Standalone Super Terraria World - MMORPG Style Mod - Server and Client Mod

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  1. Flippi

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    Still working on typing everything up that Cursed Moose told me, but yes some are map related. He was informing me that there are quite a bit of areas that you can get stuck and the only way to save yourself is to teleport out. I'll have more information about this for you soon.
  2. Sylent :^)

    Sylent :^) Plantera

    This mod looks pretty would you make it compatable with Tshock?
  3. Stalker

    Stalker Terrarian

    Sorry, ¿Is this a Standalone Mod? ¿or Does require tAPI or TConfig?
  4. zimberzimber

    zimberzimber Terrarian

    Its not out yet
  5. Stalker

    Stalker Terrarian

    Yes i know, im just asking if this is going to be a standalone like N terraria or will require tAPi and that.
  6. Airborn

    Airborn Terrarian

    It will be standalone.
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  7. Flippi

    Flippi Skeletron

    As Airborn has said this is going to be standalone mod. We will be providing you with the custom Terraria client just like NTerraria does. You will need to have owned a valid copy of Terraria to play. The mod is also going to be compatible with our moded TShock servers.
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  8. Flippi

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    It's been a little while since we've had an update and that's because @CursedMoose and I were busy implementing the Chemistry skill! This vital skills has a lot of changes compared to normal potion crafting in Terraria. We don't want to give away everything just yet, but I definitely want to share with you a few screenshots!

    Chemistry Skill:
    Here you can see the chemistry skill Icon/stats and also the new Hero menu button at the bottom of the screen.

    Hero Menu:
    Clicking the Hero button in the bottom of the screen will bring up the Hero Menu. Currently we only have the Chemistry category implemented, but other useful information about your hero will be here.

    Tier 1 Potions:
    All potions are locked and need to be unlocked. If you hover over that potion's Icon you will see useful information.

    Unlock Points:
    Every two levels you will earn a point to unlock a potion of your choice. Unlocked potions remain lit which can be seen here with the Ironskin Potion.

    Unlocked Potions:
    Unlocked potions have a different description as well.

    Hope you enjoy these screenshots, and thank you for being patient with this mod; we really are trying to bring something impressive, new, and fun to how people play Terraria. :)
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  9. Jextrom

    Jextrom Official Terrarian

    Well you impress me sir . I like it . Pfff idk what to say other than its cool and i cant wait for it.
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  10. rangerofthewest

    rangerofthewest The Destroyer

    I am always available to help out with any code! This project still looks amazing, can't wait for release.
  11. [FR] Aymerhic

    [FR] Aymerhic Official Terrarian

    im so pretty excited for play that
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  12. Leonardo Turtle

    Leonardo Turtle Terrarian

    I'm excited!
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  13. Flippi

    Flippi Skeletron

    Glad to hear that! We will try to continue to impress!

    As always, thank you for the offer. You are definitely on the top of the list for potential coders if we decide to bring some other coders on board.


    Glad to hear that! :)

    I've also updated the first post with the screenshots.
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  14. Airborn

    Airborn Terrarian

    I have not enogh time to be in the closed beta, thats why I didn't apply, but I am looking forward for the open beta or final release of the mod.
    I hope that there will be enough gamers, so it really feals like a mmorpg. ;)
  15. Nardia

    Nardia Steampunker

    Any date for an open beta yet?
    Or do you still need beta testers? I may know someone who could beta test...
  16. Flippi

    Flippi Skeletron

    It seems a lot of people are interested in the mod, so we just need to deliver something great and I am sure we'll see a lot of players online. :)

    No date on open beta, we haven't started looking into closed beta participants yet either. We pushed back our alpha testing after we conducted some internal testing and realized we were not ready. Development is always making progress though, so we'll hope to see news about a new test stage soon!
  17. Flippi

    Flippi Skeletron

    I'd like to announce that @Jestex will be helping the project now by providing us with new sprites for new items/NPCs/Mobs/Bosses/Icons. I've already added some of the new arrows to the first page, so please go check out his great work!
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  18. jokekid

    jokekid Terrarian

    are you still looking for people to help making the worlds?
    also, sorry for not reading all 6 pages, but what size will the individual worlds be?

    Is it possible to go from one world to another underground as well? that would be awesome.
  19. Flippi

    Flippi Skeletron

    I'm going to call @oSIVo to answer the first question, but I believe that we can always use help on making the worlds because they are huge projects that take a lot of time. Please start a conversation with Siv and myself with some screenshots of builds you have done so we can see if your style and skills can fit in with what we need.

    Also we are currently making the first world a Large world. Other worlds could be smaller depending on what they are used for. In fact one of our Worlds we will be using for a quest series is probably going to be small/Med.

    It is possible to go from one world to another underground ;)
  20. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    How to apply to beta test?

    I'd love to help in any way possible. This will be big.