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7.0.2 (Beta Version) Update
For TModLoader 2022.5.103.25 for Terraria

1.4 brought a lot of coding changes the required making mod compatible. I also worked on improving my mod and making it less complicated. I also worked on adjusting my mod to 1.4 content and gameplay changes and general improvements.

Instead of setting a percentage, most settings are for setting how many tries on average that it takes. This means 1 / n, where n is the configuration setting.

Extra Enemy Loot Drops Chances
The new Bestiary created a whole new enemy drop system, so I had to start from scratch. Last time I only considered low drop rates when I added this feature, which caused a lot of configuration settings to go through and a lot of inaccuracy. This time I also considered enemy spawn rates. Changes include:
  • Extra drops now show up in Bestiary.
  • By default, Marble drops from Marble Cave enemies (by default).
  • By default, Terragrim can drop from all Hardmode Boss Bags that can drop Developer items.
  • (Will remove after 1.4.4): Adjusted configuration multipliers for human pirates and the vanilla drop rates of human pirates to match 1.4.4. Flying Dutchman now always drops at least 1 Golden Furniture, like in 1.4.4. (Note: Drop rates of Flying Dutchman for 1.4.4 aren't specific, so I can't replicate the future changes).
  • Town NPC death loot (instead of them selling it).

Spawn Increasing
  • War and Chaos Potions renamed to Greater Battle and Super Battle Potions for better clarity. Changed Super Battle Potions sprite colors.
  • The previous rates where overdone, and made the jump from Greater to Super Battle Potion less significant, so I reduced and spawn rates of Greater Battle Potion to 4 and Super Battle Potion to 8. Reduced the max spawns of Greater Battle Potion to 3 and Super Battle Potion to 4.

If you experience lag, try lowering Max Spawns first.

  • I removed the configurable increases to fishing catch rates and fish upgrade potion.
  • Added new Multi-Bobber Potion which requires 3 critters with separate tiers of critter bait levels: 0-19, 20-24, and 25+. By default, using it will allow you to use 10 bobbers at the same time.
  • Swapped Angler potion for a configurable chance for angler to reset when all Angler Armor-wearing player finish their quest. By default the chance is 0 before Hardmode, 1/2 in Hardmode, and 1/2 after Plantera.

Time Accelerating
I removed Marble Sundial and Granite Moondial, and focused on enhancing the new 1.4 sleeping mechanic. By default, this mod increases time flow while sleeping. It can be increased further by the following:
  • If any player has a buff from a new "Sleep Potion".
  • You can also craft a Time Charm at an Enchanted Sundial. Using it, toggles it on or off for the world.
By default, the max amount reachable is 60 in-game minutes per real-world second. This is the speed of an Enchanted Sundial, but that doesn't make the Sundial useless. The Sundial also increases the speed of other things and can be used during a Solar Eclipse.

Rare Item Placement After World Generation (Replaces Lockboxes)
1.4 added more ways to get Chest-only items: Crates, Tree Shaking, and Steampunker. At the end of world generation, this mod will look for certain items that the world is missing and place them randomly in certain chest:
  • Pyramid items into Sandstone Chests.
  • Bee Minecart into an Ivy Chest.
  • Finch Staff, Ladybug Minecart, and Sunflower Minecart into Living Wood Chests (Regular Chest if it runs out of Living Wood Chests to place in).
  • Mushroom Chest items into Mushroom Chests (Gold Chest in a 840 tile wide center of the world if it runs out of Mushroom Chests to place in).
  • By default, 1 generated gold chest will have a Terragrim added to it.
I also gave Sand Elemental a chance to drop Sandstorm in a Bottle.

  • Dungeon Color furniture from Dungeon and Stockade crates (random color).
  • King, Queen, Heart, Star, and Bomb statue drop chances from Gold, Iron, and Wood crates and their Hardmode variants.
  • Off by default, can set extra chance to drop Enchanted Sundial.
  • Crate downgrade recipes are now for downgrade Hardmode to Pre-Hardmode.

Traveling Merchant
I still wasn't happy with the Stationary Merchant. I realized, it made the Traveling Merchant's arrival still non-exciting. I removed Stationary Merchant and focused on improving the Traveling Merchant instead. Off by default, I added a configuration for more shop rolls. I also added an extra chance of dropping items with rare conditions or late game requirements (for example: Pulse Bow).

