PC 1.3.3 Changelog

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Safeman, Sep 6, 2016.

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  1. ToP

    ToP Terrarian

    Finally! Amazing!

    There goes all of my free time!
    Oh wait, I didn't have any free time to begin with.....
    There goes all my sleeping time!
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  2. Khaelis

    Khaelis Plantera

    Honestly a community vote wouldn't end well. It would just cause problems when someone's idea isn't put in.. especially if they're young ones.
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  3. TheDimi44 [UA]

    TheDimi44 [UA] Terrarian

    So cool sand-update! :happy:
  4. CW3D

    CW3D Official Terrarian

    Hmm, yeah, guess you're right, now that i think about it.
    Still would've been nice :3
  5. Khaelis

    Khaelis Plantera

    Heh. First new world for the 1.3.3 update and it spawns me in the middle of the Corruption biome. Niiice.

    Time to make a second world. >_>
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  6. Cyber_12

    Cyber_12 Terrarian

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  7. avarisc

    avarisc Skeletron Prime

    Anyone got this running on a Linux server without issues? We're having issues on my server that seem to be 1.3.3-related, still trying to determine if it's our fault before reporting a bug.

    Edit: Using Mono, no TShock.

    Edit 2: The specific issue is that -everyone- is stuck on receiving tile data, while 1.3.2 works fine.

    Edit 3:
    I now have two separate servers set up, on different ports, with different worlds. and 1.3.3. The works fine for everyone, the 1.3.3 is apparently losing (not sending?) all the packets needed to connect. No console output that would be useful, just one "{IP} is connecting..." for each attempt.
    For now, just announced that we will be waiting a day to update. Hopefully something will change by then. Mini-edit: same configuration for both, nothing non-standard aside from port and world path.

    Edit 4:
    Notably all clients attempting to connect are on various Windows OS's.
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  8. cam0620

    cam0620 Skeletron Prime

    I can't access my computer but I bet the soundtrack for sandstorm is Darude - Sandstorm :redspin:
  9. Migui

    Migui Skeletron Prime

    cool new things!
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  10. Weertangel

    Weertangel Steampunker

    now this is unexpected! can't wait to give it a go, especially since i have a huge underground desert in 1 world of mine :)
  11. TheGamerMan757

    TheGamerMan757 Steampunker

    Awesome stuff!
    I'm glad the ambiance sounds are now silenced when the game window is inactive. That stuff would drive me nuts!
  12. agrajag42

    agrajag42 Terrarian

    I'm having server issues too, using the dedicated server on a Mac (with a friend on PC trying to connect). Tried using Steam server, then my friend tried hosting, but with no luck.
  13. GumballTheScout

    GumballTheScout Terrarian

    I love ya man.
  14. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    Wait, desert has more worms, worms giving venom, and more spawns?

    That's a bit excessive, no?
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  15. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    @agrajag42, where in the process did you run into issues? More details would be quite helpful! :)
  16. Top secret? But I want to know what it is. Can anyone upgrade my clearance level for me please?

    So excited for the patch. I wonder if the content is post or pre hardmode.
  17. Barney Bagon

    Barney Bagon Terrarian

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  18. GumballTheScout

    GumballTheScout Terrarian

    Is it going to be the Steam Workshop update?
  19. agrajag42

    agrajag42 Terrarian

    The dedicated server loaded as usual, but when trying to join stopped at either "Requesting world data" or "Receiving tile data" (with varying percentage). Same results with the Steam server.

    Terraria Server v1.3.3

    Listening on port 7777

    Type 'help' for a list of commands.

    :IP address: is connecting...

    :IP address: is connecting...

    [EDIT] When my friend hosted via steam he got into the world but I could not connect.
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  20. Kazzymodus

    Kazzymodus Lunatic Cultist

    More shaders to decompile?

    I'll be in my basement....

    Cross-over means IP from another game 'crossing-over' into Terraria, e.g. the Pixel Piracy items.
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