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Standalone Super Terraria World - MMORPG Style Mod - Server and Client Mod


December 20th, 2020

Hey Super Terrarians!

As you probably are aware, with the launch of 1.4 STW was playable, but contained a lot of visual bugs.
Shortly afterwards, our authentication method with Steam for registering new accounts no longer worked.
The team decided to start a high level plan of migrating STW to tModLoader for when it is updated to 1.4 to see if this was feasible, because if we could migrate successfully to tModLoader, we'd have a lot easier time working on content and possibly release certain features as individual mods for everyone to use as they'd like.

Since then, team members have also been finding themselves more and more focused on other commitments. Because of these commitments, and the fact that we are unsure when tModLoader will be fully supported for 1.4, after a lot of deliberation, the STW team has decided to unlaunch our Patreon page, and shutdown the servers.

The servers will be shutdown immediately, and Patreon page will stay open for a month to help ensure this new is visible on that platform. Billing will be paused, so Patrons do not need to worry about getting charged in that month.

We know that for many of you this is not something that you wanted to hear because you've been either eagerly waiting to play since 1.4 was released or you've been a long time supporter and know how much more potential STW has. In good conscience though, it does not seem fair to keep you all hanging on the edge and have you wondering when you'll be able to play. So, for those of you that pledged on Patreon and would like a refund, please request one.

With STW shutting down, what happens next for the mod, and for the team? This mod has been a huge part of the team's life as it has been in development for over 6 years! We've had a lot of laughs and enjoyable times together, and it's been an absolute pleasure meeting many passionate Terraria players that built up our community and made working on this mod rewarding. But we've also had some very sad times with our original Sprite Artist, Jestex, taking his own life in 2017, and plenty of late nights as we prepared new content launches and debugged major issues.

At this point though, the team is taking this as an opportunity to step back and further focus their efforts on other commitments and projects. This means that there is no guarantee as to what will happen with STW in the future - even when tModLoader is updated to 1.4. We'd like to get back at it, but we'll have to wait and see the future holds.

If you'd like to keep up with the Super Terraria World team's new projects, you can follow them here:


Flippi / Darth

Thank you for all of your support and feedback over the years. Without you Super Terrarians, we'd all just be Terrarians :)

- The Super Terraria World Team
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