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The Guide

The Guide

Now the day has finally arrived, and Journey's End is in your hands. There's a lot to wade through in the new content. Some of the major changes have been teased and discussed in recent weeks, and there are some recurring questions that you might have missed. We're going to recap most of them here with short, direct answers. Some of these answers may be gameplay spoilers, so read at your own risk with that in mind.



First things first:

How can I play Terraria: Journey's End?
Journey's End is now available for PC (Windows/Linux/Mac) through Steam.

Is Journey's End on GOG yet?
Journey's End will be available for download from GOG as soon as possible, this may occur slightly behind the Steam release. We regret any unavoidable delay.

Is Journey's End coming to Consoles, and when?
  • Journeys End is being evaluated for porting to current generation consoles (XBox One/PS4/Switch).
  • There is no timetable yet for a release date on Consoles.
  • Older generation consoles (Xbox360/PS3/PS Vita/Wii U/Nintendo 3DS) will NOT be receiving Journeys End or any further updates [source].
Is Journey's End coming to Mobile, and when?
  • Journeys End is being evaluated for porting to mobile devices (Android/iOS smartphones and tablets)
  • There is no timetable yet for a release date for Mobile.
Will the dedicated server programs be updated for Journey's end?
YES. The dedicated server programs (Windows/Linux/Mac) will be linked in the release-day announcement thread, and can be downloaded from [menu bar at bottom of page]

Is Journey's End really the last update for Terraria?

This has been announced to be the last major content update for Terraria. There will be likely be minor bug fixes and tweaks post-launch, but Re-Logic now considers the game to be complete.

What about the vanity contest winning sets?
The contest vanities will be coming in a post-launch patch, along with full localization.

What about the soundtracks? Will the new music be added?
We hope to have updated and complete soundtracks available soon after launch.

When will the Official Wiki be updated?
The Official Wiki is a product of Gamepedia, Re-Logic does not create or maintain it. It will be up to the Gamepedia community editors to update it, please give them reasonable time to do so.

When will TEdit/inventory editors/etc, be updated?
All third-party programs are the property of their authors, not Re-Logic. These people have made their work available to people in the past, but that is no guarantee that they are still interested in continuing their updates. Please be respectful to these folks as they assess the amount of work necessary to update their tools. We remind you that use of third-party tools to modify Terraria data files is at your own risk.


A compendium of spoilers from the past year or so can be found here:

The complete change log can be found here:

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The Guide

The Guide

Will I be able to load my old worlds into Journey mode?
NO. Journey is a separate gameplay mode, and must be selected when the world is created.

Will I be able to use my old character(s) to play Journey mode worlds?
NO. Journey is a separate gameplay mode, and requires a Journey mode character to play Journey worlds.

Can I use my Journey Mode character to play in Classic (normal)/Expert/Master worlds?
NO. Journey mode characters can only be used to play in Journey Mode worlds.

Can I play with my friends in Journey Mode?
YES, as long as all players are using Journey Mode characters in a Journey Mode world.

Will my researched items in one Journey world still be accessible when I go to another Journey world?
YES. Research is saved with the player character across worlds.

Can I share my research with friends I am playing with?
YES. Simply duplicate a stack of your researched items, give your friend the stack, and they can research it themselves.

Will all players in Journey Mode MP have all of the world powers?
YES, by default. MP server hosts will have some options to limit some Journey powers of other players (weather, time. evil spread, etc.).

Can I really research ANY item? Even coins, ammo, end-game armor and weapons?
YES. Any item that can be put into your inventory can be researched. Once it is researched, you can create as many copies of the item as you want.

Will Journeys End work with calamity or mods at all?
Mods will not work with Journey Mode until TML updates to 1.4 compatibility (see next section).
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The Guide

The Guide

Other helpful links:
Will tModLoader (TML) still be free to use?
Yes. However, this particular version will require that you own Terraria in the same Steam account.

Will TML on Steam work with Mac and Linux?
Yes, as it does now (with the mono-kickstart). [source, source]

Does TML work with 1.4 Journey's End? Will it have Master Mode/Bestiary/Journey Mode etc.?

Not at first, this is the 1.3.5 (current) version of TML for now. The TML team will be working to update to full 1.4 compatibility in the future.

Do I have to use this version of tModLoader from now on?
No, you can continue to use the version of TML you have now if you wish. [source]

Will the mods I have been using still work with this version?

Yes, all the mods you use now will continue to work with this version. As TML updates, individual mods will need to update with it.

Will TML break my mods when it updates on Steam?
No. You will be able to prevent TML from automatically updating and breaking your current mods. [source]

Does this mean that TML will only support the Steam version? What about the GOG version?

GOG will still be supported. This particular version only works with Steam, but the TML team will continue to support GOG. [source]

Will this be 64-bit compatible?

No. You can still install 64-bit versions as you have been doing. [source, source]

Does this mean that we will download Calamity, Thorium and other mods from Steam?

No. You will still use the Mod Browser function within TML to download individual TML mods, as you do now. [source, source]

Can I easily switch between TML and unmodded Terraria?

YES! Terraria and tModLoader will appear as separate games in your Steam library. You will be able to switch back and forth without uninstalling/reinstalling. [source]

Does this mean there is Steam Workshop modding support now?

Not at first, but the TML is planning to add some amount of Steam Workshop integration in the future. [source]

Will vanilla and modded players be able to join the same game now? Will TML players be able to join vanilla servers?

No. Vanilla (unmodded) players can only play on unmodded worlds, modded players can only play with other modded players on similarly modded servers. [source]

Will TML be coming to consoles?

