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    While each of them are unique, the amount of weapons you can craft from Solar, Vorter, Stardust and Nebula Fragments is kind of underwhelming. There's not a single end-game spear or a slow firing heavy hitter weapon, for example.

    So, I suggest more weapons!

    All of them are crafted with 18 Fragments, just like the existing ones.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Nucleus Neutralizer

    Damage: 645
    Knockback: Very strong
    Crit Chance: 30%
    Use time: 60 (Snail)
    Right click to zoom out
    "Vaporization, down on an atomic scale."

    An end-game upgrade to the Sniper Rifle, whenever this weapon crits, in addition to the normal critical damage it also applies a special debuff that deals damage equal to 2% of the enemy's max HP over a period of 6 seconds.
    Shots fired from this weapon gain a very high velocity similar to the Sniper Rifle, as well as a Vortex-coloured trail double the length of Chlorophyte bullets' trail.

    The body parts of enemies (not bosses) killed by this weapon disintegrate and disappear in a blue flash of light after 1/3 of a second. Doesn't need to have its own animations for each and every gib sprite, just a blue flare effect.

    MIRV Launcher

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Damage: 155
    Knockback: Very strong (Average for the smaller rockets)
    Use time: 25 (Fast)

    Uses rockets as ammo. Rockets fired by this weapon move slowly, home towards enemies and are slightly bigger than ordinary rockets. When they've travelled a set distance away from the user, they explode and split into 4 smaller, non-homing rockets with high velocity.

    These rockets are always fired with a fixed spread, like the Poison Staff, and keep the properties of the rockets you use as ammo. (Rocket IIs destroy terrain, Rocket IIIs have bigger AoE, etc.)
    The smaller rockets deal the same amount of damage as the big rocket.

    This weapon does not damage the user.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Fist of Helios is a reskinned Nebula Blaze because I can't draw hands or gloves.

    Damage: 160
    Knockback: Weak
    Use time: 8 (Insanely Fast)
    "Retaliate with the punch of gods"

    An Arkhalis-style weapon with 3-4x the range, this is the true tank weapon. When you take damage while this weapon is in your inventory, you gain the Helios' Anger buff.

    While it is a "glove" weapon, the attack animation is a glowing, orange-red Arkhalis-like swing.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Helios' Anger

    Duration: 3s
    Double damage for the Fist of Helios

    As the tooltip says, the Fist of Helios deals double the damage as long as you have this buff. Damage is doubled after other melee damage buffs are applied, meaning you can get insane damage numbers with other damage ups - you will have to get in really close, however.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Melter Trident (Sprite not to scale)

    Damage: 140
    Knockback: Strong
    Use time: 27 (Average)

    An end-game spear, and the longest spear in the game, being about 30% longer than the North Pole. When you attack with it, it leaves behind a flaming, orange, ghost-like replica of itself with half the length. You can have multiple replicas. These replicas deal the same amount of damage, move with your character, and pretty much act like stationary versions of the spear.

    They will stay there indefinetly, but you can only have up to 5 replicas around you at once. When a new one is created, the oldest disappears.

    They will also disappear if you don't have the Melter Trident selected for 10 seconds.


    Stellar Mirror

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Damage: 64
    Knockback: None
    Use time: 9 (Very Fast)
    Mana cost: 6 (-2 for each player)
    "By our powers combined!"

    A weapon that shoots a beam, similar to the Saucer's and the Moon Lord's Deathrays. The beam curves slightly towards enemies, and can pierce indefinetly.

    I came up with two special abilities for this weapon. It does NOT have both of them, they're seperate options.

    A: When a nearby player of the same team fires another Stellar Mirror towards a location close to the one you are firing towards, the beams conjoin into one, dealing more damage, reducing the mana cost for each player, increasing the size of the beam, and significantly improving the homing capabilities of it.

    The damage of both players' Stellar Mirrors are added together, and then multiplied by 1.25.
    Mana cost reducing prefixes, buffs or equipment are applied after the mana cost reduction of the Stellar Mirror.

    B: The beam of the Stellar Mirror can reflect off of walls. Each reflection decreases damage and beam size by 5%. The beam disappears when it reaches 0% beam size.

    While firing it, it floats a small distance away from the player similarly to the Last Prism.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Dubstep Cannon

    Damage: 94
    Knockback: Strong (7)
    Use time: 17 (Very Fast)
    Mana cost: 8

    The Dubstep Cannon can be charged for up to 3 seconds. While it's being charged, it plays the build up section of a dubstep track, and it gets louder as you charge it.

    The Dubstep Cannon has no projectile. If fired without charge, it deals damage and knocks back all enemies within sword range and a 15 degree radius. The damage, knockback, radius and range increase sharply as the weapon is charged for longer, reaching at 2.9s charge about 376 damage, Insane (11) knockback, 60 degree radius and the Solar Eruption's range.

    When fully charged, all of the aforementioned stats are massively increased (2x of the bonuses on 2.9 charge), and the weapon gains the unique ability to knock bosses and other un-knockable enemies back. Against them, the knockback of the weapon is halved after all knockback buffs are applied. This does not work on the Celestial Pillars.

    The dubstep music reaches a bass drop when the Cannon is fired. The longer the charge, the louder and more powerful the drop. Firing also causes ripples in the effect radius, correspondent to the range and width of the blast.