Holiday Timeline
I removed Christmas Spirit, Halloween Spirit, and Christmas Elf. Added a new Holiday Timeline feature. The timeline length will be a configurable amount of in-game days. Where n is the configuration setting: the timeline loops through 9*n days, Halloween, regular day(s), then Christmas on the last day. By default, the timeline is 24 days long.

Misc Crafting
  • Traps are crafted instead of sold by NPCs.
  • Added downgrading recipes for a few Tinker's Items that prevent crafting better items later on. For example: You can craft Blue Horseshoe Balloon into Cloud in a Balloon so you can use it to craft Bundle of Balloons.
  • Universal Pylon. By default, it requires all other Pylons and Souls and is crafted at a Crystal Ball, but you can remove the Soul Requirement, make it craft-able at a Tinker's Workbench, or disable the recipe.
  • Dungeon Brick recipes to convert colors and craft to and from Dungeon Brick Platforms.
  • (Will remove after 1.4.4): Celestial Sigil now requires 12 Lunar Fragments to mimic the upcoming 1.4.4 update.
  • Off by default, ability to craft rare chest (replaces Chest Salesman).

  • Off by default, you can reduce the bestiary requirement for Universal Pylon.
  • Moon Ball now stops the Blood Moon when setting to a New Moon.
  • Equipping any Ankh Charm material, will cause Ankh Charm material to work in your inventory.
  • Goblin Retreat Order and Pirate Retreat Order removed. Goblin, Pirate, Snow Legion, and Martian Invasions will now cancel if all players are underground after it starts.
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7.0.3 (Beta)
  • Config clarification
  • Bugfix: Powder was crafted at Demon Alters
  • Improved invasion cancel message
  • Removed Moon Ball localization (it was the only one because I was testing it out). It broke in recent updates.
  • Increased max stack sizes to modded items.


  • Moon ball is now crafted as soon as meteorite is available instead of being sold by Wizard.
  • Pylons crafting difficulty is now 1 by default (before it was set to 3 which meant not long after teleports are available).
  • Improved info and added workshop versions of info + icon.
  • Bug fix. The extra item drop chances wouldn't drop.
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Official Terrarian
Hello! I wanted to ask one thing, does the mod add more spawn chance of the voodoo doll demons? Every time I have entered the underworld I have always met these enemies, but not the normal one, is it the mod or is it some other one that I have?
A plus, the translation to, for example, Spanish is complete? I could help by translating the mod (into Spanish), but the thing is that I'm still very (very) new to coding and stuff. Thanks in advance!


The mod doesn't change the spawn rates of voodoo doll demons are any other enemy, so it has to be some other mod.
I was struggling to get help on discord for translations and ended up making a post about it: link. Recently though, I found an example of it in Fargo's Souls Mod: link. I haven't had the chance to look at it yet, but I'm hoping it can show me how to do it. If you want to add any translations, you could make a fork of my mod to edit or post translations here.


Updated to 7.4
  • Greater and Super Battle Potions will multiply Invasion sizes by their max spawn rates. A slider controls how strong this affect is. 100% will multiply by the max spawn rate and 0% will multiply it by 1 (github issue: 6).
  • Goblin Battle Standard, Pirate Map, and Snow Globe will work instantly.
  • (Temporary until 1.4.4): Celestial Sigil will summon Moon Lord in 12 seconds like in the upcoming Terraria 1.4.4 update.
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Updated to 7.5
  • Updated vanilla recipes will replace the old one instead of adding a 2nd recipe.
  • If extra Slime Staff drop rate is used, the rate's denominator is multiplied by (10/7) for Normal Mode.
  • Bugfix: Setting Finch Staff drop rate from trees to 0 would cause a crash when an new item entity is created from any action (tree shaking, mining, dropping, etc.).


