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PC Selling Tier Kits!


Skeletron Prime
Im selling these Kits, want to play the game at a good rate, don't want to cheat, but cant find the right equipment, here's the place for you!
I can sell as much as you need! (Stock is indefinite, if ran out, will be replenished in about 2 weeks)

This is now becoming a full shop for items in vannila! Kits and a Boss Summon Store is now here

Important note: This post is heavily outdated and there are better methods to fairly obtain items without direct cheating. I will be closing this "shop" (It's never actually been open in the first place) but leaving the listings here for a bit incase anybody else would like to use them.

---Terrarian Adventurer Kit (All of Pre Hardmode)
Adventure throughout your world like a proper adventurer with this Starter kit! It provides the following-
-Iron Armor (Or lead depending on your preference and world gen)
-Treasure Hunter Vanity
-Iron Broadsword & Iron Shortsword (once again lead depending on world gen and choice)
-Rally Yoyo
-Enchanted Boomerang
-Iron Bow (Or lead)
-25-75 Arrows

1 Gold 5 Silver

---Terrarian Hero Kit (Beginners Hardmode)
Be like the person who killed the wall of flesh, battle your way into Moon Lords sights with this Hardmode Starter Kit! It provides the following-
-Cobalt Armor (Or Palladium)
-Cobalt Sword (Or Palladium)
-Format:C Yoyo
-Flying Knife
-KO Cannon
-Cobalt Repeater
-Crystal Vile Shard

15 Gold 30 Silver 20 Copper

---Legendary Hero Kit (Middle/End Hardmode (Middle Plantera))
The world is getting more crazy, you better prepare for Moon Lords arrival with this Hardmode Middlers Kit! It provides the following!
-Titanium Armor (Or Adamantite)
-Titanium Sword (Or Adamantite)
-True Excalibur (For 1 more gold you may switch this with a True Nights Edge.) [Forgive me for not listing True in the excalibur)
-Eye of the Cthulhu (Yoyo)
-North Pole
-Light Disc (3)

3 Platinum 10 Gold

---Godly Essence Kit (Post-Moonlord Battle Kit [ Maybe fight Moon Lord and the 3 mechanical bosses at the same time?] )
-Solar, Nebula, Stardust, or Vortex Armor
-Solar Eruption, Nebula Blaze, Stardust Dragon Staff, or Vortex Beater
-Daybreaker, Nebula Arcanum, Stardust Cell Staff, or Phantasm
-Solar Wings, Nebula Mantle, Stardust Wings, or Vortex Booster
-Solar / Nebula / Stardust / Vortex
-Ancient Manipulator
-Somewhere around 999 Luminite Ore
-40 of Any Lunar Fragment (Choose the number of how much fragments under 40)
-Meowmere, S.D.M.G, Lunar Flare, or Rainbow Crystal Staff
-Star Wrath , Celebration, Last Prism, or Lunar Portal Staff
-Terrarian, Portal Gun, Gravity Gun, or Suspicious Tentacle

-UFO Key OR Drill Containment Unit
-9 Mana Crystals, 15 Life Crystals, and 20 Life Fruits
-999 Wood
-For 10 extra gold you can have a Familiar Outfit (Head, Shirt, & Leggings)
-Any Hardmode Anvil
-Any Hardmode Forge
-250 Chlorophyte bars
-Celestial Sigil

5 Platinum 15 Gold
---------------------------------------------Even More will come!--------------------------------------------------------------------------

For every *PACK PURCHASE* You may choose one of the following to get for free! -
-Bone Key (Pet summon earned from killing a Dungeon Guardian)
-100 Bombs (Sticky, Bouncy, or Normal, Choose how much of each!)
-1998 Wood (Thats ALOT of wood! (Perfect for base making!) 99 Torches too!
-1 Slimy crown, One Suspicious Eye, or a Abeemination! (Adventurers Kit Addon Ideal!)

