Pulse bow needs buffing

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    it’s a terrible weapons for its position in the game. It took it absolutely ages to defeat plantera. I reforged it to unreal and my tsunami’s on demonic. Pulse bow has more damage than tsunami more critical chance and speed but it takes the tsunami seconds to defeat golem, plantera and fishron and it takes the pulse bow ages... (ın case you can’t tell I main as a ranger)
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    The Pulse Bow doesn't need buffing: You're not using it for the right situation.
    It is not a boss slayer, it is a weapon that can strike an infinite amount of targets with one shot and can hit enemies around corners.
    The Tsunami is a weapon that is designed to do massive damage to a single target (although with the right arrows you can of course strike multiple targets as well), so it's the better choice of the two when fighting bosses, by a mile.

    Many weapons are not suitable to use in every occasion. That's why it's wise to never rely on one single weapon. It's why you have 10 hotbar slots after all.

    Disclaimer: I haven't played on mobile, but I figure these weapons behave the same as on PC.
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    Yes this thread is for PC and mobile since those are the platforms I play on. So basically your saying that the pulse bow is more of a crowd control weapon?
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    To put it crudely, yes. It depends on the environment you're in though.

    For example: If you'd be fighting an invasion or the Old One's Army, you can really abuse the Pulse Bow, making sure the area you fight in is flat and putting up small walls on both ends of the area for the pulse bow to bounce off of. You then create an endless stream of hurt on floor-level, due to the arrows bouncing back and forth through all the enemies, until the arrows are expended.
    And it's also a very handy tool when in the dungeon and other underground areas, being able to kill things around corners.

    It's very powerful, but it depends on how you use it.
  5. Its more of a crowd control lets just say because the 1.3 update is coming u can use it to kill pillar mobs fast if there are walls around u so they can bounce almost like the water bolt.
    And if u really want to use it for bosses make a water bolt arena