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Sprites Shooting Star (Alternate Meteorite)


Official Terrarian
Going to take the time to point out the disclaimer at the top of the mod that states all balance features are not Izzabelle's responsibility or strong suit. Not meaning to come off as mean, just thought I'd pull your attention to it.


Skeletron Prime
......An alternate Meteorite?

I actually like these contents but I think instead of being an alternate Meteorite it could be found in space.


Is the name "star metal" one of the references? Cause if not, I find it a little tacky.
I kinda prefer "star bar" myself...


Duke Fishron
Green Rarity Image for Star Whale Mortar is broken
Star Power Wand ingredient is broken, is probably the gif of the gems
Star Power Brooch ingredient is broken, is probably pixie dust due to it being a "alternate" of the Meteor Staff in vanilla
Starmite Silence Debuff icon is broken
Chain ingredient for the chandelier is broken


Looks neato!



I feel like if there isn't gonna be a different alternate evil, this and Vermin Horde should be Crimson equivalents to the Meteor and Goblin Army. Because those events are tied to Shadow Orbs, so it's the most logical place to start for alts besides an alternate evil biome or Hallow. Besides, they're small enough, about as big as the alternate ores, so I think it really works.

Selenian Ω

maybe how meteorite and meteor heads have little sparks when struck, these would have tiny blue and yellow stars?


Eater of Worlds
Can we get texture packs for these? They're great ideas but I don't think we'll get any more updates this big.
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