NO. Console manufacturers do not permit this sort of unlimited, user-based modding on their proprietary player networks, no matter how cool that would be for everyone.

Will TML be coming to mobile?
Probably not anytime soon. [source]
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The Guide

The Guide

Are the Ocean and Desert considered separate?
YES. There is a Pylon for the Ocean and a pylon for the Desert.

Do I need to have many types of furniture to make NPCs happy?
NO. You do not need any furniture beyond any type of table, chair, and light source to get an NPC happy.

We already have Teleporters. What is the benefit of using Pylons over using Teleporters?
Pylons can be accessed as soon as you have NPCs that are happy in the appropriate biome. Meaning they can be accessed before Hardmode. While they do have a few intentional restrictions compared to Teleporters, they require no wiring setup.

Teleporters are accessible in Hardmode and require wiring setup. Pylons have special restrictions while Teleporters have none. It will be your decision on whether to invest in Pylons, Teleporters, or a mixture of both.

How do I know which biome a NPC prefers?
If you interact with an NPC, they will appear in your Bestiary. The Bestiary shows the preferred biome of the NPC. You can also speak to the NPC about Happiness and they will tell you if they like or dislike their current biome.

How severe is the penalty if my NPCs become unhappy?
There are a few different layers effecting happiness. The preferred biome of the NPC, how many neighbors are nearby, and if they like their neighbors or not. Additionally, NPCs without a home at all, or those who are far away from their assigned home, will also receive a penatly. If there are several conditions making the NPCs unhappy, prices can be increased up to x1.5 from their normal value.

What happens if Corruption/Crimson/Hallow gets near the area around my Town and Pylon?
If it is Corruption or Crimson, it will invalidate living conditions and cause NPCs to move out. If Hallow comes close to your Pylon, you will have the choice of using either the native biome Pylon or the Hallow Pylon.
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The Guide

The Guide

How do I unlock the Bestiary?
The Bestiary is available in-game from the start. It is available on Journey, Classic, Expert, and Master Mode. Each world you have will have its own Bestiary. It is accessible in-game by clicking the book icon at the lower right of your inventory.

Will my old worlds retroactively receive Bestiary data for enemies I've killed?
NO. Unfortunately data cannot be retroactively added. You will have to manually get the entries by playing normally in your old worlds or in a new world.

Does Bestiary progress carry through all my worlds?
NO. All Bestiary progress is linked to the individual world.

How do I unlock the Zoologist?
The Zoologist moves in automatically after a specific amount of Bestiary progress has been completed.

Do I need to kill the Dungeon Guardian to unlock it in the Bestiary?
NO. The Dungeon Guardian is a special case. It will be automatically unlocked after you kill Skeletron in your world. Other NPCs such as the Old Man and Tortured Soul become automatically unlocked as well.

Why doesn't the Bestiary display the number of enemies killed?
It would invalidate the Tally Counter Accessory which tells you how many of a specific enemy you've killed. You will still need the Tally Counter Accessory to know how many of an enemy you've killed.

Do I need to kill critters or NPCs to add them in the Bestiary?
NO. NPCs and critters are automatically added if you interact with them or encounter them. Catching a critter with any Bug Net will add them to your Bestiary.

Is there a reward for 100% Bestiary Completion?
YES. What it is will remain a surprise.

Why isn't the Green Cap dropping for me? It shows as a 100% drop rate from the Guide.
Some items have special conditions to be dropped from the specific NPC or enemy. If you move your cursor over the drop in-game it will show the special condition.

Do I have to wait until it is Halloween and Christmas in real life to get the Holiday exclusive enemies for my Bestiary?
NO. There is a new feature where if you defeat Wave 15 of the Pumpkin Moon or Wave 20 of the Frost Moon, your world will become Halloween or Christmas for one in-game day the following day after defeating the Moon event. It does not need to be Halloween or Christmas in real life for this to happen.

Can I unlock all three world-specific Cavern enemies (Salamander/Giant Shelly/Crawdad) in a single world?
YES. Once you have unlocked the two enemies native to your world, the third one will unlock automatically. It will show information at the lowest tier both your native enemies have achieved, so to fully unlock it, you need to fully unlock both your native enemies.
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The Guide

The Guide

How does golf work in Terraria?
Just like in real golf, the aim of the game is to get a golf ball into a golf cup in as few strokes as possible. Strokes are counted from the first time you hit the ball until it enters the cup.

How do I actually play golf?
In order to play golf, you must aquire some golf clubs, a golf ball and a golf cup. These can be purchased from the brand new Golfer NPC! The Golfer NPC moves in once you have rescued him
from the undergound desert.

Are there any rewards for playing golf?
Golf is mainly intended for a fun minigame, so rewards are not the primary focus. However, as you get better and better scores, the Golfer will start to sell new items! If you'd like to find out what the rewards are, you'll have to grab a club and get swinging ingame.

How are points tracked?
Each player has a 'golf score', which goes up the more you play, with better scores making it increase more quickly.

Do golf balls interact with the environment?
Some tiles will effect the player's ability to hit the ball, or effect how much the ball bounces or rolls when the ball collides with it. Some tiles require the use of the Wedge Golf Club to escape.

What kinds of golf clubs are there?
There are 4 types of golf club; the Putter which is good for short, close range shots. The Wedge is good for escaping tricky tiles and traps. The Iron is good for long vertical and horizontal shots, and the Driver is great at long distance horizontal shots but performs poorly over vertical distances.

I want to try out golf, but I don't want to have to build my own courses - what can I do?
Luckily some of Re-Logic's internal 1.4 beta testers have created three sample golf courses for you to play! You can check them out at the link below:
Terraria: Journey's End Official Golf Map Starter Kit
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