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PC Selling Tier Kits!

Discussion in 'Want to Sell' started by Tazmoe, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. Tazmoe

    Tazmoe Terrarian

    Im selling these Kits, want to play the game at a good rate, don't want to cheat, but cant find the right equipment, here's the place for you!
    only 3 of each kit!

    ---Terrarian Adventurer Kit (All of Pre Hardmode)
    Adventure throughout your world like a proper adventurer with this Starter kit! It provides the following-
    -Iron Armor
    -Treasure Hunter Vanity
    -Iron Broadsword / Iron Shortsword (your choice)
    -Rally Yoyo
    -Enchanted Boomerang
    -Iron Bow
    -25-75 Arrows

    1 Gold 5 Silver

    ---Terrarian Hero Kit (Beginners Hardmode)
    Be like the person who killed the wall of flesh, battle your way into Moon Lords sights with this Hardmode Starter Kit! It provides the following-
    -Cobalt Armor
    -Cobalt Sword
    -Format:C Yoyo
    -Flying Knife
    -KO Cannon
    -Cobalt Repeater
    -Crystal Vile Shard

    15 Gold 30 Silver 20 Copper

    ---Legendary Hero Kit (Middle/End Hardmode (Middle Plantera))
    The world is getting more crazy, you better prepare for Moon Lords arrival with this Hardmode Middlers Kit! It provides the following!
    -Titanium Armor
    -Titanium Sword
    -Eye of the Cthulhu
    -North Pole
    -Light Disc (3

    3 Platinum 10 Gold
    More will be added
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  2. MatEww

    MatEww Terrarian

    Can I purchase individual items from those kits? If not, then it's ok too, I can buy the whole kit. I'm interested in the starter one. Invite me on steam and just message me.
    Steam Community ::
  3. NightDragon72

    NightDragon72 Steampunker

    i'm really tempted to buy one just so that i can take it from someone else, but i won't
    this time
  4. GrimWither_Is_Pro

    GrimWither_Is_Pro Terrarian

    id be happy to help you make kits I got lots of extra stuff laying around