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Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.


On my vita version of Terraria. I would spawn the WOF only to be brutally murdered, crushed, or licked instantly. I also got killed by a dungeon guardian while outside of the dungeon 0.o


Skeletron Prime
I just discovered that my hardcore world has no temple.

EDIT: actually, there was. Had a hard time finding it. It was very near hell.
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Eye of Cthulhu
My first 1.2 world had no way to spawn the golem... The Lizard Alter was in the lizard blocks somewhere.


Used 5 frost moons, easily killed over 30 frost queens, and guess what? NOT 1 SINGLE ITEM FROM ANY OF THE FROST QUEENS! I was raging.


I've killed Plantera over 50 times and have not gotten The Axe once. Sure would be nice for 1.3 to come out so that drop chance goes up...


You guys are lucky.

My graphics card broke, preventing me from playing Terraria at all. Now I need a new pc, which won't happen for quite a while


Official Terrarian
I made a mob farm that had one slime statue, I spent 4 hour semi-afking the slime farm. I got 11 stacks of of gel, not slime staff. My cousin hops into the slime farm while I go mining and gets the slime staff when he has 47 gel. He ended up getting a second slime staff the next day from a normal slime kill and he gave me that.


Trashing the bezoar and giving the trifoldmap away. Then realizing I need them for ankh. I have everything except those things. *sigh* off I go to farm again


Duke Fishron
My most recent bad luck is trying to get a Giant Harpy Feather. I've killed roughly 400 harpies and 100 wyverns and one hasnt dropped. And my friends are like I got mine the 3 harpy.


Empress of Light
About 800 chaos elementals slain.

0 rods of discord.

Not even going for discord anyway but, would be kinda interesting.
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