Updated to 7.6
  • Like the Slime Staff, the rest of vanilla items with separate Expert drop rates, will now have slightly smaller drop rates in Normal difficulty.
  • Slime Staff
    • configurations split into 3.
    • Now increased by default.
  • Added a new Slime Trophy (enabled by default). It has the same drop rates as Slime Staff in vanilla. This services as a replacement "trophy item" if Slime Staff is set to drop easier.
  • Added a new Bestiary Trophy (enabled by default). If the Bestiary is 100% filled, the Zoologist will sell this item. This serves as a replacement reward if the Universal pylon is set to be obtained easier.
  • Item value reduction for extra chances (enabled by default). New_value = old_value * (vanilla_rate / total_new_rate).
  • Holiday timeline
    • Simplified and more accurate.
    • Added a calendar that can be purchased from the Merchant.
  • Configuration setting to allow lowering the Lunar Pillar Shield amount.
  • Bugfix: Reduced Grinding world data wasn't saving.
Updated to 7.6.1
  • Bugfix: Calendar's true value wasn't ever set, and was left at 1 Platinum. It's now 1 Silver.
  • Several item stack sizes increased to 9999 to match the future 1.4.4 update.
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Update to 7.6.2
  • Added English Localization (if you want to add translations, the base "en-US.hjson" file can be found here: Localization.
  • If world gen is set to add non-existing rare chest loot, it will show a message for it during world generation (note: it's very fast, so this message is visible for less than a second).
  • Gave Moon Ball the same sparkling effect that Crystal Ball has.
  • Bugfix: Calendar wasn't highlighting from smart cursor
  • Bugfix: Conditions for Time Charm and Sleep Potion being craft-able weren't set right.
Updated to 7.6.3 and 7.6.4
  • Typo and grammar fixes.
Updated to 7.6.5 and 7.6.6
  • Click-for-Buff station buffs will now last until death (this is a future 1.4.4 feature, but I don't know if that's true for Slice of Cake).
  • will no longer count down. Updated Staff of Difficulty configuration info.
Updated to 7.7
  • The feature that lets Ankh Charm material accessories work from the inventory if at least 1 is equipped, now has a configuration switch for it and will add info about this feature in their tooltips.
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Eater of Worlds
I disabled this mod after playing with it and created a new world and character but enemies still drop tsunamis in bottles near the ocean. I think it's this mod doing it.


Updated to 7.9

Bugfix (github issue 9): My mod was set up so during every game update (about 1/60th of a second I think), clients will send data to the server, which can cause a lot of strain on servers (). I set it up so clients only send this data if the data is changed, instead of every update.

Updated to 7.9.1

Updated Calendar texture.

Updated to 7.10

Bugfix: Period holiday events couldn't be disabled.
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Updated to 8.0
  • Multi-Bobber Potion
    • Fixed compatibility issues. It was previously setting bobber amounts of every fishing rod to 1 when the buff wasn't active. For example: this was causing problems with some Calamity multi-bobber rods.
    • Split into 3 Tiers: regular, +3 bobbers; greater, +6 bobbers; and super +9 bobbers. Added separate configuration for when using Calamity, (+1, +2, and +4), and using Calamity will push the in-game availability for Greater and Super Multi-Bobber Potions a big further.
  • Some item value adjustments.
  • Bugfix: Seasonal day could get stuck infinitely increase if the configuration for it changed.
  • Compatibility issue fixed for Fargo's Mutant Mod: If setting a Christmas or Halloween every day to false, it would undo the seasonal holiday feature from this mod.
EDIT, I forgot this:
  • Bugfix: Greater Battle Potion was only adding Greater Battle Buff and not the Battle Buff.
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I'm having problems with Reduced Grinding and the fishing rods. They're not working with the mod turned on, i click several times and nothing. When i've disabled the mod, all fishing rods gone working again.

Hope it get fixed soon! ;)


I'm having problems with Reduced Grinding and the fishing rods. They're not working with the mod turned on, i click several times and nothing. When i've disabled the mod, all fishing rods gone working again.

Hope it get fixed soon! ;)
I just altered this yesterday, so your post made me suspicious. I tested it out and it worked fine, and I posted in the #mod-progaming support channel in discord, and they said it was fine. What fishing rods are messing up and what mods are you using?


I just altered this yesterday, so your post made me suspicious. I tested it out and it worked fine, and I posted in the #mod-progaming support channel in discord, and they said it was fine. What fishing rods are messing up and what mods are you using?
All Vanilla rods. Im using basically Ore Extractor, Luiafk, Better Chests and Alchemist Npc
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