Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary - Ask Redigit and Cenx!

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  1. MiTerraria

    MiTerraria Terrarian

    Boa noite, jogo Terraria a uns 4 anos, já enfrentei todos os chefes e eventos exceto a Punpikin e a Frost Moom, pois percebi que como jogamos sempre a três, minhas filhas e eu, o jogo quase triplica o número de inimigos, chegamos ate a fase 15 mas não conseguimos ganhar, chegam a ser 12 Punpikins sobrevoando no final, vocês acreditam que o jogo possa não estar computando os pontos corretamente? E também gostaria de saber se há a possibilidade de terem os eventos do computador para o xbox360?
    Queria dizer que sou muito fã do Terraria, Minhas filhas também amam, é um momento que ficamos juntas e falamos a mesma língua, tenho ótimas lembranças, inclusive da primeira vez que vimos o chutlu,
    Parabens pela inteligência dos detalhes do jogo, pelo cuidado com a perfeição, vocês são demais.

    Boa noite, jogo com uns 4 anos, é tudo sobre chefes e eventos de um jogo de futebol, pois as mulheres são jogadas ao longo de três filhas e eu, o jogo quase triplica o número de inimigos, chegamos à uma fase 15 Punjik sobrevoando no final, vocês acreditam que o jogo não está sendo capaz de computar os pontos corretamente? E também gostaria de saber se há alguma coisa de fato?
    Queria dizer that sou muito fans of Terraria, Minhas filhas também amam, é um momento que fazem juntas e falem de outra língua, de muitas lembranças, inclusive da primeira vez que vimos o chutlu,
    Parabens pela inteligência dos detalhes do jogo, pelo cuidado com a perfeição, vocês são demais.

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  2. XSlayer300

    XSlayer300 Skeletron Prime

    What is your thought on mods on this game? Varying from large content mods to simple QoL changes?

    Will there be more unique weapons in the game?
  3. What have you died to the most in Terraria.
  4. Xerinc

    Xerinc Terrarian

    When you were first getting ideas for the game, what inspired you to create the boss EoC, and honestly to put it simply, how did you lot come up with the idea of the first 3 bosses in the game, EoC, EoW and Skeletron?
    Between the first 3 bosses, which ones do you wish you could have changed back then but can't now because they are so iconic?
    And lastly, Have you thought of making a mode like Calamity Mod's Revengeance or Death mode?
  5. What is your view on the current class? like melee and magic and stuff.
  6. wolfplaysgames24

    wolfplaysgames24 Terrarian

    What was your original plan for Terraria? What was the art supposed to be like, were the bosses introduced in later updates originally planned for the release?
  7. YaNightmares

    YaNightmares Terrarian

    Will Terraria mobile ever become multiplayer where friends from differnt lans can be able to join a world? If so will there be a friends dedicated button ingame
  8. Will_Willson05

    Will_Willson05 Terrarian

    - Do you think you will eventually move on to non-terraria related projects?
    - How will the grapple button work on mobile?
    - Do all the "when will this be out" questions on twitter ever start to bug you? ( It would me)

    - Most importantly, do you think we could ever meet the team behind terraria? Just see them and what they do?
    Thanks a million for making terraria by the way.
  9. Kexel

    Kexel Terrarian

    Have you ever considered making a 3D game in a similar vein to Terraria? Also will any future updates add more Steam Achievements?
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  10. Terrakota

    Terrakota Terrarian

    Will there ever be added Super Large Worlds?
  11. TheWith3r129

    TheWith3r129 Terrarian

    To start off I wanna quickly say thank you for making this game. It inspired me and many others. So I have only a couple questions. Will the new final sword be a Terra Blade upgrade? I made one myself (with help from a friend, and I don’t have a pic on my phone so can’t post it rn.) that’s kinda insanely op. Next question is who designed the Terra Blade? (You can probably tell I am a fan of it. Terra Blade best blade) Next question Cenx said the Moon Lord is Cthulu’s brother, yet the lore implies he is Cthulu. Which is true? Final question, what sort of post-Moony content can we expect, if any? Sorry real last question, will mods on Xbox One/PS4 ever be possible? Thanks for taking the time to read this and maybe respond. I understand however if you don’t, but if you do it would mean a lot. Thanks!

    Edit: I do have a pic of my Terra Blade upgrade. It’s called Terra’s Wrath. Combo of all endgame 1.3 swords (meowmere, star wrath, influx waver), Terra blade, and post moony materials (luminite and solar fragments)

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  12. OmegaMaster

    OmegaMaster Terrarian

    What are your inspirations, be it movies, books, comics, or even music, what makes your mind fly and imagine all the amazing content on the game?
    And second, with the new official lore citing ctullhu, could this imply the existence of more ancient deities or eldritch beings within the terraria universe, and if so, would you be interested in adding them as future content?
  13. CrimsonRed1710

    CrimsonRed1710 Terrarian

    Are there any plans for mod support for consoles in a future update since the game has recently been recoded to better match the pc version of terraria
  14. Books N' Swords

    Books N' Swords Terrarian

    A few questions:
    - As the lore was just released, does that mean that 1.3.6 will have more bits of Terraria lore?
    - Seeing that 1.3.6 has been in development for about 4 years. What are your thoughts on 1.3.6 so far?
    - Is the Moonlord still not Cthulhu?

    - In one word, what is your motivation and inspiration in making this game?
  15. danisavi900

    danisavi900 Terrarian

    Hi! At the time of creation of the game Terraria you thought that it will become so popular? And I recently bought a Terraria on steam and I have a question : do not I have to pay extra for the update of the game?
  16. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    What are your thoughts on enemies placing blocks (antlion, snow balla)? I think it's right up there with corruptor corrupting and clown explosions. If they faded after a while it could probably become an interesting mechanic.
  17. Natper26

    Natper26 Terrarian

    Do you guys sort of have a end to the game in mind? Sort of like a point where you think "The game is complete" and move on or anything like that?
  18. Syvwulf

    Syvwulf Official Terrarian

    What are your personal favorite music tracks in the game?
  19. PhoenixMaster

    PhoenixMaster Steampunker

    Have you ever thought about giving the player the possibility of achieving a "Bad Ending"? (I know there aren't any real endings and you can ruin your own world yourself, more like something that isn't in the players control but is more mild than outright deleting the world)
    And if so, what do you think might be an interesting to implement this?
  20. GrismarPicklemelt

    GrismarPicklemelt Terrarian

    What is your personal stance on mods that make things like crafting and storage unnecessary? (Magic Storage, Alchemist Npc, ect.) Would you ever consider things like this in the actual game?
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