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[Released WIP] Terraria Avalon

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Duke Fishron
Just a bit of a daydream post here. One of the things that I've always loved about the original versions of the Avalon mod were those "demon spikes" that would harm enemies but not players. (Or NPCs? Was that accurate?) I'm honestly surprised that more mods don't have them. They were immeasurably useful in town defense.

Well, best of luck with the revival! I hope that you receive a lot of support and cheers from the community. ^-^


Skeletron Prime
So far, I’ve fixed:

- Shockwave Potion
- Broken Weaponry, Unloaded, and Infected debuffs being cancellable
- Coughwood and other custom wood types not merging with other blocks as they should

And retextured:

- Osmium items (thanks to @Brutallama )
- All bars
- All potions
- Shadow Mirror
- Hallowed Greatsword
And some other things I forget right now

Also, I seem to be running out of ideas :/. Anyone have anything they’d like to see?
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The Destroyer
I posted about a possible "Dragon's Den" biome a while back but thinking about it now that'd be pretty difficult to create.

I'll think of something else, maybe just some additional content for superhardmode?

Nice to see this thread becoming active again :)


Skeletron Prime

...Also, I might as well tell everyone the plans for Exxo Avalon: Origins.

It was planned to re-add the Hellcastle, and to merge it with the Library of Knowledge. There would be a boss in the LoK, Phantasm, and the LoK would be blocked by a door that can only be opened after defeating the Moon Lord.

Also, I still plan to remove Expert mode. *hint*
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