NPCs & Enemies Pots and Boulders, more ways to kill you! [Sprites]


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Wow everyone is being so creative lately on the forums. I'm so hyped for all these ideas. Looks great Milt, I hope one day they replace the "like button" for "support button" but for now you can have my like and I shall say I support this idea a lot; Looks wonderful and well thought out and instead of adding something completely new (in the sense that it uses elements already in the game) this makes a surprisingly sound way of having some more enemies with more variety without making huge concepts.

Great work and nicely done!

Edit: Would it be possible/a good idea for the "Fake" enchanted sword stands to also turn into some kind of monster by chance?
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I think it would be cool for crimson/corrupt pots to have special drops. Like battle potions or Ichor/cursed flames or something. Then crimson one comes to life it would shoot ichor and the corrupt one would shoot cursed flames!
There should also be a mimic version of the other underground background features, such as tents, minecarts and wells, along with one for Shadow Orbs and Crimson Hearts.

We need, 11/10 ^.^
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