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Showcase your headquaters!

x Mista J x


A hideout. Perfect for a spawn-point or simply to wait out blood-moons of that sort. The rest of the tree isn't shown here
WOW! I LOVE THIS BUILD! Very similar to what I am trying to achieve. Would you be able to share some more info on the farms and crafting areas? How they are built/arranged/function etc.


I can't upload my image for some reason, it says I don't have permission.

[UPDATE] i was able to drag and drop, but the "upload file" button wouldn't let me do anything.
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Sorry to repost the same thing, but I got bored of stitching images together so I've done a video tour of the NPC villages (6 minutes or so):




A new build style I am working on currently.
Going to make a gigantic castle-ish type community build for my NPC's. The Village for say that I built previously in the world pre-hardmode is going to be transformed into a pillaged village, fire blocks and all.

This tower is the guard station for the city itself, and withholds all of the city's secrets. Still a work in progress.

I am more used to "professional" minecraft building, so 2D building on this scale is definitely new to me.

I decided to go with a more granite feel, and so I am also trying out the 3D techniques.
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