Lihzahrd Temple Expansion - Hazards, obstacles, improvements, and more!

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    Two enemies, a boss, and some traps. I feel like that isn't nearly enough. The goal of this suggestion is to have more sun-themed Lihzahrd Temple content to enhance the playability and excitement of exploring the temple. At the moment, the only up the Lihzahrd has on the Post-Plantera Dungeon is a boss, but other than that, it has far less equipment, enemies, dangers, and just needs more fun content in general.

    For starters, Lihzahrd Traps are easily exploited for cheesing the Golem. There's an easy way to fix that: Make a Picksaw a requirement for mining up and destroying them (just the Traps, not the pressure plates). This brings up another issue: The Picksaw is entirely to hard too come across for a Pickaxe upgrade. Instead of being part of the standard drop table, it would be a guaranteed drop from Golem on the first kill, and then be a 1/3 drop from successive kills, making the other items easier to come across and reducing Golem grinding in general.

    Solar Sentry.png
    Next up: The Lihzahrd should have a couple pf unique trap enemies like the Spike Balls and Blazing Wheels that spawn in the pre-Hardmode Dungeon. I've already suggested post-Plantera expansion for the tricky Dungeon buggers, and it felts wrong to leave out the Lihzahrd Temple. These are the two ideas that I came up with. Enjoy the animations.

    Solar Sentry.png
    Solar Sentry
    * Stationary.
    * Cannot be touched.
    * Spawns on background walls in the Lihzahrd Temple.
    * Fires Golem lasers at the player every 3-5 seconds. Deals about 50 damage.
    Solar Sentry Action.gif

    Spinning Blade.png
    Spinning Blades
    * Cannot be damaged.
    * Spawns on Lihzahrd Bricks in the Lihzahrd Temple.
    * Rotates, dealing contact damage to unwary players. Deals about 60 damage.
    Spinning Blade.gif

    Placed Lihzahrd Statue.png
    Finally, I had an idea for a new enemy to spawn in the Lihzahrd Temple. Lihzahrd Statue Mimics. They would be generated in the same way that Mimics should be, being placed as pseudo-actual-tiles until the player draws near and it becomes an actual enemy. (Check out this link for details.) Living Lihzahrd Statues are stronger than regular Lihzahrds, and are also less common. Instead of going into a second form and charging at the player on all-fours, however, they will instead be destroyed and replaced with Sun Elementals, an upgraded form of Chaos Elementals with the laser-firing ability seen by Eyezores. (Chaos Elementals are cool, and there should be more than one fighter enemy hat can teleport. Also lasers.) These guys spawn after Golem has been defeated at least once.

    Living Lihzahrd Statue.png
    Living Lihzahrd Statue
    Damage: 42
    Health: 400
    Defense: 30
    *Reveals a Sun Elemental when destroyed.

    Sun Elemental.png
    Sun Elemental
    Damage: 56
    Health: 250
    Defense: 26
    *Moves quickly and gives off lots of light.
    *Teleports occasionally and fires Golem lasers at the player.
    [​IMG] Sun Stone - 1/5 (20%)
    The Sun Stone would no longer be dropped by Golem, making it even easier to obtain the other Golem-dropped items.

    Speaking of Mimic enemies, the Lihzahrd Temple definitely need a Lihzarhd Chest Mimic. Those conspicuous Gold Chests that show up are no fun and look extremely out of place. There was a thread on TO about this, but I don't have the time to find it right now. Lihzahrd Mimics take the place of Gold Mimics that appear on Lihzahrd Bricks. They have a 100% chance to drop a [​IMG] Lihzahrd Power Cell upon death on top of the usual loot.

    Scratch that. They could have their own unique selection of weapons in their loot table.

    Snake Breaker
    *Melee greatsword weapon.
    *Crits more often against heavier armor.
    Tooltip: "Forged to slice the heads off of dragons."
    Damage: 235
    Knockback: 8.5
    Use Time: 30 (2 uses/second)
    *Bonus +1% critical strike chance for every point of enemy defense (up to a max of +50%).
    *A sword to make the Breaker Blade jealous.
    Please don't bug me about the damage. It is a slow weapon with no projectiles. I assure you, it's balanced.

    Sun Scepter.png (Thanks Scarecrow!)
    Sun Scepter
    *Magic weapon.
    Tooltip: "Wrought with celestial power."
    Damage: 75
    Knockback: 7
    Use Time: 27 (2.2 uses/second)
    *Shoots a Golem Laser and a spread of Solar Flares.
    Golem Laser can penetrate 2 enemies. Acts like a Gem Staff projectile.
    Shoots 3-5 Solar Flares that deal 50% damage and act like Crystal Storm projectiles.​

    From a thread by Scarecrow. Read it for context.
    *Ranged Flamethrower weapon.
    Damage: 40
    Knockback: 0.5
    Use Time: 29 (standard FT fire rate)
    *Uses Fuel Canisters for ammo.

