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Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.

ill give you bad luck

with one of my characters, after getting relaxed with all the dungeon guardian scares and the rare (but apparently common for me) explosive trap underground scares, i managed to hardmode. and this is what i got:
Day 1: The pirates
Day 2: Destroyer
Day 3: Pirates
Day 4: Skeletron Prime + Blood Moon
Day 5: Twins
Day 6: Pirates (again?!?!?!?!)

after my unfortunate experience, things got okay again.

but thats not all.

on a different character, a summoner to be exact, i was trying to get me a slime staff, and if you have watched Yrimir, you know how difficult it is.
An hour later, still havent gotten the darn item, but my friend. well he got the item in literally, the first few slimes (like not even 15 slimes were burned in his trial)

so yeah. Way to go.


Pixel Pirate
I started a new terraria world after getting the game again on GOG.
Day 1-50 at least rain.
i couldnt find any golden chests i found a lot of crystal hearts though.
My corruption was like on the end of the map instead of 2/3 out were it should be making farming for boss sumining hard so i let the bosses spawn naturally.
I got silver armor and the eye of cuthulu attacked me every night since killing all my npcs no mater how fasti killed it.


spawns a world. plans a cool house and village in the nearby snow biome. build the entire village. relizes hes in the middle of 2 crimson biomes with no good caves on nearly the entire map... qq


First pirate invasion right after blood moon. It was early hardmode and I only had cobalt armor at the time and I wasn't ready for this at all. It took me 3 in game days to finish it. Everytime I respawn I instantly get ripped apart. Then Skeletron Prime spawned halfway through the event and wiped out half my NPCs. Fortunately my explosives and arms dealer survived so I ended up dropping grenades on them. I was rearranging my armor room at the time so I had all my armors in my inventory. I think I got a blood moon again after that too.
Every time I spawn my world I never seem to find the Hermes Boots. First time I made it to hard mode in 1.2.4 Pirates on the 2nd day. Then, on the 3rd day Solar Eclipse!!!! I died like 16+ times. All the NPCs were dead the only good things that came out of it was the clothiers hat and a broken hero sword. I know its very lucky to get a broken hero sword, but I was going mainly ranged!


In my mobile Terraria, when I create a new world, I can never find a good corruption and in it is only 1 or 2 demon altars -_-


I've been playing for over 430 hours now, never building, constantly playing new charecters scince 1.0.1 and i have never seen a single whoopie cushion drop.
I've made countless charecters after 1.2 when they supposidly buffed the drop rate considerably each with their own unique playthrough.
And yet not one has dropped. Not from a devourer, or a giant worm, or a regular worm or a world eater. Not a single solitary one.

I've gotten a uzi pre drop rate buff.
I've gotten key molds.
I've even gotten a KO glove from an imps fireball (Don't ask me how, wish i had a screenshot).

But not one whoopie cushion.
I find that items like that, you just let them come to you rather than grind and search for them because you'll go insane trying to get them haha. For example, I have found an enchanted sword(the item) purely by chance not too long after it was implemented. I was just cave exploring one day and BAM!, there it was. Same thing with the whoopie cushion, I've only ever had it drop while just messing around and killing worms while mining. It's not really worth spending the countless hours trying to find a single item because there's always a chance that it drops or you find it unexpectedly.


Empress of Light
I agree with @TerrorPenguin, I always get the rare stuff on hardcore :p

I had such a problem with enchanted sword, didn't get it at all on softcore *gets it on hardcore somehow*
All on the same character on the first or second one of those enemies i killed
And an extra mediumcore one 2 nymphs (i died in this one)
Edit: also all of these were within 5 minutes of each other (except the last one)
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Official Terrarian
> Having sunglasses within a few days of starting (2 Black Lenses!)
> Never getting another one for optic staff UNTIL I ALREADY GOT TO ENDGAME (1. Black. Lens.)


> Having sunglasses within a few days of starting (2 Black Lenses!)
> Never getting another one for optic staff UNTIL I ALREADY GOT TO ENDGAME (1. Black. Lens.)
THATS Y U NO USE BLACK LENSES! If you get goggles and use black dye, it looks exactly the same.
[DOUBLEPOST=1416436178][/DOUBLEPOST]i got honeyed goggles on like 14th try

theclownfish II

i defeated the destroyer without dying the first time i beat it but before i got the 1.2 update on console but after its first defeat i couldnt beat him. also i only got my first eclipse last month and got nothing good
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