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Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.


__Literally__ every single update, on every single system (android mobile, xbox, PC), On my first world/playthrough of that update, my first meteor spawns inside/next to the dungeon entrance, or on a sky island. 7 times so far. 1.4 was a dungeon world.... a large world without a single living tree(low/no gnomes) or lava charm- Cave dived 4 large worlds for nearly 8 total hours (with pre-hardmode gear) looking for one before I decided I'd spent enough time, I deserved it, and gave myself one from a 1.3 world. Same for rod of discord in 1.4 Over 2500 chaos elemental kills, No drop. even went so far as to build a specific chaos elemental trap which teleported all other mobs outside spawn zone to despawn them... slightly faster than killing the extra enemies. 3 hours of Non-afk farming, 2500 kills, 0 rods. (btw, really hate how they made chaos elementals not spawn as often if you aren't actively moving... rod farm was easy in 1.3)

881 plantera kills on mobile before I got the axe. I don't think I ever played mobile after that day. whole jungle was a plantera bulb spawning surface. 20-30 plantera kills a day for more than a month. PLEASE GIVE US A CRAFTABLE SPAWNER!!!!!!!!!!! it's the only boss (that matters) that doesnt have a spawner.

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In my current game, the Armor Polish dropped from Armored Skeleton #495. Supposed to be a 1% drop... And I just had a close call: I covered a stretch of the hallow with lava, prepping for a Blood Moon. Then I glance over to the edge... a Gold Bunny is hopping right up to the hill containing the lava.... Yes, I did catch it in time.

Mental Mouse

Explore the entire underground snow biome and not get the Ice skates, in a medium size world.
At this point I didn't even bothered with Lava charm, water walking+obsidian skin potions ftw.
Similar, but I didn't find a single Ice Machine. Not as crucial as the Ice Skates, but still annoying.

ETA: And a new one: I just shucked 24 oysters without a single pearl. Less than half a percent chance.
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I'm extremely picky with worldgen, especially in Terraria. So I've been generating several 1.4 worlds to get a pretty good one, preferrably one with corruption a decent distance away from spawn, and copper, iron, silver, and gold ore. Every time I generate a world, it either gives me ores I don't like, or places the corruption literally a screen or 2 away from my spawn. Redigit has cursed me for being extremely picky, and now I must forever exist in this limbo of tin ore.


Ok, now this isn't really bad luck, but it is the game trolling me. I got 4 blindfolds within like 50 mummy kills, which I have absolutely no use for, and yet the game didn't give me a RoD in almost 2k chaos elemental kills. Also those 50 mummies gave me and a friend only 3 dark shards, which is what we actually wanted.


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I would have to say finding clouds in a jar. I went through ten worlds, hundreds of golden chests, and didn't manage to find a single cloud in ajar. Eventually I couldn't live without it pre-hardmode, and cheated it in... I blame Obama.
Couds in jars aren't the bad one. Sandstorms are. Imagine this. You have almost every ingredient for the bundle of balloons and you just need a sandsorm in a bottle. You know from exploring that your world doesn't have any pyramids, so you just make another and search the deserts. You still don't find a pyramid, but that's alright. You'll just make and search a few more worlds. 15 worlds later and you still haven't found one. You're losing hope and considering leaving for Minecraft instead. Just as you're about to give up, you see it. A but of sandstone brick poking through the sand. You dig down, find the treasure room and open the chest to find a Pharoah costume.


when i was going for armor polish for the ankh shield i got a bezoar, 5 magic quivers, 3 trifold maps, and two beam swords before i actually got the armor polish.

also, i'm playing a world on old mobile (~1.2.4 desktop version) and it took me around 5 real-life days of waiting to get a solar eclipse. during that time, i got like 20 blood moons, once or twice they were even sequential. when i finally got it, it was approximately 30 seconds before i was going to go to sleep, i was really tired and decided to wait until 4:30 am ingame before i actually shut down my ipad.


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I spent hundreds of hours waiting to get a slime staff, and after finally getting my hubby to play with me, he gets one within minutes of playing.

And I have yet to get a Hotline hook. He steadfastly refuses to hand one over.

I'm also sure Jeremy Corbyn (aka The Merchent) steals safes back off me, or I just have the worst luck losing them just before I need them. I buy the damn things in bulk, but *fairy jingles* all gone.


I’ve been farming moon lord trying to get my friend a last prism. I’ve fought the moon lord at least 30 times. He never dropped a last prism. Sure I can make sigils to summon him easily but when I run out I have to do lunar events again. Getting a last prism actually feels harder than when I got zenith.


I’ve been farming moon lord trying to get my friend a last prism. I’ve fought the moon lord at least 30 times. He never dropped a last prism. Sure I can make sigils to summon him easily but when I run out I have to do lunar events again. Getting a last prism actually feels harder than when I got zenith.
Same thing for me, but I was trying to get the SDMG


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I was trying to get the zenith parts lol.
I didn't want to use sigils as I was also trying to get luminite for stardust armor. I wasn't playing a specific class I just wanted a stand
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