    There really isn't a lot you can do with Summoner weapons, so I have only one suggestion.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Stardust Construct Staff

    Damage: 72
    Summons a Stardust Construct to protect you

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    It's the worst sprite ever holy crap.

    The Stardust Construct is a stationary "turret" minion, like the Frost Dragon. Unlike other turret minions however, it can be placed in the air.
    It summons small Milkyway Weavers that chase after enemies. Each Milkyway Weaver can hit an enemy up to 4 times, and will disappear afterwards.

    The Construct will simultaneously attack all enemies it can reach.


    That's it for this suggestion! It was really fun to think of and write.
    The balance is obviously not perfect, so please leave your own thoughts and changes.

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  2. Skeltinon

    Skeltinon Steampunker

    I need Dubstep Cannon and Melter Trident. NOW. Other items are nice too, but those two outclasses the rest for me.
  3. Battle Bee

    Battle Bee Terrarian

    The Nucleus Neutralizer and the Dubstep Cannon are my personal favourites. :p
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  4. TMB50

    TMB50 Terrarian

    The Nucleus Neutralizer should cause bullets to be able to pierce enemies on top of their normal effects. Probabily it could also improve their effects, such as causing exploding bullets to cause bigger explosions, or make bullet-inducing debuffs able to inflict stronger versions of their debuffs; and it's damage seems to need to be nerfed, as 710 damage is just plain ridiculous. Reducing it to 200 or so would be better.
    The MIRV launcher should cause the rockets to split mid-flight, rather than when they are about to hit; or they could split upon hitting.
  5. Popmen

    Popmen Skeletron Prime

    Nice! My favorites are teh dubstep cannon (obviously) the Nucleus neutralizer and the Melter trident
  6. Battle Bee

    Battle Bee Terrarian

    It's an end-game upgrade to the Sniper Rifle, remember, which does 185 damage. 710 damage seems appropriate for a better version of it.
    The MIRV Launcher splitting mid-flight sounds better, though! Kind of like a rocket shotgun.
  7. Yvori

    Yvori Terrarian

    Oh wow, these are all really nice ideas!
    I especially like the Fist of Helios and Stellar Mirror.
  8. CrazyDragon

    CrazyDragon Golem

    I think they're all pretty cool except for the Dubstep Cannon (I just don't like dubstep). I really need a spear better than the North Pole so I love the Melter Trident.
  9. Silverlancer

    Silverlancer Plantera

    The stellar mirror seems like it would be a near impossible feat to produce, but is cool

    Fists of Helios, and all the vortex items got me super excited reading though I LOVED THEM :dryadpassionate:

    Full Support
  10. Battle Bee

    Battle Bee Terrarian

    You mean impossible to code, or impossible to use properly?
  11. Silverlancer

    Silverlancer Plantera

    Impossible to code, because while it would be cool to support a team of mages like that being able to make the beams combine from separate players
    eg... running checks for multiple people using the beams in xxx area seems like it could be difficult to code in the current games form? I don't know just a thought
  12. Battle Bee

    Battle Bee Terrarian

    I don't know the exact limits of Terraria's engine, but it should work fine.
    Might be difficult to implement though.
  13. ArchKnight

    ArchKnight Steampunker

    While I don't know what language or what kind of engine even terraria runs whatsoever, as a programmer and more specifically a game designer, it's possible. But it comes with several issues, to check for that kind of thing you need to create a system the procedurally checks each position for a conjunction of beams which puts stress on the machine, and for those who play terraria with very low spec PCs (I just so happen to have a friend who does run on a machine from about 2004) it would lag it out, in addition to this most commonly being used against hoards of enemies and/or large bosses, which ruins low specs FPS already. Whoever from a balance standpoint because it's endgame the insane power of it is certainly fair. In my "professional" (sorta) opinion it's never gonna happen simply due to how much coding would have to be done to make it work out nicely. But honestly I could be totally wrong so no harm in hoping for it c: (Personally I love the two Solar weapons being a big melee guy, very nice ideas!)
  14. Redstonetam15

    Redstonetam15 Eater of Worlds

  15. XiaoThePotato

    XiaoThePotato Skeletron Prime

    Me gusta.
    And yeah, I think the Nucleus Neutralizer is in need of a base damage nerf, as well as piercing effects on the bullets. Invincibility frames will not affect DPS with high usetime weapons anyway.
  16. DialgaTheTimeLord

    DialgaTheTimeLord Steampunker


    ...I want this.
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  17. DJFlare84

    DJFlare84 Mechanic

    As a summoner, I want that Construct Staff. <3

    Also as a summoner, I want that Neutralizer.

    "And, brother! When it disintegrates... it disintegrates!" *gun disintegrates* "... well, whaddyaknow. It... disintegrated..."
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  18. Battle Bee

    Battle Bee Terrarian

    Buffed the Construct. It can now attack an enemy with more than one Weaver.
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  19. Nutella Fairy

    Nutella Fairy Skeletron Prime

    Buff the stellar mirror, then take away the multiplayer effect. It's just too complicated and unnecesary. A beam that curves twords your enemy is enough for me.
  20. CrazyDragon

    CrazyDragon Golem

    With it being a "mirror", I'd say have it bounce off walls a few times (like a beam of light on a mirror). It would just destroy the Destroyer in an enclosed space!
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