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Switch Splitscreen Terraria Launches on Nintendo Switch


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Greetings Terrarians!

We are quite pleased to share with you that the latest update for Terraria on Nintendo Switch has been approved by Nintendo and that it will be making its way to everyone today! This update includes the highly-anticipated two-player Splitscreen mode!

Along with this long-desired feature comes a solid handful of bug fixes - both for two-player Splitscreen and for the core Single Player experience. Let's take a quick moment to dive into the details so that you can get started today on your Splitscreen experience!

Splitscreen 1.jpg

To start your Splitscreen adventure, you will need a second paired set of controls and each player will need their own user account on the Switch. With all of that in place, here is how you get going!
  • Player One should start up a Single Player game - choose their character and the world on which you want to play​
  • Once the game has loaded completely, Player Two should pick up their controller and press the A button​
  • This will bring up the User Account Selection Menu - Player Two then selects their Switch User Account​
  • Upon selecting their account, Player Two will be able to select any Character files tied to that account (or create a new one if they do not have any)​
  • Once Player Two picks their Character, they will load into the game... and off you and your buddy go on your Splitscreen Terraria adventures!​

All other controls should work as per the normal game, just with a bit different viewport. Note that you can zoom in/out just as you can with Single Player (Pause, ZL/ZR) to allow for greater visibility.

As always, if you encounter bugs, be sure to report them into the team as possible using the Console Bug Report section (Console Bug Reports).

The team hopes that you enjoy this long-awaited feature as well as the handful of fixes as we now turn towards the future of Terraria on Nintendo Switch: Journey's End! We hope to have news on that front as we move ahead - so stay tuned for further updates on this and more.


What modes does this work in (handheld, tabletop, docked)

Handheld obviously wouldn't work great, but it could work. Same with tabletop.


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eh. I'm more concerned about performance optimizations, and getting to 1.4 on Switch than splitscreen being implemented. It's a waste of time unless you're gonna be playing on a TV which defeats the purpose of the Switch being a portable as well as a TV based console.


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Well, Splitscreen handheld would be like playing with ants unless you were so zoomed in it would make things nigh unplayable.

A lot of folks desire this even with that - but it is not for everyone.

As noted last month, we will have to see what DR can come up with and when for 1.4. :)


I tried that crash when reaching the world edge on large worlds and I still think it happens, I am currently reinstalling the game and trying it again. This was probably fixed on the developers end, much like last time. I am seeing what a fresh download will do for it (if anything).

edit: Re-downloaded, new large world, still have the issue (looks like I'm avoiding the right ocean or playing on a medium world) .
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Does this only work in docked mode? I got this game on switch for the sole reason of playing with my brother using Pro controllers on a switch lite, but it isn't letting him join. If so then that's quite a disappointment.


Does this only work in docked mode? I got this game on switch for the sole reason of playing with my brother using Pro controllers on a switch lite, but it isn't letting him join. If so then that's quite a disappointment

Works only on docked mode, sorry.


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Does this also come with the Quality of Life settings that XB1 and PS4 got recently? I've been hoping to get those things here on Switch!
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