-------------------------------------------- Selling Some Individual Items!-----------------------------------------------------------

Dryads Boss Summon Store! :dryadwink:

- Slimy Crown ( King Slime ) 4 Gold
- Suspicious Eye ( Eye Of The Cthulhu ) 10 Gold
- Abeemination ( Queen Slime ) 12 Gold
- Worm Food ( Eater Of Worlds ) 12 Gold [ Using in a Crimson World will work! ]
- Bloody Spine ( Brain Of The Cthulhu ) 12 Gold [ Using in a Corruption World will work! ]
- Clothier Voodoo Doll ( Skeletron ) 14 Gold [ * Must have the Clothier NPC! * ]
- Guide Voodoo Doll ( Wall Of Flesh ) 18 Gold [ * Starts Hardmode!!! * ]
- Mechanical Worm ( The Destroyer ) 20 Gold
- Mechanical Eye ( The Twins ) 20 Gold
- Mechanical Skull ( Skeletron Prime ) 20 Gold
- A world with a Planteras Bulb ( Plantera ) 25 Gold [ * But this won't progress your world, so you cant have a post plantera Dungeon, but the loot is available! * ]
- **Special!!** 3 Lizhard Cells, With a Lihzahrd Altar ( Golem ) 30 Gold [ * The Altar is placeable anywhere, but cannot be broken! * ]
- Celestial Sigil ( Moon Lord ) 35 Gold

Dryads Event Summons (Branch) :dryadcool:

- Goblin Battle Standard ( Goblin Army ) 12 Gold
- Pirate Map ( Pirate Invasion ) 15 Gold
- Solar Tablet ( Solar Eclipse ) *Post Plantera 20 Gold
- Snow Globe *Exclusive!!* ( Frost Legion ) 17 Gold
- Pumpkin Moon Medallion ( Pumpkin Moon ) * Post Plantera 18 Gold
- Naughty Present ( Frost Moon ) * Post Plantera 18 Gold

Dryads Key Shop (Branch) :dryadsmile:

- Golden Key 5 Gold
- Shadow Key 15 Gold
- Any Biome Key 35 Gold - - - - ( Jungle, Corruption, Crimson, Hallowed, & Ice )
- Light Key 25 Gold ( Put in a chest to summon a Hallowed Mimic ) *Very Powerful!*
- Dark Key 25 Gold ( Put in a chest to summon a Crimson / Corrupt Mimic [ Depends on world evil ] *Very Powerful!*
- Temple Key 45 Gold ( Lizhard Temple Unlocker )

Dryads Permanent Booster Shop (Branch) :dryadconfused:

- Life Crystal 5 Gold Each
- Life Fruit 10 Gold Each
- Mana Crystal 6 Gold per 2
- Demon Heart 10 Gold ( Only usable in EXPERT WORLDS!! )


Note- All of this took a lot of time to grind up. Multiple worlds were used and all of this was done in vanilla. I hope this won't be forgotten like other posts and actually be used...
I tried to reduce prices as much as a could and make the prices worth how much work was put into it. If something is overpriced you can tell me and i will try to fix it...

To use stuff like the starter kit, what i intend is that you bring your main character with the money to pay for the gear, then join as your new character and take the gear, and start your world. Other kits such as the hardmode kit would be when you want to start hardmode quickly instead of grinding for gear and risk dying to early hardmode bosses... And the Dryad shops are supposed to be used mid game when you need to get a boss summon or need some health. Or a event to grind.

-This will be updated again in the future! ( If this doesn't get any attention i might repost it with more stuff. )
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Can I purchase individual items from those kits? If not, then it's ok too, I can buy the whole kit. I'm interested in the starter one. Invite me on steam and just message me.
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Skeletron Prime
@MatEww I will sell SOME items individually.
[doublepost=1567114210,1567114082][/doublepost]@NightDragon72 I have ALOT so if you just want to take it from me feel free to.
@GrimWither_Is_Pro I already have like 20 of each item so i dont really help but i plan on making even MORE kits later on so thanks for the offer, and i might take it on later!


Your kits are really long, I only need a rainbow gun, if there is a kit with it ill buy it. (hollowed keys are good too)


Skeletron Prime
absolutely dead, planning on closing this thread. I think its more efficient if you take items from an item server and throw out an appropriate amount of coins.
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