not post duplicate threads for one topic, duplicates will be locked or merged. The forum has a working search feature and the community staff request that it be utilized. In the case of large media franchises and highly popular forum games, one or more additional threads may, at the Staffs' discretion, be allowed.
  • Terraria Community Forums does not have a rule against responding to inactive threads, known as necro-ing, and reviving an old thread with an on-topic post is preferable to creating a new thread on the same topic.
  • Good discussion will often require exploration of various paths related to the main topic of a thread, but discussion should always stay relevant to the main point. If a thread does devolve into non-topic related conversation, then use the report button and let the staff know.

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  • Edited references to Adult Swim to refer to Mature Discussions instead: 2019/03/14
  • Published: 2014/09/17
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