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IC Role Play - Calamity Adventure

Should I bring in the Chicken Nugget Wand

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  • What is a chicken nugget wand?

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Skeletron Prime
Both are possible, or maybe they just work with aliens.
Also, the power inside this thing isn’t mana, or electricity, for that matter, and whatever it is it sure is powerful.


"Let's just head to the jungle first and go from there. And if they are working with aliens, then I hope said aliens are Martians because I WANT MY COSMIC CAR KEY BACK!"


Skeletron Prime
This thing actually kind of functions like a lihzhard power cell, but it have a very different external design and power source.


*Alpha is still watching. No one notices Alpha gone*
[doublepost=1547870338,1547870312][/doublepost](Someone should realize Alpha is gone soon)


*The jungle comes into view*
"Cool, we're here! This place can get pretty dangerous, but as long as we don't go underground and stay out of the water as much as possible, we should be fine."
*Runs into the jungle*


*Takes another look at the water.*
"Yeah, something's definitively wrong here. There shouldn't be this many piranhas even if someone used a water candle and battle potion at the same time. And we're using neither of those things."


"I don't know. We should keep exploring and try to figure out what's causing them to be in swarms like this."
*Continues going forwards, being especially careful not to step into any pools of water.*


Skeletron Prime
Xernir steps into the scene.
“Almost all of those piranhas aren’t breathing, but the number is still ab—“

A piranha leaps out of the water and bites him on the leg.
“When did these things learn to jump out of the water?” Xernir complained as he grabs the piranha and crushes it.
Unexpectedly, the piranha is partly made out of metal, but also have Flesh.
“Somebody thought masses of cyborg piranhas is a good idea.”
Suddenly, the piranhas’ eyes turned red.

“And now they can talk.”
“Yeah, there’s definitely something fishy about this place”((pun intended))


"I bet that P-don organization is involved in all of thi- WHOA!"
*Starts slashing Night's Edge at the massive amounts of cyborg piranhas jumping out of the water at me*
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