Humorous Redigit IRL Pictures Thread

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  1. Criddle

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    Remake of the Official Redigit IRL Pictures Thread from MythicManiac on TerrariaOnline.

    Have fun editing his face onto everything.
    Keep in mind to keep any photoshopping in the classy realm and use your common sense while doing these - like Loki said in the old thread.

    Reds original face.png Reds wtf face.png Reds face.png [​IMG] Reds blurry look of disapproval.png Reds look of disapproval2.png Reds happy face2.png reeed.png reed.png [​IMG] red smiil.png red video.png

    Most of the Edits I made are in the two spoilers below.






    [​IMG] Hype Train

    [​IMG] Red Bat

    [​IMG] Rod

    [​IMG] Shred (Shulk Red)

    [​IMG] Rednir

    [​IMG] TheUnredMegashark

    [​IMG] Mystered

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Redimir

    [​IMG] Rezure (Lazure)

    [​IMG] Check this out!

    [​IMG] Rezure II

    [​IMG] TFC

    [​IMG] The Spoiler

    [​IMG] Red Bunny

    [​IMG] Gingerbred Cookie

    [​IMG] Red-Wow


    [​IMG] Shia Redeouf







    [​IMG] Smells like Reddaton

    [​IMG] Red Sheeran Can't exactly embed this
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    It returns... This thread-igit will be life changing.
  3. ppowersteef

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    terraria 1.3: Return of Red
  4. MolochMekkane

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    Oh. My. Redigit.

    Also, I haven't the photoshop powers to pull it off, but I would love to see
    Redigit May Cry
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  5. Rawrg

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  6. MolochMekkane

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    Gah, at first it looked llike an empty post. Then it changed. Then it finally loaded and I saw. My eyes.
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  7. Youfad

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    This sounds awesome! I don't have photoshop, does anyone know an equivalent?
  8. Rawrg

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    I made mine with
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  9. Youfad

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    Does gimp work? I just got this morning of course I have no idea how to use it, but I can get around that!
  10. Rawrg

    Rawrg Pixel Pirate

    Gimp is with more stuff. I prefer's interface.
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  11. Youfad

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    Might get then, for simplicity's sake.
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    Oh this thread again! I might make another one...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    My exact reaction to this new forums (Don't be mean, made it with paint):
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  19. Mamaluigi71

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    I'm so glad this thread is back, it gave me a few laughs back on TO!
  20. esw2000

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    Cant forget this.