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Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.


You know when you begin the Lunar Events? Well, if you ignore it, not only will it stay, but it will sink underground very slowly.
Ok. so:
1. I left the world after beating the 4th (Solar) Pillar to avoid any extraterrastrial trouble. I forgot to pick up the fragments.
2. Right now I am beating the Solar Pillar (again, the last pillar) but a Solar Eclipse happened so I stopped dying from Selenians and went home.
Enchanted Sundial has been used so I couldn't really do anything. I went Mothron hunting for money. By now, the last pillar had went down a few blocks so I got worried. Did some progress on the pillar, but not enough. Then, on the next day, ANOTHER solar eclipse happened. I figured it was lucky, but that soon became a nightmare. The last Pillar (still sinking slowly as ever) was untouchable with special mobs, solar mobs, Mothron and a giant Crawltipede working together to guard it. Nighttime struck, and oh wow golly a Blood Moon happened and Terraria lagged to 10fps so I couldn't really do anything except AFK. On the next day, you guessed it, a SOLAR ECLIPSE AGAIN happened. I now consider this bad luck. The pillar was now halfway into the dirt.

This has gotta be a glitch, what the hell I have enough Eclipsian loot to fill 2 chests I don't need anymore. Please help.

Jar Dpo

Sort of a Good/Bad luck situation. I get all the rare stuff from chests, but never the useful, common stuff, like cloud in a bottle, until they become useless. Or, I don't get a mirror until hardmode. I can get a million shoe spikes (useful, but no point in getting more), but no Extractinators.

Also, so many times have I gotten triggered from getting 14 gems early game. 1 away from the friggin hook. AARRGGHH!


Starting out. Going down into a cave. 2 coin portals. Then immediately an explosive trap. Keep going down (because I was an idiot), boulder trap. Dies again. Comes down to retrieve the coins, end up in marble biome b/c black slime knocked me down (deep enough so there's lava), and then get speared by a hoplite. Out of the 10 gold I could've got, I only made it out with 3 for some odd reason.


World genoration likes to stick it up my bum for some reason. my spawn is always getting hugged by corruption/crimson, and whenever i try to go into a cave, its this huge cavern which kills me by fall damage. I can't even play the damn thing.

Ordinary Orange α

Skeletron Prime
The slimy saddle has a drop rate of 25% from King Slime, right?
So I decided to get one in one of my mobile playthrough, and began to farm King Slime.
10-20 kills later, I still havent gotten it. Then, I defeated king slime for the literal first time on PC and GOT IT.
Not like it matters now, since I have the UFO, but really game.
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Skeletron Prime
This thread is a bit dead.
1. Got killed by a cnidrion (calamity mod) with 1 HP.
2. 2 Years ago, Almost reached the 15th wave in the Frost moon, just needed an enemy, when i was about to kill one, it becomes day.
3. Never get keys when i farm then, when I don't I literally get them randomly(got 3 Jungle keys while mining chlorophite in the jungle).
4. Killed Duke fishron like 10-15 times, I'm a ranger, Got everything except Tsunami and fishron wings.


Brain of Cthulhu
I once got a Blood Moon followed by a Solar Eclipse (that dropped nothing of value), and I do believe it was followed by another Blood Moon.
It was clumsiness rather than bad luck, but my post-game character's most recent death was by falling. I was working on a build after buying some stuff, went to dive down from the skybridge, then just as I splatted against the ground I realized I swapped my wings with a greedy ring and forgot to swap them back... Quite an ironic death, actually :p
As for actual unluck... Well, the fact that I farmed so many martian invasion events and still unable to get the Brain Scrambler mount, even when making sure I target the Scutlix gunner first.
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The Destroyer
Cell phone
No matter how many quests I do, nothing. That stupid little kid cheat angler. 😡
I've gotten everything else, TWICE! But no angler quest items. I would love to have the cell phone, it just isn't worth it! You'll get 'supreme helper minion' before you get that stupid item. 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠


The Destroyer
I once got a Blood Moon followed by a Solar Eclipse (that dropped nothing of value), and I do believe it was followed by another Blood Moon.
I had a blood moon every night for 3 nights in a row, and there was at least 1 solar eclipse in there. Some may have been summoned by me, i don;t remember.


The Destroyer
My worst luck is that on my mobile device I have been playing for the longest time, found 12 underground houses, and still don’t have a magic mirror!!


I was farming moon lord with the last prism, got a kill in 30 seconds, a record for me, then died to a harpy feather during the death animation, meaning I didn't get the drops.
1. I found an Arkalis and played for about 30 minutes and when I logged on the next day it was gone `😢
2. I was fighting wall of flesh and he was at 100hp and then a hellbat killed me
3. I had a blood moon for 4 nights in a row (I think it was a glitch because there is no way)


Had companion cube on first travelling merchant, and after that just before hardmode and wasnt able to afford it


The Destroyer
On one 1.3 mobile melee playthrough, I decided to farm for titan glove. I killed more than 20 mimics and got everything else other than a titan glove. And here I thought that they all got the SAME chance of being dropped. Another time, I tried to farm for turtle shells. Despite the yelets have a 0.5% chance of being dropped by any enemy and turtle shells having a 5.88% chance (almost 12x as common) of being dropped by giant tortoise. I got WAY more yelets than turtle shells while in the process.
Spoiler: I gave up on that playthrough


Explore the entire underground snow biome and not get the Ice skates, in a medium size world.
At this point I didn't even bothered with Lava charm, water walking+obsidian skin potions ftw.
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