    Lastly on the subject of Mimics, Milt69466 has a brilliant suggestion concerning more new types of Mimics outside of simple Chest Mimics, which in part concerns the potential for a Lihzahrd Pot Mimic. I have decided to feature it here to help out Milt's cause:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Lihzahrd Pot Mimics
    Max life: 350
    Damage: 60
    Defense: 20
    KB resist: 100%
    Coins: [​IMG] x7
    100% [​IMG] Lihzahrd power cell x1
    0.5% [​IMG] Pot Mimic Banner x1

    "Lihzahrd pot mimics will not chase after the player and will remain stationary. When in range, these pot mimics awaken and fire a volley of three ricocheting fire balls identical to the ones fired by the Golem but with less damage and cannot be deflected by weapons. The fire balls will always hover above the mimic before traveling towards the player. These mimics spawn in groups of 2-3 inside the Lihzahrd temple and are generally more common than other pot mimic spawns."

    That's it for the suggestion. Feedback is appreciated. This was a lot of work in making, but it was a lot of fun!
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    All my yes. This is fantastic and worth the wait. Ideas balanced, concept fantastic. This is a work of art, a real masterpiece.
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    You've been busy, haven't you? The way you've subtly chipped away at the necessity of Golem grinding is nothing less than elegant. Overall... this is beautiful. Just like all of your suggestions.
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    this + zooooooooooooooooooooomo's temple expantion suggestion = Banana
    my only suggestion is to make the Lihzahrd statue mimic spawn after the golem is defeated.
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    Hmm Nice suggestion Sz quite fitting suggestion. While i've never been screwed over by the golem personally I hear about many peole being very unfortunate. As for the traps I especially like the spinning blade reminds me of castlevania :joy:
    Did you mean statue? :dryadnaughty: Well on topic I'm not sure that's even needed Its not mandatory for progression. But Its up to Sz whether he wants it to require Golem dead (personally think it would be fine if it was found slightly earlier but...)
  6. Fruitbat

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    > it is not up to SzGamer.
    If the developers want the sunstone to be post-golem then the statue mimics should spawn post-golem, but IMO changing when the item is obtained and making it easier yo obtain isn't needed.
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  8. Dragrath

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    True implementing a suggestion is up to the devs (However this is Sz's suggestion so he can propose what he wants) I simply was adding that there wouldn't be too much harm in it being earlier if the change would be harder to enforce. I'm only defending what Sz has suggested here.
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    All alternate for the Picksaw: instead of the Stynger and Stynger Bolts being always dropped on the first kill, I think the Picksaw should be. But I like your idea for it, too. : ]
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    Wait-wait-wait-wait. You've referenced several of your other suggestions here, but you still say there's two enemies in the temple? What about the poor little Toahd?!
    Anyhoo, this is a definite support from me. Good work!
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    It was meant to be like that from the beginning. :p Thanks for catching that!

    They're supposed to be Chaos Elemental + Eyezore in terms of behavior. I don't see why they can't be separate entities...

    Stynger isn't dropped on the first kill, though. It's just part of the regular loot table.

    Touche. I'll fix that.
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    Yeah, the lizahrd temple is lacking in al that cool post-plantera dungeon content. So in other words, This needs to be in-game.

    You get another one of these
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    Whoops. I could've sworn that he/she/it did. Whatever, it doesn't really change what I'm trying to say. It is that way with Plantera and the Grenade Launcher, though. I made sure this time. ;)
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    I'm working on a new, unique loot table for the Lihzahrd Mimics. I've got a Melee weapon done, but what about Ranged and Magic?

    Snake Breaker.png
    Snake Breaker
    Obviously based on the Spinning Blades, and also something to make the Breaker Blade jealous.

    EDIT: Thought of a Magic weapon. Which sounds better, Solar Scepter, Sun Scepter, Solar Staff, or Sun Staff?
    If it helps to decide, it shoots lasers.
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  15. MiltVala

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    Sun sceptor

    I'm also thinking a turret summoner staff that summons a solar sentry would be cool.
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    A nice idea, but I'd rather be summoning Golem's head. :p

    If we're going to add a Minion weapon to the Mimic drop table, I think it should be a Flying Snake summoner as a nod to the work the developers have already done.
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    Sounds good! Flying snakes, now that sounds cool.
  18. Fruitbat

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    I thought you was going to link Leinfors lihzahrd invasion suggestion..
  19. iDuck

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    I like it! Support!
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    If you are going of sun-based items, you might want to make a new boss called Quetzalcoatl which would be a giant Flying snake. In Aztec mythology, Quetzalcoatl is the god of the Sun and Knowledge. He would be able to summon flying snakes like servants of Ocram ect.