Console Poll: Should the map load separately?

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Single player: map loading delay or longer world loading time?

  1. Go a minute or so without a map, as you do in multiplayer

  2. Continue to wait a LONG time for single player worlds to load

  1. ED209

    ED209 Plantera


    I've noticed that when playing multiplayer, the world loads so much quicker than in single player. I think that this has to do with the fact that in multiplayer, the map is still loading as a "background task", but is soon becomes visible about a minute or so into gameplay.

    The reason for this poll is to see what people care about more; the continued loading time for a world single player taking AGES to load, or playing in single player without a map (for around a minute) until it loads completely. It's my hope that the Devs can tweak it so that the former is true, if enough people like the idea. although this may not be something they're able to change anyway.

    I just want to get some more opinions before I suggest it to them.