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Terraria Bad Ideas


Official Terrarian
Crab Patty
'used to summon Crusty Crab'
Bought from Pirate NPC post Moonlord
Cost-1 Demonite coin which is 100 platinum

Crusty Crab
Big red crab that throws hamburger projectiles that give Not Well Fed. Not well fed gives negative stats.
Will also summon 2 special bosses like cultist. One is Squarebob Spongepants, and the other is Squid Ward
250000 health
120 attack on solar armor player
100 defense
Crab Patty 1-999
Paper money- 1-999. Paper money has the same value as 100 Demonite coins.
Sponge-1. Makes laughing sounds and fires bubbles at 4x the rate of Bubble Gun
Squid-1. Makes horrible sounds that has 50x more damage than Magic harp. Also turns nearby paintings into squid paintings.

The Ice Cube

Eater of Worlds
* If you play on your birthday, the Clown will come to party... and blow you up.
How the hell would that even work? You'd have to program your birthday's date into the game.
I mean, even if there was an option to write your birthday in the character creation thing, don't you think it was a little but useless if it was used for only one th- Oh wait, it's a thread about bad ideas.
Nevermind then.
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