Standalone Super Terraria World - MMORPG Style Mod - Server and Client Mod

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  1. Flippi

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    I've set a personal goal of by the next month, but as @darthmorf pointed out, there is quite a bit of work and we can only get so much done in our free time.

    Stay tuned for more info. :D
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  2. Stereochuck

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    I cant wait for this to be updated so I can play it!!!!!!
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  3. Skywaxer

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    I have an idea for the summor-problem. Would it be cool to have 2 types of metal staffs:
    1. A staff that summons a little knight (with gravity) with does slow but powerfull attacks.
    2. A staff that summons a drone (or something like that) that can fly and does quick low damage attacks.
    Anything you like?
  4. Flippi

    Flippi Skeletron

    Happy to see that you're excited! We're working hard to bring it up to speed!

    We always keep player suggestions in mind, so thanks for letting us know! I'm not entirely sure we can just squeeze new items like this into the game though.
  5. BIA_Kaboose

    BIA_Kaboose Pixel Pirate

    For the second suggestion it could do something akin to Wilhelm from Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, have a dual unit summoning item akin to the eyeball staff, but have one of the units be moderate damage and the other some form of support, i.e. a little bit of damage reduction, health regen, or if possible even a shielding mechanic (Though that might be tricky to properly code). That way a dedicated summoner could make themselves tanky and still have decent damage with a swarm of them, but only having one on a non-summon dedicated class wouldn't be game breaking.

    Honestly that's one of my main issues with the Summoner playstyle in Terraria, a lack of options for being anything beyond ambient damage that disappears when you, the really squishy and easy to kill because of low stat armor summoner, dies.
  6. crikk23@youtube

    [email protected] Terrarian

    so im wondering if there a way to just get the cross realm part of this? id love to combine my worlds!
  7. darthmorf

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    Do you mean the world transitions?
  8. crikk23@youtube

    [email protected] Terrarian

    yes, would love to build large expanding world for lets play and well for my own games.
  9. darthmorf

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    Sorry, there aren't any aspects of the the mod available on their own.
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  10. Stereochuck

    Stereochuck Terrarian

    Hmm so is there a way to play this? Like is there a way to uninstall the update so this is playable?
  11. Hollow Knight

    Hollow Knight Spazmatism

    No, you have to wait until they port it over to the 1.3.5 update.
  12. Magic Mage

    Magic Mage Terrarian

    It wont let me play, I assume its because of the update?

    Its a little box popup that then forces terraria to close
  13. darthmorf

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  14. Flippi

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    Super Terraria World has been in development for a few years now, with the ultimate development goal of releasing the multiplayer version of the mod. We've added quite a bit of content to be played in a single player version of the mod before starting the multiplayer development. We were in the processes of porting this content to multiplayer, having had several multiplayer tests with our Patrons.

    When Terraria 1.3.5 was released, STW became not compatible. The team started taking the necessary steps to port it over. We quickly realized that now was also a time for refactoring our code to allow for new content to be added more easily and clean up bad decisions we made previously. It was decided to start outlining a general Roadmap to having STW compatible with 1.3.5+, what all needs refactored, and the first open beta test of multiplayer. We'd like to share this Roadmap with you.

    Roadmap to Multiplayer
    The goal of this Roadmap is to allow for our fans and players to understand what we are working on, and how much work still needs to be done until we reach our first open beta test of multiplayer. The overall Roadmap will be broken down into more detailed Roadmaps as we move through it. Expect to see more updates (in this thread) on where we are every couple of weeks.

    Estimated Completion: Q4 2017

    Break It Down:
    This section is dedicated as the high-level overview of this Roadmap. In the beginning there will be development points listed here. At the end there will only be Development Roadmaps listed here which are a join of development points.

    The goal of this Roadmap is to bring STW up-to-date with the latest release of Terraria while also refactoring core classes of STW. At the end of this Roadmap we will have a working multiplayer version of Tutorial Island again.

    Estimated Completion: Completed Dec 23rd!

