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Tales of the Terrarian

Discussion in 'Released' started by Baih, May 20, 2016.

  1. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    You have to get a water bolt to hit the projectile pressure plate on the right. To do that you have to get it fly in a straight line to right and open the doors for it before it's bounces end.
  2. [NOT]BlankMyth

    [NOT]BlankMyth Terrarian

    10/10 IGN would play again, greatest map ever created
  3. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime

    That last part is the part where I'm having troubles with. I have no clue when I'm supposed to start running, I'm always too late.

    EDIT: Just did it, turns out I was doing it wayyyy wrong. Makes that challenge a whole lot easier.
    Last edited: May 22, 2016
  4. Apollo

    Apollo Skeletron

    I started playing it the instant 1.3.1 hit. Absolutely fantastic map!
  5. windwakr

    windwakr Terrarian

    Got trapped right after the water bolt section. Not fun, now I have to redo those pixel-perfect water bolt shots.

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    Last edited: May 22, 2016
  6. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    Oh damnit, I didnt know you can even get stuck there! Sorry for that.
    You don't have to do the 2nd waterbolt challenge again tho.
  7. Valdranor

    Valdranor Terrarian

    I am really liking this map so far, although I think that it should be mentioned somewhere that you -need- to play this map full screen. I play in windowed mode, and thought I was stuck in the first area since the minimap obscured that a trigger was hiding a piece of the wall that I needed to shoot out of, and at another area (third I think) the trigger that you need to shoot was offscreen and you could not get closer. Just assuming that all players play fullscreen is probably taken as obvious, but for the benefit of all players a small added mention to go fullscreen could avoid the few players getting frustrated
  8. MXC

    MXC Terrarian

  9. Alex Asia

    Alex Asia Terrarian

    Erm i dont know how to hit the last pressure plate can someone tell me how?
    Screenshot (5).png
    --- Double Post Merged, May 22, 2016, Original Post Date: May 22, 2016 ---
    Use the cloud in a bottle
  10. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    You have to run, fall down and jump before you hit water to get on the other side of the icicle.

    You need a new item to hit the last pressure plate. The path underground opened from hitting the 2nd pressure plate.
  11. MXC

    MXC Terrarian

    Wow, that was really easy. Thanks!
  12. Alex Asia

    Alex Asia Terrarian

    Thanks!!!, i didnt really know i had to go underground for that.
  13. ToP

    ToP Terrarian

    Overall this was quite fun, but I have one gripe about it.

    The first puzzle that requires the waterbolt requires you to aim at a projectile switch off-screen, and bounce the bolt between that one, and another on the same block height far off. I found this to be in poor design. The concept itself is fine, but having no visual cue as to where you should be aiming made that puzzle far more luck-based than necessary. It was rather difficult to actually aim at the right spot to do this, especially since the target was off-screen. Having to blindly aim at something with nothing to go on made it frustrating. Some sort of visual cue to help understand where you should be aiming would help a lot, and reduce the annoyance of that puzzle by quite a bit. Something like a torch maybe halfway between the 2 projectile switches, or perhaps a torch on each side near the projectile switches would be nice.

    For clarification on which puzzle this is, it's the one where you need to get a waterbolt to bounce between 2 projectile switches, which toggle a series of five walls between actuated and not. Every other wall is actuated by default, allowing you to only pass through one wall each time the waterbolt hits one of the projectile switches. It is in... I believe the fourth level. It is the level that is on the top area from the level selection area.

    Come back shortly afterwards with a different item.
    ppowersteef likes this.
  14. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    We will add a visual cue there for people with smaller resolutions. Sorry for that.
  15. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    Yes, but only with the correct tools.
  16. ToP

    ToP Terrarian

    No worries, I'm just glad that the issue will be addressed. This map is too good to be left with something annoying like that. I am looking forward to more from the creators, they did a great job on this one.
  17. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    The first post has links to the 2 other maps we made before this one. They don't have any 1.3.1 features obviously, but if you want to play more adventure maps, give them a try
  18. Awordley

    Awordley Spazmatism

    Started playing as soon as 1.3.1 hit, just finished. An amazing map, certainly shows off the many creative things you can do with the new wiring features.
    I found myself saying "how clever" to almost everyone one of the puzzles, especially the ones in the diamond area.
    Overall it was definitely worth playing, looking forward to seeing more maps from the community in the future!
  19. TheComputerCrasher

    TheComputerCrasher Terrarian

    Stuck here.
  20. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    There is a projectile pressure plate hidden behind your minimap.