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[Released WIP] Terraria Avalon

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Not to be destructive. But Oblivion's design is...eh. in first fight your just fighting a beefed up Pink-irised Retinazer-Spazmatism Hybrid and the second form is the same model as Spaz. In the Reborn fight your fighting two two-armed Skeleprimes on roids with different colored eyes but the yellow-eyed one has a different head model. both of their hands still have bone texture (I might be wrong cuz i couldn't see their color properly in the lighting) you may have different attack patterns with the lasers and the two black-irised first forms spazmatisms but Oblivion can really use a redesign with they're own unique designs without the recolored Base-bosses (The Twins) or little modifications to the sprites (Yellow-eyed Skeletron head). Not trying to nitpick i'm just suggesting that you can improve and I hope you can in the future.

P.S This was based by videos of Oblivion boss fights created in 2013-2014 that i watched. if the boss is already changed, don't mind this comment and sorry that i wrote this cause i didn't know this until now. Good day! :)


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how much of exxo will be in the Tmod version? i really miss this mod, it's still my top favorite mod.
I'm aiming to port it all over before release, and then add some of the stuff from the tConfig version in an update.

Most of exxo is already in the tModLoader version...
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