    Break It Down:
    1. Runanable Client with minimal updates to Core Terraria
    2. Runnable Server with minimal updates to Core Terraria
    3. Client and Server connecting
    4. Player in-game on the Client and Server
    5. Port Tutorial Island Code to new standard
    6. Refactor STW Items
    7. Refactor STW Players
    8. Refactor STW NPCs
    9. Refactor STW Tiles
    10. Refactor STW Projectiles
    11. Refactor STW Recipes
    12. Refactor Quests
    13. Refactor Lore
    14. Implement Assets for Tutorial Trouble
    15. Implement Tutorial Trouble to new standard
    16. Implement Skills needed for Tutorial Trouble to new standard
    17. Playable version of Tutorial Trouble
    18. Patreon Test of Tutorial Trouble
    19. Implement Database logic to save Player data
    20. Finish initial STW Installer/Launcher
    21. Patreon Test of Tutorial Trouble
    2. Implement Server Transfer
    3. Assess Combat Skills refactoring
    4. Assess Non-Combat Skills refactoring
    5. Implement item, tile, npc, projectile, quest assets to new standard for the Sivania Region
    6. Implement item, tile, npc, projectile, quest assets to new standard for The Great Forest Region
    7. Patreon Test of Tutorial Island, Sivania, and The Great Forest
    8. Implement item, tile, npc, projectile, quest assets to new standard for the Ferrousanguis Region
    9. Patreon Test of Tutorial Island, Sivania, The Great Forest, and Ferrousanguis
    10. Implement item, tile, npc, projectile, quest assets to new standard for the Odin's Fjord Region
    11. Patreon Test of all Regions
    12. Open Beta Test of all Regions
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  15. Flippi

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  16. BIA_Kaboose

    BIA_Kaboose Pixel Pirate

    So, just to verify things because I've found about everything I think I'm personally able to in the current version. In a spoiler just in case people haven't gotten very far and don't want it spoiled if they check for updates to the game.

    I've found Crimtane through a Biome Goblin, gotten Viking Silver weapons and the ice mirror, and completed all of the quests listed in the menu which I think is all of the quests in the current version. Explored the WIP cavern area, hit the wall in the crimson cave to the west and been unable to breach it, built a house in Sivania as well as in Odin's Fjord. I've acquired the cloud in a bottle and Miki's boots.

    Is there anything that I may have potentially missed, or have I actually done everything in the current version?

    Edit; So, STW is going to be an MMO when fully implemented? Just went back to late 2016 posts and saw that and I have to say, it brings a handful of issues to light (as well as a handful of answers).

    In terms of Answers that explains why the Dryad quest is so freakin hard considering when you can encounter it. It also somewhat explains Instance worlds, because in the current game if you want ores you just dive into the mines for like an hour and tech up considerably, and the furniture that you get from instances is mostly useless.

    In terms of issues though, how are the ore deposits going to react to a multiplayer environment? Will each person register the ores separately? If not then there may be an issue of people in the mines "camping" the valuable nodes to farm money quickly to deal with the cost of the Odin's Fjord quest-line (Or other quest/crafting money issues) hampering the progress of the newer players who can't handle instances very well because they actively need to tech up to survive (or else be significantly skilled at not dying). Also if rewards from instances are split between players when it is completed who's to say that people won't join instances and build a box around themselves and wait for everyone else to do the work?

    Lastly, I don't know how much I like the idea of only playing it as an MMO on dedicated servers. Sure the idea of "It will take teamwork to save the world of Terraria" is a solid plot device towards making it not feel as lame, but I tend to want to just play games with a group of friends or solo, and unless there is a system in place to create party style instances ala WoW not being able to run a server for someone and their group of friends could be a major turn-off for people.

    Considering the usual issues with MMOs as well, experience splitting could be a difficult thing to balance with a lot of players in one world. If it splits based on %of the damage dealt by the player in question then high xp gain creatures will constantly be hounded by higher level players who have the gear to do a lot of the damage more rapidly, causing frustration for newer players who have their progression gated by veterans. Giving the maximum value to everyone who deals damage to a creature on the other hand could cause crashes as hoards of players all sit on the same screen waiting out respawn timers of creatures to get the most xp they can as quickly as they can.

    I don't personally have any answers to some of the problems that may occur, but these are some things to consider as development goes forward.
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  17. darthmorf

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    Yep, sounds like you have completed all the content for now. More will be added once the port to 1.3.5 and multiplayer are finished.
    Firstly, we expect the mines to undergo a major rework soon after the release of multiplayer. Ores are instanced for each player, meaning that even if someone else mines it, they are still available for you to mine. Ores also regenerate after a certain amount of time, which is also instanced to just you. Instanced worlds are they same - each player who enters the world gets their own one. (Though parties may be able to enter the same one together).
    We hope to remedy this issue by making some quests single player (instanced like biome goblin worlds, whilst some will be party based. I would imagine you won't be forced to work together, but it may make some quests easier.
    I agree - this sounds miserable. I would think that first of all, low and high level players are unlikely to be grinding the same enemies, and if they are, we will make sure loot is split fairly.
    Thanks for your feedback, it is always great to hear what people think of the mod. Don't forget that pretty much everything is subject to change; don't take my word as law. Feel free to ask us any more questions you may have.
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  18. Magic Mage

    Magic Mage Terrarian

    Any idea how much longer till the mod is available again to play
  19. Flippi

    Flippi Skeletron

    This post goes into more detail about our status. I'll be making an update this weekend as well.

    I also want to write up instructions on how to get STW working by reverting to an older version of Terraria because that is an option that people are doing in the meantime.
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  20. darthmorf

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