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Make them female.

also can I have a recap of stuff meanwhile so I can figure if I can dive back in or not?
Ahem ahem.

Let's see.
First of all, Myrica, Vinessa, and Fiaris all ended up heading north in search of Helios, Elwind, and Vest, friends of Myrica.
The rest of the group headed south and into the prairie, where they encountered some weird site thing with davk and Niyr.
Some conversation later, and Niyr's portal'ing the group to the northwest of Salreuna in Whitefall.
So I think the majority vote for the raptor's gender is female.
I mean, sure, not everyone has voted but I think aside from myself there's only four people in this RP now and 3 is 3/4 of 4.
Character Name: Artemis

Character Nickname: none

Character Gender: Female

Character Age: At least 3000

Character Alignment: neutral for now

Character Appearance:

- Normal: Dark grey hoodie, red knee length pleated skirt, black thigh highs and black boots. Flowing black hair with streaks of red and purple. Red eyes, pale skin, cute face
(which is very misleading). Sometimes wears fingerless gloves and a black face mask like it's 2020. I don't care how modern or not this RP is

- Bloodshed: Black form-fitting dress, with a few details to note. It has a pair of diamond-shaped holes on the sides from below the breast to above the hip. The skirt stops just above
the knee, and is flexible enough to not inhibit movement. The "sleeves" barely cover the shoulders, and consist of 4 fabric rings held by 4 straps. The fabric is detailed with ancient
symbols and glyphs in red. yes I went into that level of detail for a dress in an RP She also wears a pair of black high heels and fishnet arm gloves yeah those are a thing too Her hair is braided, her arms and legs
have red cracks in them (basically just surface detail). Her skin becomes almost white, and her lips go from normal lip tone to black.

Character Species: half demon

Character Height: 178cm (5'10")

Character Weight: 77kg

Character Personality:

- Normal: Bigg introvert. Shy for the most part, self-centred and rarely talks. She lacks confidence and doesn't show much in the way of feelings towards anyone or anything on a surface level. Doesn't want to hurt anyone, if possible. If angered, she will speak out or lash out, although she doesn't have a very short temper. When she finally does break, that's when the
other side comes out.

- Bloodshed: Will definitely want to murder you if you did something bad. She is in a constant state of anger, pain and hatred for everything, including herself. She is aggressive, volatile
(if she wasn't already) and uncontrollable. She will return to her normal state if left alone for long enough.

Character Equipment: carries nothing, but essentially has retractable Wolverine blade claw things that she can use as her weapon. They glow red and heat up when in Bloodshed form.

Character Abilities: can run very fast for very long periods of time. Has fast self-healing abilities, although not so fast that injuries are recovered mid-battle. She can slow bleeding, enough to finish a fight. She can regenerate limbs, but extremely slowly, it would take a couple months to regrow an arm or leg. She's also resistant to fire and has exceptional reflexes. Bloodshed grants immunity to flames, and enhanced stamina.

Character Backstory: Born into flames as the child of demons and the daughter of a demon lady who really seemed to want a more human offspring, her family was living their life among the underworld dwellers until over 99% of it was ravaged by gods, because demon bad apparently. She tried her best to live on the surface but failed to find anywhere suitable to settle in. She has wandered the Earth for centuries at this point, seeking revenge, and somewhere to rest. please she is miserable let her sleep

Character Quirks: double jointed, very good at pinpointing sources of sounds.

Character Flaws: Weak to cold, will basically curl up and cry if it gets below 5 degrees (Celsius dangit!). Easily upset by verbal abuse. She's allergic to a lot of plants, and might uncontrollably vomit when just making contact with some of them. Very, VERY bad social skills. Also doesn't like water, because water is wet and when she get wet she get upset.

Extras/Trivia: has literally nothing to do with the goddess of the same name or any mythology. I just really like the name.
This is an OC I've used before in some personal story writing, but never shown in any public form. (I had some drawings but I lost them :sad:)
Normal Artemis talks in this colour, while Bloodshed Artemis talks in this colour.
I have no idea how OP she is so let me know if you want some changes but i won't be happy
Not 100% sure how to integrate my character into the story at the moment, can I get some pointers?
Well. Pretty sure you'd want to intro your character where other characters can see them, first off.

So two ways of doing this come to mind right now: find a free character someone else has yet to intro (I'm gonna bet an imaginary cookie that Esther's got at least one lying around), or just have them show up at the town of Whitefall, where the rest of the main cast AFAIK is.
Salreuna certainly is an option, but there's this entire war going on between two factions right now and I don't recommend it because it's got less of an individual character focus rn. Pretty sure of that anyway.
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Here's a filler post for ya then.

While I'm here though...just gonna put a few things up here.

First off, does anyone have to say about the current state of things in the RP? Idk, comments or concerns to raise. Who knows?

Secondly, Dragonwolf has mentioned needing a month or two's worth of time-skipping. Not all in a row, of course, but... it stands to reason that for the search party arc (so, concerning you, Esther and Chir', and possibly Razor too), we could do some time-lapsing over uneventful days consisting of searching and travel, thus chipping away at the time Dragonwolf needs for Swaasnia to finish up scientific research on a thing.
Edit: So, the question is, would those of you involved with the search party be cool with this time-skipping?
Name: Starlight

Gender: Female

Age: 1 month real time, 3 years Flight Rising/RP time

Alignment: Good

Appearance (Pictures or Description):

Species: Fae Dragon

Personality: A bit childish

Equipment/Weapons and Armor: She knows how to use her wings properly.

Abilities: Developing water magic(she can use water for nearly anything, but she's still learning)

Quirks: She can move really fast

Flaws: She is very stubborn

Extras: Text color is #6776ff
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